Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 52


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟐

The entrance of those outside the royal family has concluded, and the hall awaits our arrival.

Sounds of noisy voices emanate from beyond the door.

Standing in front of the door, a voice announces our entry to the hall,

And it’s understood that silence falls.

The grand doors are opened from both sides; grandfather leads the way, and I follow behind him.

On either side of me, Chris and Kyle line up for their entrance.

Taking our seats in the royal area, grandfather stands in the center, and I stand beside him.

Chris and Kyle stand slightly behind us on either side.

The two seem to be guarding me and grandfather, dressed in knightly attire.

However, voices of surprise arise at the sight of the white fabric, silver epaulets, and blue accents.

Anyone who sees those garments understands

That this alone permits them to be there as royalty.

“Everyone, I’ve kept you waiting.

It’s rare to gather so many, but the Goddess of Harvest would surely be pleased.

Now, let’s commence the Harvest Festival.”

At grandfather’s opening address, the nobles throughout the hall raise joyful voices.

That overlap and resonate like a roaring wave.

Once that excitement settles, grandfather waits a bit and begins speaking again.

“Today is not just about that; there is important news.

You all must have heard that there’s a special announcement today.

Here we are. . .”

“King of Eugenis, may I speak from here?”

It would be disrespectful to interrupt Grandfather’s words, who is the king.

He looks at the nobles throughout the hall with eyes that seem to glare at those who have raised a voice.

But the one being glared at seems entirely unfazed,

Slowly appearing before the royal seats.

Beside Prince Heines, dressed in royal white with gold embroidery, stands

Eliza, close to him, wearing a deep sky-blue dress.

Deep sky-blue. . .Probably Eliza wanted a blue dress, but

In this country, it is not permitted for anyone other than the royal family to use blue fabric.

She must have ordered a blue dress from the tailor and been turned down, so

She must have reluctantly settled for the deep sky-blue color.

Prince Heines, who interrupted grandfather’s words, seems unapologetic,

Standing confidently despite the cold stares from around.

“You are the third prince of Kokodia.

Do you have something that must be said to interrupt my words?”

Never before has anyone interrupted grandfather’s words,

Not even the three princes, including Otou-sama.

That it’s done by a prince from another country only reveals grandfather’s displeasure,

But Prince Heines answers with a flippant smile.

“Of course.

To avoid misunderstandings, it’s best if I speak.”

“Oh? And what’s this misunderstanding?”

“What I’ve chosen is not Princess Sofia, but Eliza.

If it’s a princess, Eliza is better.

Eliza will be the one standing beside me when I become king!”

“I’m so happy!”

At such a declaration, the nobles throughout the hall start to buzz.

But all that can be heard are voices of dissatisfaction.

However, Eliza, as if she doesn’t hear those voices,

Hugs Prince Heines with a beaming smile.


What kind of misunderstanding could have led to this?

Inadvertently calling Eliza’s name, I’m met with a sweet smile.

Ah, this smile says she enjoys tormenting me.

Even when punished and exiled to Hambel, her true nature hasn’t changed.

“I’m sorry. Heines says I’m better than Sofia.

I will marry Prince Heines and become queen.

Sofia can remain a royal family member if she must.

Maybe she should live in the western palace again.”

“Eliza, how kind you are.

Without even expelling your useless cousin, 

You’ll let her remain as part of the royal family until the end.”

“Well, it’s sad, isn’t it?

She’s already pitiful for not being chosen by Heines.

Why not let her stay in the royal palace without driving her out?”

“I see. If gentle Eliza asks, I can’t help it.”

What? Kick me out? Make me live in the western palace again?

I’m astonished at how careless the remarks are.

If it had only been a comment about getting married,

I might have let it pass peacefully.

“Prince Heines, is that all you have to say?”

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