Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 51


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟏

The preparations for the harvest festival’s evening party were bustling even before it started.

Normally, everything would have been prepared in advance,

Today was supposed to be only about hosting the evening party.

The reason it’s been so hectic until the day of the event is that,

Due to the number of guests being more than anticipated.

The road leading to the palace was filled with carriages.

And for good reason, as more than twice the usual number of people for an evening party had gathered.

Typically, only the heads of noble families and their spouses would attend royal-hosted evening parties, 

Even legitimate heirs only attend when they come of age or get married.

However, for this particular party, not only the heads of households but also the sons and daughters were attending.

Apparently, a rumor had spread that the next crown prince would be announced at tonight’s evening gathering, 

It seems they want to introduce their sons and daughters and possibly get closer.

I think it was my grandfather’s doing that the rumor spread.

It’s hard to believe that the story would leak from the current civil officials and court ladies, who are strict about rule violations, 

I don’t think my grandfather would allow it.

I think it’s part of a strategy to lure out Prince Heines.

But however. It’s hectic dealing with the suddenly increased number of guests.

We opened not only the great hall but also two medium-sized halls to somehow lead the guests inside.

“. . .The work keeps increasing even while preparing for the evening party.”

“The hall seems to have settled down now,  

Princess, you should hurry with your preparations.”


I changed into a dress prepared for tonight’s evening party.

White and blue fabric and silver embroidery are allowed only for the royal family.

Since I might be announced as the crown princess, a blue dress had been prepared for me.

The overall delicate floral embroidery done with silver thread makes it feel heavier than a normal dress.

When I change into the dress, Lisa ties my hair, and Yuna does my makeup.

I close my eyes and let them do their work, but I start to feel sleepy and fight to stay awake.

But I wonder if it’s okay to sleep just a little. . .I was starting to doze off when Chris entered the room.

Chris seems to be already prepared, wearing a white knight’s attire.

The use of blue as an accent on the silver shoulder emblem is a sign of royalty.

Chris and Kyle are supposed to wear the same outfit.

Although they are being introduced as fiancés at this evening party, they are wearing knight’s attire instead of royal attire.

It seems they want to maintain the position of escort knights until the formal announcement is made.

“Princess, Prince Heines has arrived. . . . . . . with Eliza.”

“Eh?! Eliza?”

Eliza, who is banned from entering the royal palace, 

Cannot attend the evening party even though she is a noble daughter of this country.

And yet Prince Heines brought her?

“It seems Prince Heines brought her as his partner. 

It’s hard to turn her away now.”

“. . .I see.”

Prince Heines’ invitation is treated as an invitation to the Kokodia royal family.

Since she’s not a subject, if he brings a partner, 

That partner will also be treated as part of Kokodia.

If something happens, it will be Prince Heines’ responsibility, 

Therefore it’s impossible to expel them from the start.

I hope she stays quiet, but 

Will she manage not to make a fuss when I am announced as the crown princess?

I remember her crying and trying to get sympathy whenever I passed by her at school.

I’ll be in trouble if she does that in the middle of the evening party. . .

Especially if she does it at today’s evening party, I can’t just pretend nothing happened.

I will have to punish her somehow, and it will also become a responsibility issue for Prince Heines.

“. . .Just in case, tell them to increase the number of Royal Guards. 

Have them stand by near Prince Heines.”

“Understood. I’ll pass on the message.”

I almost sigh, but my makeup isn’t finished yet, and 

Yuna asks me not to move.

. . . Unexpected things happening one after another before it even starts.

It seemed that my wish for everything to end smoothly was not going to be granted.

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