Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 50


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟎

Time passed without incident,

And it was almost three months since Prince Heines had come to study abroad.

At first, I was wary, but he never approached me.

It was creepy, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I could only hope that Prince Heines’ study period would end soon.

However, it seems that grandfather’s judgment was different.

“Will you announce it at the party?”

“Oh, Sofia will also attend the next harvest festival’s party, right?

It’s just right, so I’ll announce that I’ll nominate the crown princess when Sofia turns sixteen.”

“It’s not a problem to announce it in advance since there’s less than half a year left. 

It’s quite a sudden talk, isn’t it?”

I don’t mind announcing it at the party itself.

Since I have been working as a crown prince’s proxy,

Those who know that I will become the crown princess on behalf of Otou-sama already know.

But if it is to be announced at the party, preparations will be needed.

Why was it decided at a time when there are only three weeks left?

“It’s certainly a sudden story, but I will also announce the engagement with Chris and Kyle at that time.

. . . If this is made public, Prince Heines will return to Kokodia.”

“Ah, you will announce it for that purpose. Will you invite Prince Heines?”

“He is not here as a state guest, so there is no need to invite him originally.

However, I think it’s faster to actually show Chris and Kyle.”

“If this ends his study abroad and he returns to his country, that would be good. . .”

Having turned fifteen and enrolled in the academy,

I have to attend the royal family’s parties from this year on.

I was surprised to be told to announce it at the first party I attended,

But it seems that the aim is to control the unpredictable Prince Heines.

At least, if he still intends to marry me and become the king,

There might be some reaction.

He seems to be with Eliza all the time,

So I think he’s lost interest.

He said he liked women with chests and good flesh, so

I would believe it if he said he liked Eliza.

Eliza will become a commoner if she doesn’t marry a nobleman,

So she probably wants to marry Prince Heines.

If they get married and go to Kokodia, I won’t have to see them again.

There is no particular problem with the two getting married, and it would be better if they did.

“It may cause a little commotion by announcing it.”

“No, I think it’s okay.

I don’t think my friends who are getting along well at the academy will make a fuss about such a thing.”

“Is that so?”

At first, I was only getting along with Douglas and Ruri,

But I was able to talk to other students little by little.

They were all serious students who worked hard on their assignments,

And although they kept their distance from me, there was no backbiting.

When I asked the reason for being distanced later,

They said they were afraid of Douglas, and I laughed.

Douglas looked uncomfortable, but now

We are studying together without feeling like that.

I felt accepted by the other students, more than I could have imagined when I first enrolled.

“Announcing it early is not only because of Prince Heines.

It’s because something might happen.”


“Yes. I am already sixty-six. I succeeded to the throne at fifteen, in place of my late father,

And have been on the throne for over fifty years.

Anything can happen.”


I knew he was of advanced age, but it was the first time grandfather had spoken so weakly.

I looked at Renkin-sensei, wondering if something was wrong with his health, but

He smiled kindly as usual.

“Princess, it’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with His Majesty’s body.

But it’s more reassuring to announce these things properly.

His Majesty probably wants to see you in a firm position as soon as possible and feel at ease.”

“If that’s the case. . .grandfather, you’re really okay, right?”

“It’s fine. I intend to pass the throne to Sofia,

And enjoy a life of leisurely watching over things.

I said it’s just an announcement in case of any unforeseen circumstances, didn’t I?”

“If that’s the case, then it’s alright. . .”

“Then, please make arrangements with the civil officials for the progression of the night party.

Oh, and make sure to tell Chris and Kyle as well.”


The harvest festival’s night party is in three weeks.

There isn’t much time, but it must be decided in consultation with the civil officials.

It’s the first night party and there are only things I don’t understand,

But I decided to proceed with the preparations with Chris and Kyle.

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