Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 37


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟕

Life at the academy had passed three months, and I was getting used to the classes.

I hardly felt the gaze from those around me anymore,

And I was able to enjoy my everyday life with Douglas and Ruri.

“Ah, you don’t need to look that way. Let’s go.”

“Ah, yeah.”

This way, not only Kyle and Chris,

But Douglas also noticed before me and took me down a different path.

Usually, I can hear Eliza’s shrill voice right after that,

But I can’t hear what she’s saying because we quickly move away.

“Yet, Miss Eliza remains unrepentant.

Even though almost everyone has stopped listening to Miss Eliza’s stories.”

“Is that so? But, Eliza has many friends, doesn’t she?”

Kyle apologized that his younger brother is among the followers,

But I don’t think it’s Kyle’s fault.

Kyle, who had no place in the Margrave territory, shouldn’t feel responsible for such things,

And I want to complain to that younger brother whom I have never spoken to.

“They’re not so much friends, but they are young lords around Miss Eliza. . .

Probably they want to be her lover and stay close.”

“They want Eliza to be their bride?”

“Eh? Isn’t Miss Eliza going to inherit the Duke? She’s an only daughter, isn’t she?”

“. . .Well, Uncle Edgar caused a problem at the royal palace,

It’s not just Duke, it’s now a one-generation Duke.

Eliza can’t inherit the title, so she’ll become a commoner if she doesn’t marry a noble.”

“Eh? Really?

. . .Then, I think those young lords probably don’t know that.

The young lords around Miss Eliza are not the eldest sons.

They are all third or fourth sons and cannot inherit the family titles.

They must want to become Miss Eliza’s husband.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

When I looked at Kyle and Chris as if to say “Really?”, they nodded silently.

I see, they had noticed this.

“. . .I wonder what will happen if it becomes known.”

“I think I won’t meet Eliza after graduating from the academy,

I don’t want to get involved and have trouble.”

“Then, let’s not get involved anymore.”

Douglas, who hates anything that seems to disturb his studies, and I, who want to avoid trouble, 

We both agreed to stay away, and now more than ever, we’ve decided to avoid Eliza.

About a month of continuing to avoid Eliza had passed,

When I was summoned to the audience room by my grandfather.

I thought something had happened again, and as expected, he looked grim.

“What happened?”

“A letter arrived from Kokodia.

They want to transfer the third prince to the academy.”

“The third prince?”

The neighboring country, Kokodia, has a king who is slightly older than Otou-sama, and he has married one official and one side wife,

With four princes and one princess.

The official wife is Okaa-sama’s sister, so the two princes and one princess born from the official wife are my cousins.

The third prince was born from the official wife, and. . .I think he was two years older than me.

“Why transfer to the academy all of a sudden?”

There’s nothing special about this country’s academy,

And if he’s going to handle diplomacy, he should be able to do it after graduating from his country’s academy.

Indeed, Uncle Fritz, the second prince, is touring other countries after graduating from the academy.

“Actually, I was asked about the engagement to Sofia a little while ago and declined.”


“It seems that Kokodia misunderstands,

They seem to think that whoever marries Sofia will become king.

Therefore, I refused to accept that engagement. . .

Probably they think it would be good if they can actually meet and have Sofia consent.”

“Well, even if he were to marry me, he would just become one of the consorts.

Besides, if he’s a prince from another country, you can’t get him involved in politics, right?”

“That’s right. No matter what, it’s impossible to involve a foreign-born prince in politics.

While it’s possible to think of it in terms of being the child’s father as a consort, there’s no need to deliberately introduce blood from another country.

Sofia herself has Kokodia’s blood, so

There’s no need for further peace. So I have to decline.”

“That’s right. . .”

Even though you’ve come all the way here to study abroad and met me,

I can’t imagine accepting a proposal from a prince who doesn’t even know love.

Even if he’s an outstanding prince, it’s meaningless if he can’t get involved in the monarchy.

I suppose I have to guide the royal family when they come to study abroad.

. . .That might be a bit of a hassle.

“The third prince will transfer to the third grade of the academy.

Duke Balten’s second son will be in the third grade.

I’ll leave the guidance of the third prince to that guy.

. . .But be careful. Sofia, I’ll give this to you.”


What my grandfather handed me was a silver necklace.

The necklace with a blue jewel attached to it felt like it had some magical power.

This is not just a decoration?

“This is something I would give when you become the crown princess.

In other countries, some royals wear magical tools with charming effects.

If you wear it, it will repel that effect.

Moreover, it has a reverse effect. When put under an enchantment, there’s an effect of growing to dislike the person.”

“Reversing the charm effect?

. . .That’s amazing.”

I’m surprised at the effect that didn’t exist 200 years ago and look at the necklace.

After I died, wars had occurred many times.

During that time, magical tools to manipulate royalty were created,

And things to counter them must have been created as well.

When I put on the necklace, I feel a gentle warmth.

I may feel it more because I think it’s protecting me.

“The third prince will start attending next week.

You may meet him at the academy, but you don’t need to be particularly careful.

We have no reason to be inferior.

. . .Even if it comes to war, it’ll be okay.

After Princess Idia left in such a way,

We have been preparing for years in case war breaks out.

We have been stockpiling the minerals we are importing from Kokodia so that we won’t have to buy them for a few years.

In addition, Fritz is looking for a producing country to replace Kokodia.

There’s no need to endure unpleasant things.

Sofia, you will soon become the official crown princess.

Understand that.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

It’s okay even if there’s a war.

The fact that the word comes from my peace-loving grandfather,

The proposal with the third prince must have been brought up quite forcefully.

What will he say to me when I meet him at the academy. . .?

I didn’t think we could get along, even as friends.

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