Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 36


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟔

“In this class, we will teach magic from the basics and practice it,

Douglas・Taylor. Sofia・Eugenis. Ruri・Clement.

These three do not have to attend the class from now on.

There’s a personal practice field, so you can study there on your own.”


“I’m sorry, but the abilities of those three are too different from the others.

They can’t be together with those who need to be taught from the basics.

Use the time to polish your own magic.”

“. . .Understood.”

“There’s no problem.”

“I’m included too? Uh, understood.”

Because I wanted to be taught by Line-sensei, who is said to be Kyle and Chris’s master,

I became disappointed with my expectations.

Douglas replied without changing his expression,

But Ruri seems surprised, as she did not think she would be exempted as well.

I guess I’ll have Kyle and Chris teach me during that time.

It was just as I was about to start moving, thinking that way.

“Hmm? What’s the matter? You guys seem dissatisfied.

If you have something to say, feel free to speak up.”

The ones Line-sensei was addressing were the young masters who were complaining about me.

“. . .Well, it’s just that. . .Princess Sofia is said to have no magic power. . .”

“If she can’t take the class because of having no magic power, you should’ve just said so from the start. . .”

“It’s not good to deceive by saying that it’s because she can’t use magic when the real reason is something else. . .”

“I understand about Douglas, but I think it’s unfair to exempt the other two. . .”

It seems they think I was exempted from the magical practice because I can’t perform it.

If they believe the rumor that Ineligible Princess Sofia has no magic power,

It’s not surprising they thought so.

As I was thinking about how to explain that it’s a misunderstanding, Line-sensei looked at me and grinned.

“I see. You think Princess Sofia is inferior to you.

Because of that, you can’t accept the exemption from the practice, that’s what you want to say.

What shall we do to make you understand? Ah, yes~.

Let’s have a mock battle once!”

“Excuse me?”

“Princess Sofia, you’re used to mock battles, aren’t you?

If these guys fight you once, they’ll probably be convinced.”

“That might be true, but. . .understood.”

Thinking that this would be the quickest way to clear up the misunderstanding,

Line-sensei turned to the young masters and said something outrageous.

“Alright, then, Princess Sofia versus all of you.”


“Now, get ready~ We’ll start in ten seconds~.”

Huh? We’re starting already? And against all of them?

I think I understand why Kyle said Line-sensei was strict.

I could deal with them one by one, but four at the same time is a different matter.

Reluctantly, I faced the young masters.


“What?” “Eh?!” “Uwah!” “No way!”

Surprised voices arose from the young masters.

I don’t have time to deal with them individually, so I trapped all of them in a cylindrical barrier.

If they use attack magic from inside, it’ll bounce back at them.

The first one seems to have vanished before attacking with lightning, standing dumbfounded inside the barrier.

He seemed to be trying to release lightning with his hand raised, but

That would have likely hit a nearby ally with such low accuracy.

The second one seems to have tried to push me away with a stream of water, and 

Now the barrier is flooded up to his chest.

It’s truly remarkable that they can produce that amount all at once, which could be expected of Class A, but

If they had succeeded, it would have been quite a shock, but I wonder if they realize that.

The third one has ended up in trouble with burnt hair for trying to attack with flames.

Even in a mock battle, if the flames had hit, it wouldn’t have ended with a minor burn.

This goes beyond the scope of a mock battle.

The fourth one seems to have shot an arrow of light,

And it seems to have grazed his arm as he failed to avoid the one that bounced back.

Being able to shoot light in the form of an arrow must be due to repeated practice, but 

I wonder if he can imagine how much damage it would have caused if it had stuck into me.

I was torn between surrounding the young masters with a barrier or defending myself with one, but 

This seems to have been the right choice.

They were indeed advanced magics, typical of those from Class A, but 

They were unstable and prone to misfiring.

Had I not enclosed them in a barrier, others might have been harmed.

It seems they’ve neglected the basics, focusing only on the magics they favored.

That’s probably why Line-sensei said there’s a need to teach them from the ground up.

“Ah, come on. I can’t even compete when you’re holding back like this.

I thought I’d have a little more fun, but oh well.

You guys understand now, right?

The gap is too wide for them to attend the same class.

Princess Sofia, will you please undo the barrier?”


When the barrier around the four of them is lifted, they all slump to the ground as if collapsing.

Of course, I can’t just leave the young master who was injured by an arrow, so I heal him.

It won’t completely close, but the pain should be gone.

“. . .Ah. . .Thank you. . .”

Knowing he’s been healed, the young master looks down, embarrassed.

Line-sensei, who had been watching with amusement, 

Has his eyes sharpen as he faces the four.

“You guys. . .You aimed that at Princess Sofia, thinking she had no magic.

What do you think would have happened if she truly had none?

Even though you thought the opponent had no magic,

You chose something with high lethality?”


“If you had aimed that at a non-magical young lady, 

Knowing what it could do, that would be despicable.”


“Over these three years, we’ll make sure you understand what it means to use magic,

We’ll make sure you understand it thoroughly.

Anyone who misuses it will be corrected by me. Everyone understands, right?”

I wonder if the fear of Line-sensei has been conveyed to others besides the four young lords,

All members of Class A are silently nodding in agreement.”

Ah, this was it. Maybe it was to motivate the other students to study.

As I think about this, Line-sensei gives me a wink.

“You guys can go now~.”


Even knowing I was used, I can’t really hate him.

I head towards the individual training ground, thinking about the mysterious charm of this sensei.

“I was surprised by being exempted from class and by the sudden mock battle, but

Now no one in Class A will think of Sofia-sama as the Ineligible Princess.

Maybe that sensei was aiming for this?”

Douglas mumbled that, 

Upon hearing it, Kyle just gave a bitter smile and didn’t respond.

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