Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 35


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟓

“The surroundings have calmed down quite a bit.”

“Really. I wonder what those piercing glares were all about at the beginning.”

“Well, if you look at Sofia-sama, you can tell that those rumors were false.

People who heard from their parents working in the palace probably told the other students.

. . .If everyone around thought that way, you wouldn’t mind them speaking ill,

But speaking ill in front of those who don’t think that way would make them hesitate.”

“Ah, that effect is there too.

Certainly, if everyone thinks that way, it becomes easier to speak ill.

On the contrary, if you say it’s not that way, you are the one who gets blamed.”

As the number of people who believed the bad reputation decreased,

It must have become harder to speak ill of me in public.

I can see the young masters gathering in the corner of Classroom A, looking uncomfortable.

“Those guys. . .because they spoke ill of Sofia-sama at first,

Even if they realize it’s not true now, they are stubborn.

Next year. . .they might fall from Classroom A.”

“Eh? Why?”

I might think it’s disrespectful just to complain about me,

But I don’t think this school would drop a classroom for that.

As I tilted my head thinking that, I realized that what Douglas was saying wasn’t that kind of story.

“. . .I might get scolded for saying this,

But the young masters and ladies of this age weren’t very motivated.

Their parents were of the same generation as the three princes, weren’t they?

The grades of the three princes, especially the third prince, were terrible.

Despite that, he ended up becoming a Duke, acting arrogant.

There were many parents who thought that effort wouldn’t change the difference in status, and they couldn’t get above,

No matter what they did.”

“. . .If you went to school with that uncle, you’d think so.

I’ve heard that Uncle Edgar was one of the last ones even in Classroom C.

He was wandering around playing without studying.”

“That’s the thing.

And, the crown prince was in Classroom A but the story of him having no motivation got around,

So there were many who thought that studying seriously was meaningless.

But, that’s changed in recent years.

Even in the palace, if you have the ability, you can be employed.

I wondered about it, but I understood when I met Sofia-sama.

Sofia-sama is currently in the east palace as the crown prince’s proxy, isn’t she?

I think the fact that Sofia-sama herself is a person who works hard has a significant impact.

That has been getting through to the school recently.

If your grades are good, even lower nobles can be employed as civil officials.

The guys who were in Classroom B or thereabouts without trying are now studying hard with a gleam in their eye.

They understand that if they make a real effort, Sofia-sama will appreciate them, I think.

So, those guys who keep being stubborn and can’t acknowledge Sofia-sama,

They’ll probably end up falling to Classroom B next year.”

“I see. So that was the reason.

Well, as long as talented people are willing to work hard, that’s good.

That’s right. From the Crown Prince’s chamber to civil officials, people are properly hired based on their abilities.

I’m still a child, and there’s little I can do on my own, 

So I need to rely on people who will do their work properly.”

“Sofia-sama can probably do it alone, but I think it’s fine as it is now.”

“I hope so.”

While talking to Douglas, I realized that the class would start soon.

Ruri, who noticed that, finished preparing and called out.

“Sofia-sama, the next lesson is a magical practice session.

The practice field is a bit far, so shall we go now?”


Three weeks after enrolling in the academy.

Finally, the magical practice lessons begin.

The delay is due to the fact that there are not a few students who have not undergone magical appraisal.

In many rural areas, there are no appraisers, 

Many students are appraised for the first time after entering this academy.

As a result, you cannot practice until the results are known, so it starts later than other classes.

“Line-sensei is Kyle and Chris’ master, right?”

When I asked Kyle, he silently nodded.

He doesn’t talk much at school, maybe because he’s on guard duty.

I feel a bit lonely, but there’s nothing I can do about it in public.

Chris is working at the palace today.

I have the shadow guards Il and Dana with me, so there’s no safety issue, but 

It feels strange when Kyle and Chris aren’t together.

“Is this everyone in Class A? Are you all here?”

Line-sensei, who came to the practice field, was a tall and thin man.

His hair seemed to be a mixture of dark brown and gold, and his eyes were green.

He had a mysterious voice that resonated in the practice field even though he spoke quietly.

“In this class, I will teach magic from the basics and practice,

Douglas・Taylor. Sofia・Eugenis. Ruri・Clement.

These three do not need to attend the class from now on.

There’s a personal practice field, so you can study there on your own.”


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