Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 34


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟒: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

“So, Eliza was spreading bad rumors about Sofia.”

After hearing my report, His Majesty muttered under his breath.

His voice was dry, and his emotions unreadable.

“Actually, the people around Miss Eliza hear from her and,

It seems they were sympathizing and spreading it.

She herself didn’t make any conspicuous moves, 

So even those watching her didn’t notice.”

“Edgar has quieted down, and 

Eliza was reported to be calm while in Hambel territory, 

So I thought they had genuinely reflected on their actions.

I can’t believe she’s still trying to trap Sofia.”

The third prince, who had become Duke Hambel, had been severely punished for that incident.

Abuse of the princess, embezzlement of the princess’ expenses, corrupt personnel practices, unlawful dismissal, 

The list of the Duke’s crimes was endless.

Of course, only the public punishments were reported to the princess.

His Majesty had considered executing the Duke.

But executing him would tarnish the royal family’s history, and 

It could have caused the loyalty of the nobles to wane.

What His Majesty did to the Duke was not only flogging and confiscation of property, but also,

A punishment that rendered him unable to engage in sexual activities ever again.

Most of the Duke’s mistresses were forced into the relationship.

Knowing that, and that he was using it as a threat, His Majesty had commanded it.

Whether it was a side effect of losing his male function or the effect of the pain, 

His face is now covered in wrinkles as if he aged instantly, his chestnut hair turned completely white, and

His once arrogant personality had disappeared.

Perhaps seeing the Duke in his changed state, the Duchess seemed to be living quietly.

The Duchess had also properly received the punishment of flogging, so,

She might think she would be punished again if something were to happen.

Miss Eliza, who was sent to Hambel territory with such parents, 

Was said to be living quietly without much interaction with the citizens.

Due to surveillance, she cannot leave the Hambel territory.

Unlike the capital, she cannot obtain luxury goods, and she doesn’t even have the money to purchase them in the first place.

I had heard that she was behaving and not complaining, and I thought it was surprising.

I never thought that she would use her followers to spread rumors at the academy,

I didn’t expect her to be trying to bring down the princess.

“Maybe. . .Miss Eliza might actually view Princess Sofia as,

An ‘Ineligible Princess,’ believing it wholeheartedly.”

“What do you mean?”

Princess Sofia never went outside the royal palace.

Those working in the palace knew of Princess Sofia’s excellence, but

As there was no interaction with the sons and daughters of the nobility,

There was no opportunity for the real princess to be known.

If they only know the princess from her childhood, the princess without even a teacher,

There is a possibility they may seriously think she is the Ineligible Princess.”

“. . T.hat makes sense.

With the issue of magical power, and to ensure that she’s not targeted by other countries,

I’ve been keeping Sofia’s excellence under wraps. . .maybe that wasn’t wise.

Well, whether she likes it or not, her grades will become known once she’s in school.

Her entrance scores are like the second best, and there’s no problem with her magic.

Time might resolve the rumors.”

“I understand. I’ll observe the situation for a while.”

I really want to resolve this right away, but rashly stirring things up might cause misunderstandings.

It would be ineffective even if we went around saying that she’s not the Ineligible Princess.

. . .It’s frustrating, but it seems like it would be worse if I were to take the lead on this matter.

I never thought the Margrave’s fourth son would be with Miss Eliza.

His Majesty began to talk about it with a grim face, thinking the same way.

“Anyway. . .Kyle’s younger brother. I hope it doesn’t become troublesome.

The Margrave is still the same, it seems.”

“Yes. Several letters have come, all about my younger brother.

Negotiate with the teachers so that he won’t struggle even with less magical power.

I haven’t been reading them for a while, but

When I checked earlier, the recent letters were about ensuring my younger brother’s appointment as a civil official.”

“A civil official? Does he intend to employ a person of the Margrave in the royal palace?”

“I was surprised too.

I can’t imagine my father and eldest brother employing someone from the Margrave in the palace.

But if my younger brother made a selfish request,

My father might try to grant it.”

“. . .I see.”

The deep and somber voice of His Majesty sounded like he was sympathizing with me.

My father never acknowledged me as his child, blamed my mother, and as a result, caused her death.

Without even reflecting on that, he still doesn’t acknowledge me as his child.

Yet he orders me to act to fulfill the wishes of his stepchildren.

. . .I want to sigh, but I hold back in front of His Majesty.

“Kyle. Indeed, I think it would be best to make your bloodline public.”

“That is. . .”

“If you intend to continue staying by Sofia’s side,

Consider making it public.”

“. . .I understand.”

If I am to continue staying by the princess’ side.

I recall the princess’ warmth as she happily sleeps in my arms in the carriage.

If the princess chooses me, perhaps I could rid myself of this hesitation.

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