Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 33


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟑

After the carriage arrived at the royal palace, as usual, I was checking the crown prince’s documents for approval in the east palace when,

I was quietly asked by a civil official who came to pick up the documents.

“Um. . .What happened to Chris-sama? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, well, yes. Just a little. . .”

Normally, Chris would sort the documents and then pass them on to me for approval, but 

Today, Chris was sitting on the sofa, lost in thought and not moving.

He’s probably thinking about how to deal with my bad reputation at the academy.

Kyle went to report to my grandfather as soon as we arrived at the palace.

It’s because there might be a problem with Kyle’s younger brother being near Eliza.

Although I’ve known David, the civil official attached to the Crown Prince, for about a year,

Despite his youth, he is excellent and serious, as expected of someone attached to the Crown Prince.

He doesn’t usually engage in non-work-related conversations during work hours.

To the extent that David would whisper secretly,

It seems that Chris’ current state was something that couldn’t be overlooked.

Thinking that Chris might be like this for a while, I tell David what happened today.

Explaining even the rumors about me that have spread throughout the academy,

David’s usually calm expression starts to cloud over.

“Is something wrong?”

“No. . .I initially believed those rumors myself. . .”

“Oh, I see. It can’t be helped.

But you don’t think that way now, do you?”

“Not anymore. If you work with Princess Sofia, you’ll understand.

How sincerely the princess faces the people of this country. . .Oh, that’s it!”

David’s sudden loud voice surprises Chris, and he looks over.

It’s rare for the usually quiet David to raise his voice like this.

“What? What’s going on?”

“Princess Sofia, Chris-sama, we can solve that problem right away!”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry, but I’ll interrupt the work for a moment, is that okay?

Work won’t progress with Chris-sama in this state.”

“Oh, yes. That’s true. But what are you going to do?”

“I’ll be back shortly. . .I’ll explain later!”

Chris and I watch as David hurriedly leaves the room.

We don’t know what David is trying to do, but 

We do know that he’s trying to do something about my bad reputation.

David returns about ten minutes later and calls me from the hallway.

“I’m sorry to call you out into the hallway,

But there were more people than I thought. . .”


When I step into the hallway, civil officials and court ladies are lined up.

They’re standing in two rows, neatly arranged, but what on earth is this?

“Right now, I’ve called those who are working as civil officials and court ladies in the Eastern Palace, and whose children attend the academy.”

“The children are at the academy?”

“Yes, please take a look.”

Wondering what’s going to happen, as I watch, David walks in front of everyone who is lined up.

In the middle, he faces them and begins to speak loudly so that everyone can hear.

“I’m sorry to have you leave your work halfway.

But, please listen closely, as this is a serious matter.

I think everyone knows that Princess Sofia has enrolled in the academy,

But it seems that her bad reputation is believed there.

You should remember.

When we found out that Princess Sofia was coming to the Eastern Palace as the crown prince’s proxy,

We were firmly convinced that the Ineligible Princess was coming, weren’t we?”

The civil officials and court ladies begin to stir at the clear mention of the Ineligible Princess.

But, everyone seems to have some awareness, and they make faces of guilt.

“Now, the same thing is happening at the academy.

Yes, your children have become convinced of it.”

“Oh no,” or “Speaking of which. . .” voices are heard from all around.

It would be hard for those working in the palace to notice the bad reputation spreading in the academy.

Realizing that their children believe in the bad reputation,

And that they might even be speaking disrespectfully because of it,

Their faces grow pale.

“It has been decided that you should not talk about your work in the palace elsewhere.

Perhaps that’s why this has happened.

Certainly, there are regulations that you should not talk about work.

However, the sincerity and diligence of Princess Sofia in her work,

The fact that she’s kind and gentle even to the servants, without making selfish demands,

There shouldn’t be a rule that prohibits talking to family, right?”

Suddenly, the conversation turns to me, and I think, surprised.

“Uh? . . .There might be no regulation about not talking about me?”

When I check with Chris, he nods after a moment of hesitation.

“That’s right. There’s no regulation that says you can’t praise the princess.”

“You heard that right. Praising Princess Sofia at home is not a violation.

Correcting the false rumors at the academy will probably lead to correcting this country.

Once you understand, go back to work. That’s all.”

The civil officials and court ladies, noticing my presence, bow deeply to me and return to work.

We return to our room, and Chris slaps David’s shoulder with a broad smile.

“. . .David, well done!”

“Yes, if Chris-sama kept worrying like that, work wouldn’t proceed smoothly.”

“Haha. Sorry. I’ll work hard from now on.”

“David, what was that about?”

“We who work in the Eastern Palace know that Princess Sofia’s bad reputation is false.

If we can convey that to the children attending the academy, I thought the rumors would calm down.

If they knew the princess who is actually working as the crown prince’s proxy, they would know the bad reputation is false.

There would be few children who wouldn’t believe it if told by their parents.

If the true nature of the princess spreads in the academy, I think the rumors will disappear quickly.”

“Ah, thank you!”

“No. I was on the side that believed it at first too.

I thought it might serve as atonement.

Well, shall we work?

Princess Sofia is at the academy tomorrow, so let’s finish up quickly.”


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