Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 31


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟏

“I called Denis here to hear Miss Eliza’s story.

Ah, before that, let me briefly explain the situation.”

Ruri, the apprentice maid, might understand from what she heard from Lisa and Yuna,

But Douglas and Denis don’t know.

The reasons why I’m referred to as the “Ineligible Princess,” how I was raised when I was young,

Chris calmly explains the offense of the Duke being exiled and becoming a one-generation Duke.

The more he explains, the deeper the furrows become between Douglas and Denis’s brows.

“Um, Chris, isn’t that enough explanation around there?”

“No, it’s not nearly enough, right?”

“But shouldn’t we listen to Denis’ story?

That’s why we called him, right?”

“. . .Well, that’s true. So, Denis.

Based on that, report about Eliza.”

Denis, with all eyes on him, opened his mouth with a slight tension.

“I thought Miss Eliza’s actions were strange, indeed,

But now that I know the circumstances, I understand. It’s bad to leave it alone.”

“What do you mean by ‘bad’?”

“First, she was saying that their exile to Hambel territory was,

Due to Princess Sofia’s whims. 

Since childhood, Princess Sofia has been selfish, violent, and reckless with money,

And Miss Eliza, as a cousin, was worried.

The Duke tried to admonish his niece’s selfishness, but

An angry Princess Sofia deceived His Majesty and had him punished.”


Kyle and Chris’ voices overlapped.

Unable to contain their anger, the two’s magic power is overflowing.

Affected by it, Ruri and Denis’ faces are pale.

The more the difference in magic power, the more one is pressed by that power and feels overwhelmed.

Douglas seems to be okay, but he still looks displeased.

“Kyle, Chris, let’s calm down and listen first?”

“Yeah.””Understood. . .”

“. . .Earlier, I saw her in the dining hall, but Miss Eliza was crying.

Saying, even though she is my cousin, she didn’t even call out to me.

She was crying, saying that she must be hated after all, and the young lords around her were comforting her.”

“Ah, so that’s what it was about earlier. . .

Who were those young lords?”

“Miss Eliza is in classroom B, so I think they are the young lords from the same classroom.

Basically, there are no young ladies around. She’s only with the young lords.

. . .Ah, by the way, Margrave’s son Ilia was there.”

“Margrave’s son. . .”

Does that mean Kyle’s brother? Looking at Kyle, he’s holding his forehead.

Apparently, he didn’t know that his brother was close to Eliza.

Chris, who heard the story, also groaned thoughtfully.

“What a mess. . .So that’s what it is.

That’s why I thought the gaze towards the Princess at the academy was severe.

. . .We’ll have to think about countermeasures from now on, Denis, I’ll ask for future reports.”

“Understood. If there’s any strange movement, I’ll contact you right away.”


With a slight bow, Denis left the private room.

The rest of us are wrapped in a heavy atmosphere.

“. . .Sorry, Douglas. I dragged you into something strange.”

“No, it’s good. It’s good to know the circumstances.

And it’s not Sofia-sama’s fault.

Even just attending classes in the same classroom for a week,

It should be clear that Sofia-sama is not an Ineligible Princess.

Yet, those bad rumors. I thought they were strange.

. . .If anything happens, I’ll talk back. There won’t be any guards in the classroom, so. . .”

“Thank you. . .”

“Douglas, if anything gets out of hand, call me right away.

I’m always on standby nearby, and I’ll rush over if anything happens.”

“That’s right, Douglas, we’re right nearby.

There are limits to what you can do on your own.

If you say you’ll protect the Princess, protect her with us.”


Without fully understanding, Douglas seems to have taken my side to protect me.

Kyle, Chris, and the three of us nod, and Ruri hurriedly raises her voice.

“I will too! I will protect the princess too!”

“Yeah, I know.”

Told in a somewhat exasperated manner by Douglas, Ruri makes a sulking face.

The heavy atmosphere from earlier seems to have gone somewhere, and I can’t help but laugh.

“Ah, sorry. I just had to laugh.

I’m happy that everyone wants to protect me.”

“No, it’s good if the princess is laughing. Come on, let’s eat.

Even if I say we have plenty of time for lunch, it’ll be time if we don’t eat, right?”


Though the meal had gone cold, somehow my heart felt warm and full.

By the time lunchtime was almost over, Eliza was no longer in the dining hall.

During the two years I was gone, this academy has come to believe Eliza’s lies.

How am I going to erase those lies from now on. . .I can’t think of anything.

Even so, looking at Ruri and Douglas walking beside me, I didn’t feel like losing.

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