Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 30


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟎

It’s the second week since the academy started.

The orientation period for morning classes is over, and from today, classes will be held all day.

Morning classes end, and it’s time for lunch break.

“Is it really okay for me to join you?”

“Yeah, since we’ve become good friends, let’s eat together.”

I had become quite close to Douglas this past week.

Rather, because of the remarks he made to protect me,

Douglas had stopped talking to the other young masters in classroom A.

I feel a bit responsible for that,

But we often work on assignments together, since we sit next to each other in the front row.

What I’ve learned from this is that Douglas seems to appreciate hard work.

He doesn’t ignore social status or noble standing,

But he looks closely at effort and humanity on top of that.

Even though he knows my position as a princess,

Douglas, who sees me as a student studying, has become a valuable friend.

Lunch is taken with the guards, Kyle and Chris, so

We are to use the private room for the royal family.

Usually, the guards do not eat with us.

However, if it’s in a private room, it can’t be seen from the outside.

Since they would be alternating meals anyway, and also tasting for poison, it’s quicker to eat together.

So, I also invited Douglas to dine with us in the private room.

When entering the cafeteria, the students are bustling and enjoying their meals.

We pass by the students on our way to the private room at the back of the spacious cafeteria.

I felt someone’s gaze. As I tried to look, Kyle quickly stood next to me.

I couldn’t see beyond Kyle’s large body.

Even though I said I grew during my growth period, I am still smaller than the other young ladies,

So when hidden by Kyle, it seemed that I was completely covered.


“Come, the private room is over there.”

I felt something intentional about it, but if Kyle says I don’t need to see it, that must be it.

I thought I heard a slightly crying voice, but it ceased as I entered the private room.

As I sat in the seat at the back of the room, Kyle and Chris were exchanging glances.

“. . .Kyle. What happened earlier?”

“That” was in the cafeteria.”


Wondering what it was, Chris let out a big sigh.

“Princess, I wanted to leave it be if you forgot,

But it seems that’s not possible. It was Miss Eliza who was there.”

“Ah. . . That’s right. Eliza is in the academy.”

Speaking of which, Eliza, two years older, should be in her third year.

I had completely forgotten about her existence. It must be due to the crown prince’s busy work,

And I thought I would never see her again.

Remembering her shrill voice, an unpleasant feeling stirs.

I inadvertently touched the spot where I was kicked in the thigh the last time we met.

There is no pain now, and Kyle healed it, but. . .

“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

With Kyle’s big hand patting my back, I took a slow deep breath.

Ruri’s worried face and Douglas’ serious face caught my eye.

Oh, the two of them are here too. I need to act properly.

“Princess, you don’t have to push yourself.

I want Ruri, of course, and Douglas to know too.

I have called someone to tell us about Miss Eliza after this, today.

They should be here soon.”

True to the unusually serious Chris’  words, the door was knocked on right away.

“Come in.”

The person who opened the door and came in was a student with blonde hair tied back and glasses.

When he noticed me, he bowed his head slightly.

He seems unaccustomed to bowing; his movements are awkward.

But if he’s still a student, maybe it can’t be helped.

“Raise your head.”


Indeed, he’s someone I’ve never seen before. I wonder if he’s a little older than me.

Just as I was wondering who he might be, Chris introduced him with a sigh.

“Princess, um. . .this is my younger brother, Denis.”

“Eh? Really?”

I can’t help but stare. If he’s Chris’ younger brother, then he’s from the Duke Balten family.

It makes sense that he’s not used to bowing.

If he’s from the Duke’s family, there probably wouldn’t be many opportunities to bow.

Looking at it now, I feel like his eyebrows and nose resemble each other, but Denis with his blonde hair and green eyes is much larger in build.

His shoulders are wide and his arms are thick, whether from muscles or something else.

He’s completely different in body shape from the slender Chris.

“My name is Denis・Balten. I’m in Class A of the third year at the academy.”

“I see. So you’re my senior.”

“I called Denis here to hear about Miss Eliza.”

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