Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 29


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟗

“I aim to be next to Sofia-sama for three years! . . .That’s what I’d like to say, 

But It seems there was quite a difference in scores between the top and second places.

Please forgive me for holding on to third place.”

“Huh? Really? It seems the top-ranked student hasn’t arrived yet. Ah, I wonder if it’s that person.”

Looking at the short silver hair that just entered the classroom, I feel like it’s that person.

It’s not just the color of a high-ranking noble, but I can also feel the strength of his magic.

The son of a high-ranking noble in this year’s admissions is. . .surely. . .

“. . .Sofia-sama, my name is Douglas Taylor.”

He must have been the only son of the Marquis Taylor family, who has even married into royalty.

He walked towards his seat with good posture, but 

When he noticed I was sitting next to him, he greeted me before sitting down.

I was a little surprised by his deep bow of a servant.

“Douglas, can you look up?”


It’s nice that he looks up, but I didn’t expect to be respected like this.

His soft purple eyes are looking straight at me. Honest, serious, that’s the impression of his face.

I thought I might be despised, but I didn’t expect this.

“You know, since we’re going to the academy, I want you to treat me as a fellow student.

Besides, you are the top-ranked student, aren’t you?

I’d be happy if we could study together as rivals from now on.”

“. . .Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Could you also talk to me normally? Being respected all the time is a bit tiring.

I’m sorry, you know? I’m not very princess-like.”

“. . .If that’s the case. I had heard that you weren’t very princess-like,

But I thought you were unprincess-like in a different way.

This time, it happened to be me who was the top-ranked, but Sofia-sama only lost one point.

It was just an old word, and it was said to be not wrong, strictly speaking.

Is there a princess who has studied this much?”

It seems that he appreciated me because I was the second-ranked.

It’s probably because he scored full marks and became the top-ranked that,

He understands the difficulty of scoring nearly full marks in that exam.

“Thank you for the compliment. But still, Douglas, who scored full marks, is amazing.

I’ll do my best not to lose in the next exam.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best not to lose, too.”

Douglas smiled refreshingly, and I was happy to reach out my hand,

He made a surprised face but soon reached out his hand.

As we exchanged a firm handshake, I heard a sulking voice from behind.

“. . .Ugh. I won’t lose either. . .”

“Ah, sorry. Ruri. Let’s do our best together.”

“Are you Ruri・Clement, the third-ranked?

I’ve heard your grades were amazing too.

Let’s work hard together.”


I sit down, relieved at Ruri’s improved mood.

The young nobles and ladies who were making a fuss in the corridor entered the classroom just in time for the lesson.

Some seemed a little panicked to see the three of us in the front row waiting.

Whispers could be heard from the back.

“Wow, the top scorers are already seated.

I guess the top spot goes to Douglas. He’s a bookworm and quite the odd one.”

“Wait, why is the princess sitting in second place?

Can grades be manipulated in this school? I’m disappointed. . .”

“It’s true.

We worked hard to get into Classroom A, and this just isn’t fair.

Next to the princess, that must be the apprentice maid.

It’s great, isn’t it? Ignoring grades and sitting in the front row of Classroom A.”

Sigh, so that’s how they think of it.

I was feeling good since Douglas properly appreciated me, but

I guess that’s how it looks from the outside.

It makes me sad that even Ruri, who worked hard, is seen that way because of my reputation.

Kyle and Chris, who are here as bodyguards, are waiting in the hallway instead of entering the classroom.

If something happens, they will enter the classroom immediately,

I hope they’re not angry since they can hear the conversation in the classroom…

Ruri is looking at me with concern, so I’ll tell her not to worry later.

We know how hard Ruri worked, so it’s okay.

As I was thinking that, a low voice resonated from next to me.

“How utterly trivial.

Do they think we in the front row haven’t studied hard for these seats?

Those who were content with half-hearted studying should not make decisions on their own.”


Looking, I saw Douglas talking back to the young masters in the back seats.

Their faces showed that they hadn’t expected to be spoken back to,

As they stood there, dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Douglas continued to speak.

“This school does not change grades for royalty.

Even when the crown prince was a student, he never sat in the front row.

The third prince, Duke, remained in Classroom C.

Sofia-sama’s sitting here is due to merit.”

“. . .No, but. . .can you really believe that?”

“You’ll understand the difference in ability sooner or later, whether you like it or not.

You can regret what you’ve said then.”

With that, Douglas turned forward.

I thought about thanking him, but the teacher entered the classroom immediately,

And the lesson began without any further conversation.

The words Douglas spoke probably did not reach the young masters behind.

Even now, they seem dissatisfied.

Even so, I was happy that Douglas had spoken up for me.

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