Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 3


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑

When His Majesty made a shooing gesture with his hand, the attendants in the audience chamber left.

However, several people remained.

Oh, this is not good.

Thinking so, I added a request, “Please also send the chief court lady out.”

His Majesty acts as if he didn’t hear my voice and makes the shooing gesture with his hand once more.

It seems like the number of hand waves is giving instructions on who to keep and who to send away.

“Your Majesty, does that include me?!”

To the chief court lady who was trying to stay with a surprised face,

His Majesty, remained expressionless and calmly 

“I remembered something that I want to be delivered to the crown prince and crown princess.” he began to say.

I don’t know if there was really such a matter, or if he just thought of it now, but,

The chief court lady was still reluctant to leave.

“That will come later.”

“. . .Right now.”


“Did you not hear when I said ‘right now’?”


Pressed by His Majesty’s clearly irritated voice, the chief court lady finally left. 

She didn’t forget to glare at me as if she was annoyed. . .

In the large audience chamber, there remained only His Majesty, the Imperial Guard Captain, who cannot be away due to his position, and one more person.

The physician who is also the Chief Chamberlain, Renkin-sensei.

He is always by the side of His Majesty, who is of advanced age.

For now, I sighed, thinking these two were safe.

“Now. . .Sofia, since you unusually bring up such a matter,

Is there something that seems to be a problem?

What happened?”

“What happened is, there are only problems.”

“What do you mean?”

“First. . .please look.”

After being lowered from being embraced, I vigorously take off my dress right there.

From beneath the oversized dress emerged limbs so thin they seemed about to break. 

A swollen abdomen against the protruding ribs, floating upwards.

Bruises all over my body, and my skin is dry and rough.

It’s clear I am suffering from malnutrition and abuse.

The three gasped, eyes wide.

How had no one noticed this until now?

Meeting at least once a month, how had they not noticed the same dress each time?

They might not know what’s under the dress, but the silver hair is becoming frizzy like white hair.

The blue eyes hollowing out from being so thin, the bad complexion.

That this was neglected to this extent is beyond belief.

“. . .What is happening. . .Renkin, examine Sofia!”

“Y, Yes!”

Renkin-sensei begins to examine, looking at the painful sight.

The moment he saw my back, a shocked sound escaped him.

There should be a large bruise there.

“. . .Sofia-sama, how did this bruise on your back happen?”

“A maid pushed me down and stepped on me while I was walking in the corridor.”

“How dare they!”

Writing down the locations and conditions of the bruises on the medical chart, he finishes, and helps me change into the dress.

Carefully dressing me so it doesn’t hurt, I think he is a very kind old man, a sensei.

He probably didn’t really know about my situation.

Because Renkin-sensei never leaves His Majesty’s side.

No fool would gossip around His Majesty, so he wouldn’t hear it.

I think the Imperial Guard Captain, Augen, would be the same.

“What happened. . .Can you explain?”

“Explaining is simple, but I cannot prove it.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Because of this, I can explain the situation I am in.

But it’s hard to prove, so I want you to put surveillance on me.”

“Surveillance? On you?”

“Yes. Surveillance that others cannot see as much as possible.”

If they knew that it’s surveillance by His Majesty, no one would dare to lay a hand on me.

Understanding that, His Majesty deeply sighed and nodded.

“Understood. . .but before putting surveillance, explain to me.

What is happening?”

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