Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 4


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒

“Understood. . .but before putting surveillance, explain to me.

What’s happening?”

I thought perhaps there was affection in the eyes of His Majesty, who asked me with sympathy.

If the reaction here was one of indifference,

I was thinking of asking permission to leave the palace right away.

But if this is the reaction. . . It might be worth trying to see if things can improve.

If it doesn’t work out, I can leave then.

“First of all, do you know about my everyday life?”

“You’re already seven, so you must be receiving princess education, right?

You were supposed to have a tutor when you were five years old.”

“No, I have not received princess education.

The tutor disappeared after three days.”

“. . . Is that. . . All of them?”

“Yes, all of them.”

Tutors for languages, history, geography, monarchy, etiquette, dance, and musical instruments were prepared.

But I was only taught for three days.

After that, they were dismissed, saying it was a waste of tax money to teach a “failed princess.”

“So, what were you usually doing?”

“Cleaning and laundry and such.”


“Since the servants didn’t come, I had to do not only room cleaning and laundry,

I went to fetch water myself for the bathroom and handwashing as well.”

“Even the water in the jug?!”

“Yes. At first, water was provided, 

Though only about once a week.

But even then, the bathwater was cold, 

So it was difficult to wash my body…

And when that stopped, I had to draw water myself.

I still can’t heat the water, so I wipe my body with a cloth soaked and wrung out.”

“””. . . . . .”””

“I can’t wear this dress as it’s the only one for audiences, so I can’t wear it daily.

Since there are no other clothes, I wear the private clothes left by the servants who have gone.

Old private clothes worn by dismissed maids and such.

I only have one sheet, so if I think it’s dirty, I wash and dry it,

But if I don’t watch it until it dries, it gets wet or muddy,

Since it might be dropped on the floor. . .That takes up the whole day.”

“Is your thinness due to labor?”

“It’s because of the food.

The meal is once a day, soup with a little leafy vegetable scraps,

And one piece of dried, hardened bread.

There are even days when this meal does not come.”

“. . . No way. . . No way you’ve been going through that.

Since when? Since when have you been going through such a terrible time?”

“Probably. . . since I was born?”

“. . . !!”

With an expression of surprise and anger, His Majesty’s complexion turns dark with a reddish hue.

I became worried about his well-being.

If he gets too excited and collapses, it could be blamed on me.

“There are other problems,

But I can’t talk about those involving people without evidence.

I don’t think you can easily punish them just because I say so.

That’s why I want you to monitor me.

Can you observe for a month and then judge whether it can be improved?”

“You. . .Can you endure this situation for another month?”

“. . . Isn’t it too late for that?”

“. . . . . .I see.

You didn’t eat at our dinner parties; I thought it was because you didn’t like the food?”

Speaking of which, that was also the case.

Whenever I have an audience with His Majesty, there’s always a feast.

The participants are His Majesty, the Crown Prince and his wife, the third prince (a Duke), and his wife, and Eliza.

I’m always seated farthest from His Majesty, with Eliza beside me.

Among the luxurious meals, I never eat a bite. Because. . .

“That was not edible. Everything was rotten.”

“So, only your food was different?”

“I suppose so.

Preparing meat that has turned green or yellow must be hard,

But they make it separately for me.

Shabby food or something with bugs is edible,

But those were beyond eating.

I can’t get sick; no one would take care of me, and no physician would be called.

I’m the only one who can protect myself.”

“Haaaah. Understood. I’ll put surveillance on you immediately.

Tell me as soon as you think you have enough evidence.

Don’t continue this life unnecessarily. . .You are my grandchild.

. . . I was surprised and happy when you called me ‘grandfather.’

It’s the first time I’ve been called that. . .I know it was just a means to clear the room,

But could you call me ‘grandfather’ from now on?”

“Is it okay?”

I unintentionally tilt my head, but he smiles happily and nods.

Perhaps. . . he likes me more than I thought?

“By the way, why did you dismiss the chief court lady?”

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