Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 2


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐

The monthly audience with His Majesty was something that His Majesty himself had decided upon.

It was a meeting for His Majesty, who is too busy, to check if the royal family is living without any problems, but

Looking back, it had always ended with just the exchange of “Is there any problem?” “No.”

It’s just appalling to think that we met every month just to confirm that one word,

But the reason why Sofia, before she remembered, said nothing, was

Because it had been said to her since she was a child.

“The failed princess” “Ineligible Princess”

“His Majesty is allowing the princess to live in the palace out of mercy”

“He’s really holding back, wanting to love Princess Eliza”

“Princess Eliza will be the successor after the crown prince”

More than I, who am the daughter of the crown prince,

It had been consistently stated that Eliza, the daughter of the third prince, was superior.

Since I’m a failed princess, I must not complain about anything.

In retrospect, I must have been brainwashed.

My father, the first prince, became the crown prince and I was born,

The second prince got married and remains as a royal, and

Although my uncle, who became a Duke, and his daughter Eliza have no right to the throne.

The crown prince and his wife, who don’t have a good marital relationship and don’t pay attention to their daughter,

And the second prince and his wife, who are abroad handling diplomacy.

It must have been easy for my third uncle, who has no territory and is idle, to do as he pleases in the palace. . ..

While sighing, His Majesty finally arrived at the audience room.

Although he’s my grandfather, I call him His Majesty, as directed by the servants.

They means to say that he has no intention of treating me like a granddaughter.

That’s why I dare to say this.

“Is there any problem?”

“. . .Grandfather, please hold me!”

“. . .Huh?”

“So, please hold me!”

Not only His Majesty but all his aides open their eyes wide at the sudden request.

As the princess, who has never spoken anything other than “No,”

Has asked for a hug from the stern His Majesty. . .It’s no wonder they’re surprised.

Even so, as I stare intently at His Majesty, he answers me, although he’s a bit flustered.

“. . .Come here.”


Ignoring the ladies-in-waiting who try to stop me, I go right up to His Majesty and stretch out my arms.

His Majesty’s eyes wander for just a moment, but with determination, he lifts me into his arms.

My body is so light that one wouldn’t think I’m seven years old.

He probably can’t tell from the baggy dress, but I’m emaciated to the limit.

Perhaps His Majesty thought I would be heavier, for when he lifts me, his momentum is too strong, and he staggers backward.

Taking advantage of that momentum, I wrap my arms around His Majesty’s neck, cling to him, and make a request in a whisper.

“Please clear the room.”

“. . .”

I think it was amazing that he didn’t change his expression and gave instructions around, even though he must have been surprised.

It was his young granddaughter who asked to clear the room, who is seven years old but looks like she’s not even five.

Whether they would clear the room in response to my request was a gamble.

When His Majesty made a gesture of dismissal with his hand, the attendants who were in the audience chamber went out.

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