Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 28


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟖

“Sofia-sama, the new apprentice maid is scheduled to come and greet you after noon today.”

“A new apprentice maid?”


I wish Lisa and Yuna were enough for me,

But having only two maids for the Crown Prince’s work, no matter how I think about it, is too few.

Perhaps it’s been manageable because Lisa and Yuna are competent,

But once I start going to school, I might not have enough hands.

An apprentice maid. . .I hope she doesn’t have any hostility from the beginning.

Whether in the main palace or the eastern palace, hostility fades after meeting a few times,

But being faced with a scornful look as if I’m an ineligible princess,

No matter how many times I experience it, it feels unpleasant.

I’ve thought to myself that it’s not necessary to go to the trouble of taking care of me,

So I’ve spent time without increasing the number of personal maids.

I sigh, but I stop thinking more about it because Kyle and Chris will worry.

I’ll meet her first and then judge.

When it gets past noon, I’m introduced to the apprentice maid, and my movement stops for a moment.

Soft chestnut hair and amber eyes. Familiar colors. . .

“Lisa, Yuna, is this girl a relative?”

“Yes. She’s our niece Ruri. Ruri, introduce yourself.”

“Yes! I’m Ruri・Clement.

I will be attending school with Sofia-sama and serving as an apprentice maid.”

“Going to school together?”


Her lively response and smiling face resemble Lisa and Yuna.

Although the age difference means I won’t mistake them,

If told they were mother and daughter, I would believe it since they look so alike.

“The Clement family has Marquis Clement and Count Clement, right?

Which house’s child is Ruri?”

“Ruri is the daughter of my younger brother, Count Clement.”

Come to think of it, Marquis Clement and Count Clement were four siblings.

Lisa and Yuna are the middle twin sisters of the Clement siblings.

The Clement family could be said to be nobles without territories,

Serving the royal palace and holding their titles for that purpose.

Their clear amber eyes are the color of the family, but

Many in this country have brown eyes.

It’s not a striking difference, but I think it’s very beautiful, like the color of the sun.

Lisa and Yuna’s mother was my grandfather’s maid and also the wet nurse of Otou-sama and uncles.

Her sons, the Clement brothers, should be working as civil officials under my grandfather.

I understand why Ruri was chosen as my schoolmate.

“In school, you can take escort knights, but it’s difficult for us to accompany you,

So Ruri, being a student, can be by your side even during classes.

Although she is an apprentice now, we plan to hire her as a full-time maid after graduation.”

“I see. So I can’t take Lisa and Yuna to school with me.

Understood. Ruri, please take care of me at school, okay?”

“I will do my best.”

Ruri bows with a smile, showing no signs of aversion.

At least, it doesn’t seem like she thinks I’m an ineligible princess, which is a relief.

After all, being a relative of Lisa and Yuna, she should be well-educated.

Kyle and Chris will probably accompany me as guards,

But they won’t be able to attend classes with me.

I was thinking that I would be alone since I haven’t interacted with other nobles,

But if Ruri is with me, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

On the first day, Kyle, Chris, and Ruri head to the academy together in the same carriage.

Today’s lessons are planned to end in the morning.

Feeling nervous as I get off the carriage, I can feel stares from all around.

My silver hair sparkles in the sunlight, standing out.

Even if they don’t know I’m a princess, they can tell I’m from a high-ranking noble family.

. . . It feels unpleasant.

Glances that avert their eyes and then sneak peeks at me.

No matter how I think about it, I’m not welcomed.

As I was about to sigh, I heard Chris’ click of the tongue.

“. . . Chris.”

“My apologies, I should have anticipated this.”

“It’s fine.”

Should have anticipated, he means this situation, didn’t he?

Well, the reputation of the Ineligible Princess has spread far and wide, 

so It wouldn’t be strange if the students believed it.

I won’t be lonely because Ruri is with me,

And there’s no particular need to interact with the other young ladies.

I change my feelings and head to the classroom.

Upon entering the classroom guided by Ruri , neatly placed wooden desks and chairs are inside.

Arranged three side by side, with four rows. It seems this classroom is for twelve people.

“The classrooms are divided based on the results of the entrance exam, in order of grades.

This A classroom has twelve people, B classroom and C classroom have fifteen.

Since Sofia-sama was second in rank, this is your seat.”

When I sit in the seat Ruri pointed out, Ruri sits immediately to my right.

Huh? I think and look, and Ruri smiles as if a prank was successful.

“I worked hard to win the third seat!

“Sister Lisa and Yuna said if I’m to serve the excellent Sofia-sama,

I must be among the top performers. . .”

“They said that? Well, it would be difficult if the classrooms were different, wouldn’t it?”

It would indeed be tough to come and take care of me during every break from a different classroom.

Even so, for Ruri , the Count’s daughter, 

To push aside the rankings  and take third place is no small feat.

I thought Ruri must be excellent because Lisa and Yuna are, 

But I hadn’t expected this much.

“I aim to be next to Sofia-sama for three years! . . .That’s what I’d like to say, 

But It seems there was quite a difference in scores between the top and second places.

Please forgive me for holding on to third place.”

“Huh? Really? It seems the top-ranked student hasn’t arrived yet. Ah, I wonder if it’s that person.”

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