Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 1


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏

Huh, why am I here?

I don’t really understand, but my body hurts. . .I’m hungry?

My hazy vision suddenly became clear, and I remembered.

Exactly 200 years ago, I had been a witch in my past life.

Originally a young lady of the Count family, I pursued the study of magic and lived unmarried as a witch.

Back then, lamenting my old body that had become difficult to move,

Despite having devoted my life to acquiring the knowledge of a witch,

I feared becoming nothing if I died of old age.

By the way, I regretted that I should have done more things I wanted to do.

Maybe it would have been okay to be a little happy.

So, I wanted to have this knowledge even if I was reborn.

If possible. . .I would like to be born into a happy family from the beginning.

That’s what I wished for when I reincarnated.

However. . .Why is the situation like this, I wonder.

Sofia is the first princess, who just celebrated her seventh birthday.

Her small hands are chapped and look so thin they might break.

Looking around, although it’s the princess’ room, it’s small and the only piece of furniture is a bed.

There’s only one dress for when she meets His Majesty.

Usually, she wears hand-me-downs left by the servants.

Strange. . .Even though I’m the granddaughter of His Majesty, and the only child of the crown prince.

Even though this is the palace of the wealthy Eugenis Kingdom, no servant even approaches the western palace where I am.

There’s not even a servant to take care of me, let alone a personal maid.

I check my current situation piece by piece, and draw a conclusion.

This place is rotten.

I could live if I ran away from the palace right now, but being searched would be a nuisance.

Since the magic of Princess Sofia is probably registered,

If I live outside, I could be located every time I use magic.

Then. . .I’ll get permission before I leave.

After complaining about this unbelievable situation, if they still neglect me,

And if they tell me that I can’t even leave the palace. . .

Maybe I’ll destroy the palace and leave.

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