Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 175


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟓

“So, we’ve been investigating Kokodia, and wondering what Eugenis will do next.

If we continue this barrier wall, our country will be affected.”


The barrier wall affecting Rujail?

I don’t think that’s entirely false,

But if it’s being mentioned, it must mean they’re expecting some negative effects, right?

“Civilians and nobles from Kokodia are flowing into our country.

Kokodia’s thinking and culture are different, and we cannot accept the nobles’ asylum.

That’s what’s being said, but I see disputes happening repeatedly.”

“Oh, that’s true. . . I apologize.

I hadn’t anticipated that far.”

“No, I understand it’s not Eugenis’ fault.

But if Kokodia continues to be troubled, it will affect not only our country but also neighboring countries.

I can’t recommend continuing to sever diplomatic relations forever.

However, from Eugenis’ perspective, if the barrier wall is lifted,

There is also the lingering concern that a war might be initiated from the Kokodia side.

I thought you were planning to continue until a trust relationship is established.”

“Yes. I was planning to start talks next month,

But I thought I needed to set some conditions before actually removing it.

I feel I can trust King Raymon of Kokodia,

But it would be a problem if he brought Kokodia’s internal issues here.

Besides, the fact that I have Kokodia’s blood,

And that the people of Kokodia think I will help them, is a problem.”

At least, I want to avoid a situation where the people of Kokodia rush to Eugenis.

I intended to restrict the movement of people for a while.

“The people of Kokodia think that way?

That would be troublesome. . . It is thought that Kokodia can be accepted without any conditions.”

“Yes. But, King Raymon said he would handle that too.

We planned to negotiate in the direction of removal if the problem was resolved.”

I’m relieved that King Rujail seems to think the same way.

If they say I should help, our values are too different.

I’m grateful that he understands what I see as a problem without having to explain it.

“But the anxiety will remain.

Wondering if Kokodia will betray us and start a war again.

Such voices must be emerging within Eugenis.

Maybe it’s okay to maintain the barrier wall.”

“That’s exactly right. Such voices are already being heard.

With the barrier wall in place, it’s eternal peace.”

I understand why they might think that way. But this peace is temporary.

It won’t go smoothly forever

“It looks like we can avoid buying magic stones from Kokodia for about three more years.

Were they stockpiled in anticipation of a war?

The magic stones sent by sea from Rujail should not be enough.”

“Yes. His Majesty anticipated a war with Kokodia.

With what has been stockpiled over several years and imports from Rujail. . .

It might last only about two and a half more years.”

“I guess so. It would be difficult for Rujail to export more magic stones.

Permission was given to export at Dougal’s request,

But it’s not possible to reduce what is consumed in Rujail.”

“Of course.

So, the plan was to talk to King Raymon and revive only the merchant’s transactions at first.”

“Without forming an alliance, right?”

“Yes. An alliance cannot be formed without regaining trust.”

It was difficult to continue an alliance by marrying a royalty from Kokodia.

Improving the relations between both countries will take time.

“So then, why not form an alliance with Rujail?”


“Rujail and Eugenis are not connected by land.

There’s no reason for them to go to war, no matter how you think about it.”

“That’s true. It’s difficult to have an enclave,

Normally, you wouldn’t want it.”

Indeed, the possibility of going to war with Rujail is low. You could even say it’s nonexistent.

Neither country would have a good reason to invade by sea.

“So, Kokodia is located between the two countries.

Rujail intends to cut off the alliance with Kokodia once.

Because the nobles are furious at the princess’s rudeness.

But, if the alliance is severed, the likelihood of war increases.

. . .So, make an alliance with Eugenis.

An alliance that if either country goes to war with Kokodia, the other will participate.”

“. . .You mean to attack Kokodia from both sides?”

“Yes! You’re quick to understand.

Kokodia wouldn’t like to be attacked by both countries at the same time.

If they mess with one, they’ll have to go to war with both.

Don’t you think this would be a significant deterrent?”

“I think so! . . .But is that okay?

As Eugenis, we’d like to ask for this favor. . .”

It’s only been a few years since we started trading with Rujail.

Although Uncle and the younger brother of the king are friends, it’s unthinkable to form an alliance on that basis alone.

Wouldn’t the Rujail nobility object?

“That was the purpose of the engagement proposal. I entrust Ishra to Eugenis.

It’s not just an alliance. It’s an alliance through a royal marriage.

That way, other countries won’t complain.

It’s not a marriage of convenience based on an alliance, after all. Right, Ishra?”

“Of course. I’ve worked behind the scenes for this.”

“I intended to accept if Prince Ishra wanted to marry Emillia, 

not for political marriage or an alliance.

But it’s difficult for Emillia to leave the royal family. . .”

“Yes, I’ve heard about that from Ishra.

So I want you to take care of Ishra as a son-in-law in your country.

Ishra is an excellent prince.

He created this magical tool.

. . .It was made just to allow this conversation.

He said it might not be trusted if it was just in a letter.”

“Eh? Was it made for this conversation?”

“That’s the kind of man he is. To marry Princess Emillia,

He has been working behind the scenes with the nobles to have his way.

If this is hindered, it could crush the country of Rujail.”

“. . .Crush?”

“He’s hiding that he’s more capable than the crown prince now.

But if obstructed, he’ll probably let everyone know that he’s more capable.

If he becomes a proper king, that’s fine, but he probably won’t.

If he can marry Princess Emillia, he’ll likely neglect the country.

. . .He’s talented, but that’s the kind of man he is. . .

I judged that it’s better to send him away obediently and have him work for the peace of both countries.”

“Ah, I see.

Indeed, that would be troublesome if he became king for that reason.”

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