Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 176


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟔

“He’s hiding that he’s more capable than the crown prince now.

But if obstructed, he’ll probably let everyone know that he’s more capable.

If he becomes a proper king, that’s fine, but he probably won’t.

If he can marry Princess Emillia, he’ll likely neglect the country.

. . .He’s talented, but that’s the kind of man he is. . .

I judged that it’s better to send him away obediently and have him work for the peace of both countries.”

“Ah, I see.

Indeed, that would be troublesome if he became king for that reason.”

When I looked at Prince Ishra with a slight sense of dismay, he earnestly explained with a serious expression.

“Yes, I may be talented, but I’m not suited to be king.

Emillia is more important to me than the country, the royal family, or the nobles.

But if I can be with Emillia, I promise to work for both countries.

Please, please, won’t you allow it?”

He bowed his head deeply as he finished speaking, and I almost burst out laughing at his frankness.

Yeah, I understood just how obsessed he was.

I understood why my uncle said that Prince Ishra was obsessed with Emillia.

“Prince Ishra, will you raise your head?”

“Not until I’m allowed. . .”

It seems he intends to keep bowing until he gets a favorable response.

I reluctantly turn back to the discussion with the king.

I can’t reply directly to Prince Ishra, after all.

“King Enzo, I accept the alliance.

As a family, we’ll work to protect the peace of both countries from now on.”

“Oh, then!”

“Yes. I also look forward to the engagement between Prince Ishra and Emillia.”


“Prince Ishra, don’t make Emillia cry, okay?

Promise me that you’ll protect her to the end?”

“Of course!”

It seemed as though the tension had left Prince Ishra’s shoulders.

The next moment, as Prince Ishra started to well up with tears,

A civil official who was nearby immediately took out a handkerchief and handed it to him.

From his practiced manner, I could tell that Prince Ishra crying was not a rare occurrence.

“. . .Ishra, you started crying?

King Regent Sofia, I’m sorry. He’s a handful, but please take care of him.”

“No, if he cares for Emillia this much, I feel reassured.

I’m also interested in his talent to create magical tools.

It’s all advantageous for Eugenis if he marries as a son-in-law.”

“Is that so? Well, can you keep Ishra there then?”


Is Prince Ishra just going to stay here and not return to Rujail?

He’s only fourteen, and Emillia is thirteen, and he’s already planning to marry into the family?

I was about to suggest at least until Prince Ishra reaches adulthood to remain in Rujail, but,

Before that, I was asked by King Enzo.

“The truth is, there’s another reason I sent him there at this time.

Ishra doesn’t want to attend Rujail’s academy; he wants to attend with Princess Emillia.

He wants to wait until Princess Emillia’s age to attend school and enroll then.

He heard from Arno that he could enter Eugenis’ academy later.”

“Yes, it’s indeed fine to enter later.”

“He can speak Eugenis, but he’s a little unsure about reading and writing.

If we delay, he’ll manage by enrollment.

An engagement alone is not certain, but if he moves to Eugenis after the engagement, 

It’s like a family relationship at this point, isn’t it?

A mere promise to marry years later would be a weak reason for an alliance.”

Indeed, an engagement can be broken off.

There is a possibility of interference from other countries that are not pleased with the alliance between the two nations.

If he’s living in Eugenis, it’s virtually a marriage.

I haven’t confirmed it with my uncle, but 

I have informed him that I might concede to get a son-in-law.

These terms should be no problem.

“Understood. We’ll take care of Prince Ishra.”

“Ah, I’m relieved. That said, he doesn’t take much to handle.

Without any royal pretensions, just give him a book and he’ll quiet down.

If Princess Emillia is nearby, he’ll spend his time calmly.”

“Fufu. Okay. I’ll tell you where the library is as soon as possible.”

“Then, I’m counting on you as an ally from now on.

Leave the documents and procedures to the civil officials.

When the documents are ready, send them here, and I will sign and return them.”

“Understood. I will get started on preparing them immediately.”

“Hmm. Ah, the magical stone is almost out of time. . . See you later.”

“Yes, see you later.”

Just as King Enzo said, the magic in the magical tool was visibly exhausted.

If they had been timing the conversation, 

They must have experimented many times with the amount of magic stone they could put in to see how long it could be used.

Prince Ishra who created this must be more than just a genius.

“Prince Ishra, have you calmed down?”

“. . .Yes. I’m sorry. I was so happy. . . I got carried away.”

“Fufu, it’s okay, no problem.

So, I’m sorry to rush you, but can I take the civil officials and go now?

When it comes to the alliance documents, the reception room won’t do. I’ll guide you to the office.”

“Understood, please.”

With still-red-eyed Prince Ishra, I head towards the office.

Many of Rujail’s civil officials are young, and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

I thought of leaving it to David, but I remembered that I had assigned him other work, so I called Douglas.

“Douglas, it’s urgent, but it’s important work. Are you free?”

“I’m not exactly free, but I’ll make time. It’s important work, right?”

“Yes, so I’ll ask you to take care of it.”

Entering one of the several conference rooms in the office, I introduce Prince Ishra to Douglas.

Speaking of which, I remembered that I hadn’t introduced Chris and Kyle either.

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