Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 174


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟒

“Your Majesty, it’s Ishra. Can you hear me? We are ready here.”

“. . .Ah, ah. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, it’s fine. It was successful. 

Now, the acting Queen Sofia is here.”

When Prince Ishra announced this, there was a loud crash on the other end.

Did he knock something over? A flustered voice echoed.

“Ishra! Tell me that first.

Ah, I apologize for the sudden visit. I’m Enzo, the King of Rujail.

I’m the uncle of Ishra over there.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sofia, the acting regent of Eugenis.”

I almost laughed at the exchange between uncle and nephew, but he is a formal king.

Even though I am a crown princess, I am not a formal queen, so our status is different.

However, my grandfather told me to handle the negotiations with Rujail.

He said, I’ll be dealing with them from now on, so do as I like.

“This time, I suddenly sent Ishra for a reason.

I judged that it would be better to send Ishra and a civil official rather than explain by letter.

Even so, this is a matter of our country. Will you listen to our story?”

“Yes, could you please tell me?”

“The beginning of the matter is the barrier wall that was created on the border between Eugenis and Kokodia.

Because of that, Kokodia had a food shortage, and 

They had been sourcing food supplies from Rujail.

I think you also know this very well.”

“Yes, that’s right. We created the barrier wall.”

It seems that the circumstances involve Kokodia.

I can understand why they want to explain it to Eugenis.

But they probably won’t ask us to remove the barrier wall.

“As requested by Eugenis, we sold grain to Kokodia through the royal family.

At a higher price than usual.

This is because we transported it by sea route, and there are handling fees.

If you explain it that way, they will have no choice but to agree.

Even though Kokodia complained for about a year, they eventually bought it obediently.

“It was our request to sell at a high price.

Did any problem occur?”

“. . .The princess of Kokodia was sent.”


The princess of Kokodia? Is it the first princess born to the queen?

Is she sent for negotiations because of the food shortage?

“I’ll become the crown prince’s wife, so send food to Kokodia for free.”


“. . .I knew you’d react like that.

I’m relieved. Acting regent Sofia seems to feel the same way I do.”

Despite raising an unladylike voice at such a thing,

King Enzo speaks as if relieved.

“Wouldn’t most of the royalty feel the same way. . .?”

“That’s not the case with that princess, or rather, Kokodia.

Rujail has many royals, so there’s no existence of a concubine.

Since there’s no need to increase the royalty unnecessarily, even the royals marry only once.

The crown prince already has a wife, and even children have been born.

Despite that, she says she will become the main wife, and the current wife should become a concubine.”

“. . .She tried to push her way in even though the crown prince is already married?”

“I told her it’s impossible, so give up and go home, 

But she said she would become my wife or even the queen.

I have a wife, and as I said earlier, even the king doesn’t have a concubine.”

” . . .”

I’m so astounded I can’t even speak.

I learned for the first time that Rujail has no concubines, 

But if all the royal children are treated equally as princes,

It doesn’t have to be a child of the Crown Prince.

There probably isn’t a notion of marrying a concubine to ensure a child of the Crown Prince.

For a country like Kokodia, where there is both a queen and concubines,

They might not be able to comprehend it. . .

“I told her to go back to her country immediately, but 

She said she won’t leave unless I promise to send food for free.

No matter how many times I explained that it’s impossible, she won’t listen.

I’m afraid that even if she is a princess of an allied country, she might do something to the queens in the palace, 

So I bought an unused mansion from a nobleman in the capital and made her live there.

We’ll take care of the servants and meals, but she’ll have to handle the rest on her own.”

“That is. . . Even if she’s royalty,

It’s not necessary to accommodate her in the palace when she isn’t invited.”

I haven’t issued a stay permit to Prince Ishra from Rujail who actually came to the royal palace.

Yet, it’s not rude since I’m providing the mansion prepared here to Rujail.

What King Enzo did to the princess seems like a very natural response.

“I thought she would give up and go home if left alone. . .

Calling nobles from all over, making a fuss about becoming queen, paying respect,

Buying dresses and jewelry and trying to have the royal family pay for it. . .

Of course, I’m dealing with the issue as soon as it arises, but the nuisance hasn’t changed.”

“You can’t forcibly put her on a carriage and send her back home. . .”

“That’s right! I was really at my wit’s end, but the situation changed four months ago.

You know, the king of Kokodia has changed, hasn’t he?

Since they said it’s the previous king’s son and the princess’ brother,

I thought it would be a similar feeling.

When I sent a complaint as usual, they came to pick her up right away.”

“Ah, King Raymon seems different from the previous king.”

“I think so too.

It seems they didn’t know that it had come to this until a princess’ complaint was sent.

It seems they thought she was married to the Rujail royal family as usual.

The former king had reportedly been telling people that the princess was married into the royal family of Rujail.

As soon as they knew it was different, they took the princess back and compensated us.”

“. . .I see.”

King Raymon seems to have struggled not only with the previous king and Duke Samaras family but also with his siblings.

The second prince seems decent, but it must have been hard with only unreasonable people around him.

“So, we’ve been investigating Kokodia, and wondering what Eugenis will do next.

If we continue this barrier wall, our country will be affected.”


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