Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 173


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟑

It takes six days at the fastest from the royal capital of Rujail to the royal capital of Eugenis.

Since there is a sea route on the way, it may take longer depending on the wind and wave conditions.

It is usually expected to arrive here in around seven days.

The report that Prince Ishra entered Eugenis came five days later.

It was said that he had arrived at the port the day before the report, and was heading to the royal capital while staying at inns along the way.

“The Prince of Rujail has arrived at the port?”

“Yes. We received the news quickly.

It seems he will enter the royal capital slowly so that we can prepare, 

So I guess he will arrive in three days.”

“He’s quite careful, especially considering how suddenly he arrived.”

“It seems that civil officials attached to the King of Rujail are also coming with him.

It doesn’t seem like they’re acting only on Prince Ishra’s circumstances.”

“Civil officials attached to the king. . . are they planning to form an alliance with us?”

“If that’s the case, I think it would be okay to exchange letters and decide afterwards. . .

But we still need to meet Prince Ishra and talk to him to understand what he wants.”

It doesn’t seem like he’s come to propose to Emillia, considering how he left his country.

Hoping for no troubles, I waited for the Prince’s arrival, three days later.

In the afternoon, news came that he had arrived in the royal capital.

“The princes are still in their travel clothes, so they will rest at the mansion today,

And we are planning to talk at the royal palace tomorrow afternoon.

Is that okay?”

“That’s fine. Please tell them to rest well.”


Even if he is a prince from another country, we cannot simply let him stay in the royal palace.

Since we regularly trade with Rujail, 

Civil officials often visit Eugenis for administrative procedures.

There is a mansion a little away from the royal palace prepared for foreign ambassadors,  

One of them is lent to Rujail.

It was said that Prince Ishra would stay in that mansion with the civil officials.

“Huh. I thought he’d demand to meet Emillia right away.”

“Yeah. Uncle said that Prince Ishra is obsessed with Emillia.”

“Yes, but didn’t he also say this?

That he might be plotting to ensure success.

We should think that there might be a reason for him doing this.”

“I guess. . . we really won’t know until we meet him.”

The next day, in the afternoon, we decided to meet in the reception room instead of the audience room, and I went with Chris and Kyle.

We decided to have Uncle wait a little to meet him.

When we entered the reception room, the young boy who was sitting on the sofa stood up immediately.

Tall and slender with bluish-silver hair. Slightly narrowed eyes but well-featured.

He seemed nervous, and his smile was awkward.

Although the body doesn’t appear robust,

The fact that there is no tremor in his movements when he stands up might indicate that he has been training to a certain extent.

As we approached, he performed a knight’s courtesy with elegant manners.

“Excuse my sudden visit. I am Ishra, the sixth prince of Rujail.”

“I am Sofia, the regent of Eugenis.

Prince Ishra is the sixth prince? The third son of the royal brother, right?”

“Yes. I am the third son of the royal brother, 

But in Rujail, all royal children are counted in order of age.

There are six princes and one princess in the royal family.”

“Ah, right. All the royal children are considered equal.”


“For now, would you like to sit?”

“Ah, sorry. Before that, may I take out the magical tools?”


I thought we would sit and have tea before talking, but the prince wants to take out magical tools.

In the indicated place, there were two boxes, big and small.

“Before speaking with me, I would like you to talk directly to the King of Rujail.

I believe that will help you understand the general situation. . .”

Prince Ishra said apologetically, and we were surprised by the content.

Talk directly to the King of Rujail? Does such a magical tool even exist?

“Using that magical tool, you can talk directly to the King of Rujail?”

“Yes, if you allow me, I’ll assemble it right away.”

“Understood. Will you prepare it?”


The civil officials who had been accompanying him behind brought the contents of the box, carrying it heavily between the two of them.

What was placed on the table was something like a rectangular box made of some kind of metal.

There were big drawers and several small holes opened at the top. Is this a magical tool?

“The drawers are filled with magical stones.”

“Is this a magical tool?”

“Yes. I will attach the wings on top of this to make it easier to exchange sounds.”

Several thin metal wings are taken out of another smaller box.

They are inserted into the holes on top of the rectangular box.

The wings become like petals, and a large flower resembling a metal horn is completed.

“You will hear the sound from this flower part.

Speak towards the flower when you talk as well.

I think His Majesty is waiting on the other side, so shall we connect right away?”

“Yes, please.”

When Prince Ishra channels magic into the rectangular box, a magical formula gently emerges.

Interest is piqued in its shape, different from the magic of Eugenis country and the old-style magic.

“Your Majesty, it’s Ishra. Can you hear me? We are ready here.”

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