Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 172


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟐

“Ah, I see. I can imagine Emillia’s part.

You said earlier that all royal children are equal, and then the crown prince is chosen from among them, right?

I’d like Prince Ishra to come as a son-in-law if possible, but that would be difficult, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s fine.

When we were staying in Rujail, the next crown prince had already been decided.

It’s the current king’s son. The previous king must have chosen him.

Ishra is the third prince’s child, and he was the third child.

The crown prince was already an adult when Ishra was seven years old. There’s no comparison.”

“If that’s the case, it seems possible to consider having him become a son-in-law.”

If he were the prince to become the crown prince, it would be impossible to ask him to become a son-in-law.

It was a country where there was almost no interaction until my uncle became friendly with the king’s brother.

That’s why there’s little information about Rujail even if you search in the library.

Even as we discuss the terms in a letter from now on,

My uncle must intervene.

It’s possible that what we propose may seem nonsensical to them.

If we anger them carelessly and it’s like nothing ever happened, Emillia will be saddened.

“Becoming a son-in-law, huh? I’d be grateful, but do you intend to leave Emillia in the royal family?”

“I really thought Emillia could leave the royal family,

But it’s not so easy given the current situation.”

“Is there a problem?”

“. . .At the earliest, in a year, and at the latest, in two years, I will ascend to the throne.”

“Is it that time already. . . I see, it’s a matter of succession.”

“Yes. Once I become queen, only two people will hold the right of succession.

It is not allowed for Emillia to marry abroad while holding the right of succession.

We must wait until Eddie and Diana have at least two children,

Or until their first child turns five and is granted the right of succession.

Emillia will become an adult in the meantime.

An engagement without knowing when she can marry would be unreasonable, I think.”

Under Eugenis law, the right of succession can be renounced only,

When there are three or more holders of the right, and the king approves.

My uncle was able to renounce it because there were three other holders, including me, Eddie, and Emillia.

But if I ascend to the throne, there will be only two.

We must wait until Eddie’s child is born, and turns five to be granted the right, or 

If there are at least two royal children under five, it could be specially allowed.

Maybe Eddie’s children will be born in succession and will be ready before Emillia becomes an adult.

However, since no child has been born yet, it’s unpredictable when that will happen.

“Yeah. The situation might change in the meantime.

If engaged, there might be a possibility of being told to come to this country immediately.

. . . If not as a son-in-law, even the engagement itself may be difficult.”

“Can I leave that discussion to uncle?

Could I ask if there are any conditions for becoming a son-in-law?”

“. . .Hmm. Right.

I’d prefer Emillia to marry here rather than go abroad as well.

I’ll try negotiating with Rujail in that direction.

I don’t think they’ll refuse.

“If it’s Ishra, even if they were to reject the engagement itself, he wouldn’t give up.”

“Eh? Is the prince like that?”

“Yes, he’s quite excellent. Not in a way that he doesn’t choose means for his goals,

But he devises strategies to surely get what he wants.

He was obsessed with Emillia, so I thought he would come someday, but he came much earlier than expected.”

“I see. . .”

Just when I thought to end the conversation, David entered the room in a hurry.

In his hand was a letter. The emblem I saw looked like Rujail’s.

Eh? Another letter the day after yesterday?

The surprise has lessened since they were sent from Kokodia every day,

But normally, a single letter requires a lot of magic stones.

It’s rare to send letters to other countries unless it’s something important. . .

“Sofia-sama, it’s from Rujail.

I know you’re in a conversation, but I thought it might be related.”

“Yes, it might be. Thank you.”

I received the letter and when I checked inside, it was from the King of Rujail.

“. . . . . .What?”

“Is something wrong?”

“. . . . . .Well, it’s from the King of Rujail.

Prince Ishra has gone to Eugenis because of it.”


Good. I wasn’t the only one taken aback.

He didn’t ask if it was okay to go, he just went.

It’s unthinkable for royalty to go to another country without prior consent.

“. . .Is that country alright?”

“Stepfather, what’s going on?”

Kyle, equally astonished, and Chris, who confirms with my uncle.

They look at him intensely, and even my uncle is flustered.

“I, I don’t know. What on earth is happening?”

“. . .I can’t tell from this letter alone,

But if the person himself is coming, shall we wait. . .

Let’s hear what the situation is from him.”

“Ah, yes.”

My uncle said he was an excellent prince, but his actions are strange.

There’s no problem with Rujail now, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems in the future.

The engagement talk with Emillia has been put on hold until Prince Ishra arrives.

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