Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 171


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟏

“It’s only natural for Uncle to worry.

But Emillia was delighted. Will you look at this?”

“Emillia was delighted??”

When I hand over the letter that came from Rujail, Uncle starts reading it right away.

His face gradually relaxes, and he ends up laughing loudly.


“Haha, oh, my apologies. I couldn’t help but laugh.”

“Prince Ishra is the prince that Emillia has been waiting for, right?

It seems he promised to pick her up when she returns to the country.”

“That person said something like that, huh? I see.”

“You met in Kokodia, right?”

When I ask to confirm, he returns to a serious face and explains.

“Yes. At that time, it was Rujail’s third prince and his family.

They came to Kokodia as ambassadors, saying that in their homeland there were the crown prince’s elder brother and second prince.

It’s the same as us, diplomatic hostages.”

“The third prince, you say?”

“That’s right. But along the way, the second prince’s family died, and they had to return home.

The second prince was not a brother but a cousin, he said.

In Rujail, it’s not that the crown prince’s child inherits the country straight away.

All the royal children are treated equally, and the best one becomes the crown prince.”

“The equal treatment of all royal children is rare, isn’t it?”

“That’s true. Leaving princes other than the crown prince in the royal family is not that rare,

But in that case, it’s common to renounce the right to the throne like me, once the crown prince has a child.”

“That’s right. It might lead to a battle for the throne.

But in Rujail, that doesn’t happen?”

“No, they compete. But usually, they compete in excellence.

I didn’t tell Sofia this story before because, 

The reason the second prince of Rujail died was terrible.”


Discussions about Rujail, with which I haven’t had much interaction until now,

I had thought that perhaps my uncle, who is a royal family member from another country, hadn’t been informed much.

It seems that Uncle is quite familiar with the circumstances of the Rujail royal family.

But what does he mean it was terrible?

“The consort who married the second prince was trying to make her own child the next crown prince,

Apparently attempted to poison the child of the crown prince.

He was said to be very talented and was expected to become the next crown prince.

Fortunately, the child who was poisoned was safe, but the second prince who realized it,

Said he would take responsibility and killed his wife and child with his own hands, then drank poison and died.”

“. . .What a thing to do.”

“But, if royal murder is exposed, it’s execution.

If it’s known that they possess poison, they will likely not escape.

I can understand if he thought it’s better to do it by his own hand rather than be executed.”

In Eugenis, there isn’t much fighting for the throne.

But then, Uncle Edgar and Eliza were trying to kill me,

And the outcome could have been different if something had gone a little differently.

If I had been killed, Uncle Edgar would have been executed with his whole family.

Execution methods differ by country,

But in serious crimes, it’s common to be executed painfully as a warning.

Thinking about it, it may have been a matter of killing without causing pain by his own hands.

“Such a thing happened. . . so the third prince’s family was sent back to Rujail.

Do you remember what kind of prince Ishra was?”

“That’s right.

They returned from Kokodia to Rujail about ten years ago.

So, Ishra was four years old at that time, and Emillia was three.

They were just close childhood friends then.”

“They returned to Rujail when they were so young?”

“Yes. But a year after that,

My elder brother and sister-in-law divorced, right?

Thanks to that, we were able to leave Kokodia.”

When Otou-sama and Okaa-sama divorced, and Okaa-sama returned to Kokodia,

Uncle’s family, who had been hostages, no longer needed to stay in Kokodia.

But for a few years after that, they traveled to other countries to conduct diplomacy on grandfather’s orders.

“I was told by Father to find a country that can import magic stones instead of Kokodia,

And I went around various neighboring countries.

Mines where magic stones can be obtained are often kept secret,

And even if they’re not allies, they will refuse if you suddenly ask them to export.

There are many countries that consume valuable magic stones only in their own country.

Even after negotiating, some countries were no good, so I went to Rujail as a last resort.

I was on good terms with Ishra’s father, Dougal, so going to see him was half the purpose.”

“So you were reunited there.”

“Yes. The reunion was after two and a half years, I guess.

Ishra remembered Emillia, but Emillia had forgotten.

Still, the two became friends again as soon as they met and were always together.

They were together so much that Eddie and Arno were jealous.

When we were returning to Eugenis, Ishra looked really sad.

But Ishra is also royalty. He understood that we had to return.

He was only a nine-year-old prince, but he was a very wise child.

He was holding back tears, but that was the time when he promised to go pick her up.

As for Emillia, she didn’t really understand what it meant to return to her country,

And she was smiling and saying goodbye.”

“Ah, I see. I can imagine Emillia’s part.

You said earlier that all royal children are equal, and then the crown prince is chosen from among them, right?

I’d like Prince Ishra to come as a son-in-law if possible, but that would be difficult, wouldn’t it?”

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