Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 170


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟎

The next day, during breakfast, I was informed that my uncle had arrived at the royal palace.

It seems he couldn’t wait until morning, even though his wife tried to stop him.

“I can picture the astonished look on my aunt’s face.”

“It’s inevitable, I suppose.

After all, my stepfather was reluctant to have Emillia live in the royal palace.”

“Even if you say that. . .Well, Uncle, who gave up the right to the throne, is one thing, but,

It’s important to have Emillia stay in the palace.

Educating her as a princess in the villa is difficult.”

While quickly eating and chewing bread, I talk about Kyle and my uncle.

After I was designated the crown prince, my uncle who had returned to Eugenis, gave up his right to the throne.

Only three people hold the right to the throne now.

If anything happens to me, Eddie or Emillia must become the king.

Both must live in the royal palace and receive royal education, given their status.

I think my uncle is fully aware of this, but 

He didn’t look happy about sending nine-year-old Emillia to live in the royal palace away from her parents.

So for a while, my uncle and aunt went back and forth between the royal palace and the villa.

Once Emillia turned twelve and started her public duties, 

She moved to the royal palace more permanently at that point.

But I think he’s still worried about Emillia.

Considering he came to the royal palace so quickly upon hearing about his daughter’s engagement.

When I headed to the office after breakfast, my uncle was waiting in the back lounge.

Lisa was handling the reception and preparing tea,

The contents of the teacup seemed to be running out already.

“Lisa, more tea, please. For my uncle as well.”


“Uncle, good morning.”

“. . . . . .I’m sorry. I was too early.”

I felt like laughing at the expression on my uncle’s face, as if he had done something he shouldn’t have.

My blond, purple-eyed uncle looks exactly like Otou-sama in color, but his expressions are completely different.

The lifeless, expressionless Otou-sama compared to my uncle, who never stops smiling gently.

The three brothers apparently didn’t get along, and they didn’t think of getting involved with each other.

That said, I’ve hardly spoken to Otou-sama and Uncle Edgar either.

Talking to my uncle always makes me feel relieved, and since he’s the most knowledgeable about the situations in other countries,

I’ve consulted with him a few times when we’ve had disputes with Kokodia as well.

He even arranged the import of magic stones from Rujail.

I knew he had a close contact in Rujail.

I didn’t know it was the king’s brother, though.

“No, if Uncle was told about Emillia’s engagement

I should have been able to imagine that this would happen.

Even if it’s early in the morning, the workday is about to begin, so it’s fine.”

“Is that so? . . .So, who is the suitor?

I knew that the proposals might start coming, but. . .

Could it be from Duke Balten’s family?”

Speaking of which, I remember that Chris’ younger brother Denis is still unmarried.

Rebuilding the Duke’s territory has been tough, and he’s not thinking about marriage now.

If Emillia were to marry, Denis would be the right match in terms of status.

“No, it wasn’t a domestic noble.”

“Abroad! It’s not Kokodia, is it!”

When I say abroad, Kokodia comes to mind.

With the previous king of Kokodia, they could propose another marriage alliance.

My uncle stands up in a panic, and Chris intervenes.

“Stepfather, please calm down. We won’t get anywhere like this.”

“. . .Ugh. But Chris, you know how I feel, right?

Kyle too. She’s like a sister to you, isn’t she?”

“We understand your feelings, Stepfather.

But do you think Sofia would do anything to make Emillia cry?”

“. . . . . .No.”

“Then please be quiet and listen first.”

“Alright. . .Sofia, please explain.”

Chris and Kyle have been interacting properly since becoming my uncle’s adopted sons.

Eddie and Emillia call them brothers, and my uncle and aunt treat them like sons.

They were two people who didn’t have much family connection, but little by little, they became close.

Now they talk like a real family.

We don’t meet often due to our busy schedules, but when I see them blending in,

I also inexplicably feel happy.

“Of course it’s natural for Uncle to be worried.

But Emillia was happy. Will you look at this?”

“Emillia was happy??”

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