Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 167


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟕

I was working as usual and had just taken a break.

“What should I do about this?”

While groaning in the break room at the back of the office, Emma brewed tea for me.

She has been my personal maid for three months since completing her training.

She seemed to have gotten used to those around her and placed tea in front of Chris and Kyle as well.

“Thank you, Emma.”

“You’re welcome.”

With a smile, Emma left the room, and David sighed as if waiting for her.

While still wearing a troubled expression, handed me a letter,

He was pacing around without even sitting on the sofa.

It seems I’m not the only one who’s troubled and restless.

“We have maintained a good relationship with the Rujail country,

But I didn’t expect something like this to be sent suddenly.”

“Hmm. What should we do?

I don’t intend to arrange a political marriage for Emillia.”

Two years and four months since breaking diplomatic relations with Kokodia.

During that time, we have deepened our friendship with Rujail country, which is connected by sea, though not by land.

We receive magic stones from Rujail, and we send food such as grains in return.

Now it’s an indispensable relationship.

Suddenly a proposal for engagement was sent from Rujail for Emillia.

Emillia, now thirteen years old, has no fiancé and no plans for one.

She plans to leave the royal family when Eddie and Diana have two children, but 

She still has five years left until she graduates from school.

After waiting for Eddie and Diana, who just got married last year, to have children,

I thought there was no rush to think it over slowly, but. . .

“Who is the other party?”

“Well, the king’s younger brother’s son? Now fourteen years old, Prince Ishura.

I guess it’s just the right age, but. . .”

“The king’s younger brother’s son? The king of Rujail has three sons, doesn’t he?

Usually, wouldn’t you go with one of them for a political marriage?”

“Yeah. If it’s the king’s younger brother’s son, he’s supposed to leave the royal family.

Well, Emillia was supposed to become the king’s younger brother’s daughter too.

My father, who was the first prince, didn’t ascend to the throne,

And my uncle, who was the second prince, has already left the royal family.

Eddie, although he’s the crown prince’s proxy, has no plans to ascend either.”

Currently, Emillia is the crown princess’s cousin and the crown prince’s proxy’s sister.

There’s no need for a political marriage, and she is also third in line to the throne.

It would be fine to refuse for Emillia’s sake, but that’s a weak reason to refuse.

As I was thinking about refusing, Chris, who had been pondering the same thing, asked me.

“Hey. Emillia never said anything about. . .marrying a prince?”

“Come to think of it, she did say something. She could have been the crown princess, but she refused,

Saying that a wonderful prince would come to fetch her.”

“Could it be. . .is it about him?”


I recall that Kokodia had ambassadors from other allied countries as well.

The fact that Uncle Fritz remained a hostage while continuing diplomacy was because

He was able to interact with foreign royal family members who were also serving as envoys in a similar hostage-like capacity.

He mentioned that he also has close friends in the Rujail Kingdom,

There’s a possibility that the younger royal family of Rujail might have been the Kokodian ambassadors.

“Shall we check with Uncle?”

“If you’re going to call him from the villa, why not just ask Emillia directly? She’s in the palace.”

“That’s true too. Emillia is in the palace after all.”

Although we rarely get a chance to meet because of being busy, Emillia also lives in the palace.

Even though she’s part of the royal family, Emillia, who plans to leave the royal family in the future,

Preferring a quieter atmosphere over living in the main palace, she has a room in the eastern palace.

Unlike me and Eddie, she has no plans to receive crown princess education, but 

Reports have come in that the princess education she’s been receiving since returning home is progressing smoothly.

“David, what’s Emillia’s schedule for today?”

“Emillia is in the main palace for her Kokodia language class today.”

“Then that’s perfect. Can you tell her to come to the office when she’s finished?”

“Understood. I will contact her.”

“Could you also contact Uncle while you’re at it?

Either way, we can’t reply without reporting to him.”


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