Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 166


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟔

“. . .I was told that men should want their own children.

If I give birth, will it be thought that it’s not known whose child it is?

They say that you might want a child who you know for sure is your own.

If one lady starts saying that, others will agree.

Ah, that’s how men are, they say.”

“I thought the same?”

“. . .I’ve never doubted that you care about me,

But maybe you might have the feeling that you want a child.

If so. . .I think I can’t respond to that. . .”

The fact that I don’t want to have a child is nothing but my selfishness.

Kyle is kind, so if I say I don’t want to, he won’t force me to give birth.

He always lets me do as I wish.

But is that really what Kyle feels?

I was worried about that, so I asked him last night.

“. . .To be honest, I think I’m different.

I don’t fit in with ordinary men.”


“Even when I first came to the palace, I was invited to buy a prostitute, but I wasn’t interested at all.

Even when they told me to go out drinking with girls, I kept refusing and got weird looks.

They asked me which young lady I liked, but they all looked the same to me.

Sofia is the only one who matters to me.

I don’t understand the idea of wanting to play with different girls.”

“Well, that’s probably true. I think I’m a deficient person myself,

But Kyle is also deficient in some ways.

I think only Princess can fit in there.”

“That’s what I mean. I think I’m lacking in the sense of a normal man.

Even if a child is born, I think I would love it not because it’s my child,

But because it’s Sofia’s child.

So, wanting my own child is something I’ve never thought of.”

“. . .I see.”

Listening to his serious answer, I somehow felt relieved.

I seemed to have been worrying more than I thought.

What was said at the smiling tea party slowly sinks in later.

Even if you know you are being hurt in the name of goodwill, you can’t argue back.

Everyone has a desire to have their own child, including the consort.

Men think that way, don’t they? Both of them probably do too.

It’s pitiful to make them endure that.

Given that response, I wonder what I could have said in return.

But, even if grouped together with the consort, Kyle and Chris are not the same.

And the ladies hardly ever talk to Kyle or Chris.

I knew about Kyle and Chris more than anyone else.

“We should have been with you during the tea party.”

“No, Diana’s tea party is women-only.

It would be impossible to argue back.”

“Thank you both. I’m fine.

Now that I know it’s different, I’m fine no matter what they say.”

I was worried, but now that I know it’s different, I’m okay.

From now on, no matter what they say, I’ll just smile and let it go.

There’s no one who can command me, the future queen,

And if they impose something on me in goodwill, I can just refuse.

“How do you plan to refuse? Don’t talk about the queen’s authority, okay?”

“That’s allowed.

I can say that the consort is my favorite, so it’s not possible.”

“Well, that might be forgiven. . .right?”

Even if it offends a little, if we don’t refuse, it could become troublesome.

I thought so, but the two of them nodded in agreement.

Is there a problem?

“I have an idea, so leave it to me.

Kyle, you’ve been getting offers from mistresses, haven’t you?”

“I told David to send them back, but they’re probably coming.”

“Let’s respond like this.”

The two of them are laughing and discussing something, but I still can’t move because my body hurts.

I wonder what they’re plotting as I drift off to sleep again.

Later on, the noble family was astonished when they read the reply to Chris’ mistress proposal.

There were conditions for accepting the mistress, stating,

“Must be stronger than Kyle.”

On the other hand, the reply to Kyle’s mistress proposal was,

“Must be more beautiful than Chris.”

Compared to Kyle, who is the strongest magic user in Eugenis and even stronger than the head of the knights in swordsmanship,

There’s no way there’s a young lady stronger than him.

Not just in Eugenis, but such a beautiful man is rare to find,

More beautiful than Chris, who is said to be nowhere to be found,

There was no young lady who could raise her hand.

The conditions for the two royal consorts’ mistresses quickly became the talk of the tea party, and 

Everyone was excited that no one could become Kyle and Chris’ mistress.

Only Princess Diana, listening to the conversation, smiled in agreement.

“The only one stronger than Kyle-sama is Sofia-sama.

Of course, the only one more beautiful than Chris-sama too.

The only one for the two of them is Sofia-sama, isn’t it?”

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