Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 168


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟖

Emillia came to the office in the late afternoon.

Since Kokodia language lessons last until afternoon tea is over,

It seems she came here right after class.

“Sister Sofia, long time no see.”

“Emillia, sorry for calling you all of a sudden.

Will you join me for a little tea?”

“Yes! Of course.”

As we walk towards the break room at the back of the office, she follows right behind.

Having not seen Emillia in a while, she seemed to have grown quickly,

She was now about the same height as me.

Emillia, who was born when I was eight, is now thirteen and has a more mature feel.

Her royal-like silver hair and green eyes.

Her hair is fluffy and wavy, and sways gently with every step.

Unlike Eddie, who has a knightly and stern face, she has slightly soft drooping eyes that are adorable.

It seems her features resemble my uncle rather than my aunt.

According to grandfather, her face looks like her late grandmother.

I sit her down on the sofa, and start the conversation right away.

It’s a shame we can’t take our time.

“Good job in class, every teacher was praising Emillia.

I’m relieved to see the princess education progressing well.

At this rate, you’ll be finished with plenty of time before going to school.”

“I was worried if I could do it, as I hadn’t been attending classes properly until I returned to the country.

But I’m relieved that it seems to be over before admission.”

“Eddie and Arno were the same, but Emillia has had it tough too.

I’m glad you came back to Eugenis.”

“Fufufu. But I was enjoying myself in Kokodia too.”

Although she looks timid, Emillia, who speaks her mind,

I think she’s more suited to be the crown prince than Eddie.

She seems to act based on strong convictions, or rather, on clear beliefs.

She gets along with Eddie, but she seems to admire Diana more.

I would like her to help with both of their work if possible.

“You see, there has been a proposal of engagement for Emillia. . .”

Upon hearing that, she frowns, her expression saying she doesn’t like it.

Such behavior may not be very noble-like,

But she’s royalty, so maybe this is fine.

Her expression is so cute that I inadvertently smile, and Ruri brings out the tea.

She made honey tea for Emillia, who must be tired from class.

A soft sweet smell wafts even though we haven’t started drinking yet.

Nevertheless, Emillia doesn’t touch her tea, waiting for my next words.

“Well, you can say it clearly, okay? If you don’t like it, just refuse,

I have no intention of forcing you into a political marriage.”

“Oh, really?

I am a royal, so I understand that I have responsibilities.

I know Sister Sofia is working hard alone.

I’m not very useful as royalty,

So I thought I couldn’t refuse the talk of a political marriage.”

Upon hearing my words, her expression instantly brightens.

It seems she was planning to accept even if she didn’t want to.

It seems Emillia was thinking of fulfilling her responsibilities as royalty in various ways.

She’s grown up, but there’s still some childishness left in Emillia that makes me want to pat her head.

Eddie and Emillia are both good children, and I feel Eugenis is free from disputes over the throne.

“Well, it’s true that Emillia’s position as a princess might be a bit tricky.

But I’m expecting you to be useful.

That doesn’t mean a political marriage.

Emillia is excellent, and if it doesn’t interfere with her princess education,

I’d like you to help with the crown prince’s work, that’s all.”

“Brother Eddie’s work?

Isn’t it fine since Sister-in-law Diana is there?”

Eddie and Diana got married immediately after graduating from the academy last spring.

Eddie, as the Crown Prince’s proxy, is being supported by Diana, acting as the Crown Princess.

It’s not unreasonable to think that everything will be fine with the excellent Diana around.

“. . .But you know, I think it’s about time.

I wonder if Eddie can manage on his own while Diana is pregnant and giving birth.”

“Ah, yes, that’s a problem too.

Then, I will help while my sister-in-law Diana cannot work.”

“Really? Thank you. That helps. I’m a bit swamped with acting as the king.

I don’t think Eddie can help.

Ah, so, I’m going to ask anyway. . .What will you do about this marriage proposal?

Even if you refuse, will you judge it properly after looking at it?”

When I hand over the letter from Rujail,

Emillia’s face, which had been scowling, gradually softens and turns red.

. . .I’ve never seen Emillia make a face like that?

“E, Emillia? What’s the matter?”

“That, that. . .”

With her eyes wide open, and her mouth agape,

I ask, realizing that Emillia becomes unable to say more, as expected.

“You know, Emillia.

I don’t know if you remember, but right when you returned to the country,

When I asked Emillia if she had any intention of becoming the crown princess,

You said it’s impossible because a wonderful prince would come to get you.”

“. . .!!”

“Isn’t that prince, that person?”

“Ah. . .that. . .sister. . .”

“Yes, calm down. Take your time, okay? Want some tea?”

When I offer the tea that has gone lukewarm, she gulps it down hurriedly.

I’ll completely ignore the manners, and I’ll try to get it out of her as her cousin.

If it’s not a political marriage but an engagement with a lover,

It might be okay to consider it as a personal matter.

“The one Emillia was waiting for is that person, right?”

“. . . . .Yes.”

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