Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 165


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟓

I awoke to find that breakfast time had long passed, and it was already nearing noon.

“. . .Princess, are you okay?”

“. . .c. . .”

I wanted to tell Chris, who had come to wake me up, that I couldn’t do it, but my voice wouldn’t come out.

As a result of Kyle not letting me sleep until this morning, 

My body was in pain and sluggish, and my throat was so sore that I couldn’t speak.

“Ahh, yeah. Don’t try to talk if you can’t. 

Can you drink some medicinal tea?”

When I tried to get up, Kyle picked me up.

Chris immediately brought a cup to my mouth and made me drink the medicinal tea.

The chilled medicinal tea passed through my throat, and the pain eased slightly.

“With this, getting up today is impossible.

We have prepared an easy-to-eat lunch for you.

Kyle. . .you knew not to break her, right?”

“. . . . .My bad.”

“I always tell you to take it easy, don’t I?

Princess doesn’t have excessive physical strength like you do, you know?

You need to understand the difference in physique.”

“. . .No, I do understand. . .

But when Sofia said something that made her doubt my feelings. . .I just couldn’t help it.

I just wanted her to understand. . .”

“Haaaah. I don’t exactly blame Kyle for feeling that way.

But after thinking about it,

I can’t believe that Princess doesn’t understand Kyle’s feelings.

Has someone been putting unnecessary thoughts into her head?”

“Someone put thoughts into her head?”

“For example, she might think she’s too busy with work to pay proper attention to you, or something like that.

It’s normal to want a child who you can be sure is truly your own, don’t you think?”

. . .He’s right.

Everything Chris said was spot on, and I involuntarily looked away.

“Sofia. . .who told you?”

“Princess? Have something to eat and calm down first, then tell us?”

“. . . . .Ugh.”

I felt pressured by the two of them and reluctantly nodded.

I thought this would happen, so I tried to keep it a secret.

The meal brought was a simmered porridge.

The meat in the porridge had been boiled and finely torn, then simmered again.

A little medicinal herb was added, and the porridge was lightly bound with eggs.

Chris scooped it up with a spoon and fed it to me.

I wasn’t hungry, but once I started eating, I realized I was.

When a brown, sour sauce was added midway, the flavor changed,

And it became refreshing and made me want to eat more.

I thought I couldn’t eat much when it was brought, but

I finished it in no time.

“. . .Thank you for the meal.”

“Yeah, now explain. First, where and who told you?”

“It’s rare for us not to be around.

We make sure one of us is always there.

The only time neither of us was there was during the tea party.

Was it some of the young ladies who attended that?”

“. . . . .Half right.

It was during the tea party Diana hosted to make friends for Emillia.”

Last year, when Emillia turned twelve and started her official duties,

Diana invited young ladies of the same age and hosted a tea party.

I can’t attend often because I’m busy with my duties as regent, but

I try to show up for Emillia, whom I think of as a sister.

“Emillia’s friends’ young ladies are only twelve or thirteen, right?

Would such young ladies say that to Sofia?”

“No, it’s the accompanying ladies who come to me.

It’s the mothers and sisters of Emillia’s friends.

They say things like, ‘It must be hard to wait for a child, Sofia-sama, of course,

Chris-sama and Kyle-sama treasure them too.

Ah, Sofia-sama, you’re busy, so you won’t have many children.

How about my child instead?

You may use them to console the two. Like that.'”

The problem was not the young lady, but the ladies who were accompanying her.

I’m busy with the king’s work,

And it seems to be understood that it can’t be helped that I don’t have the time to have children.

But it continues, saying that because of that, it must be difficult to deal with Chris and Kyle as well.

And. . .it’s pitiful that I can’t bear children for them.

“We have no complaints in that regard.”

“Kyle can only have a princess, and I never needed a nighttime companion to begin with.

. . .However, if I were to make it public, I might be removed from the position of consort, so I can’t say anything. . .”

“. . .I was told that men should want their own children.

If I give birth, will it be thought that it’s not known whose child it is?

They say that you might want a child who you know for sure is your own.

If one lady starts saying that, others will agree.

Ah, that’s how men are, they say.”

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