Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 163


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟑

“. . .Why? How could this happen?”

“What happened?”

“. . .A barrier wall was made, so that road stopped being used, right?

So, the ruffians who escaped from the mine started gathering in that area where people stopped passing by,

And they built a bandit village there.

They say the village was raided all at once, but. . .”

“Isn’t that a good thing? What’s wrong with that?”

“The bag given to Eliza when she was released about a week ago,

Was found among the items recovered from the bandit village. . .”


“Eliza? Wasn’t she imprisoned?”

“She was imprisoned with Prince Heines and his child,

But it seems Eliza had no citizenship in Kokodia.

Since the former queen was opposed, they hadn’t actually married. . .

So, she was a stateless commoner. . .When asked what he wanted to do, King Raymon said,

Eliza wished to leave the mansion.”

“Wow. . .Why would she do such a reckless thing?

It would be hard to keep her imprisoned if she’s neither a noble nor a commoner of Kokodia, but

Where will she go after being released?

She cannot enter Eugenis because of the magic-sealing collar, and

Even if she could enter, she has no family here. . .Does Eliza know this?”

Eliza’s mother died right after Eliza was exiled from the country.

Her father, Uncle Edgar, turned out not to be her real father and furthermore,

Being bedridden and in an unconscious state for an extended period, Hambel territory was returned to the country.

Now, the former Viscount Hambel has become a Baron and appointed as a proxy lord,

So she probably wouldn’t be accepted in the Hambel territory even if she could reach it.

“It’s written that she was thoroughly explained.

They said they would take care of her living if she stayed imprisoned,

But Eliza didn’t accept it.

Considering the turmoil within the country and the unfavorable circumstances, it would be better for her to go to Rujail,

And then she was taken to the carriage station and released.

They made sure she had enough money and jewels in her bag to live for a while.

That bag was found. . .They think Eliza might have been captured by the bandits.

But she wasn’t found among the women in the village.”

“. . .If she was captured by the bandits but not in the village,

She was probably sold to human traffickers.”

“Sold to human traffickers?”

“Yeah. She wouldn’t fetch much in Kokodia, and it would be easy to trace her.

She must have been sold in Rujail or some other country.”

“No way. . .”

Even though there are no good memories with Eliza,

I would have been fine if she was living an ordinary life somewhere unknown to me.

I couldn’t help but resent her, but if she had nothing to do with me, that would have been fine.

I didn’t wish for her to suffer like this.

“Don’t make that face.

Just because Eliza was sold to human traffickers, doesn’t mean she will suffer terribly.

Her life will be secured to some extent, and it’s better than being killed.”

“That’s true. After becoming a new king, it wouldn’t have been surprising if she was killed.

She was the cause of the conflict between the two nations, and they could have blamed and executed her.

King Raymon probably feared that it would create a new resistance force. . .”

“Better than being executed. . .I guess so, thinking about it like that. . .”

Certainly, when she was exiled from Eugenis,

If it weren’t for the child of Prince Heines in her womb, she would have been executed.

Not only for treason but also for attempting to attack us with magical spells.

Considering that, it might be good that she is just alive.

“Should we at least ask Rujail to protect her if they find her?”

It is likely that she was sold in Rujail.

If we ask, they might find and protect her. . .but.

“No. I think that’s a bad idea.

I do wish for her safety, but there’s no reason for the Eugenis royal family to protect her.

We’ve already removed her from the registry, and grandfather had decided to exile her.

. . .As the crown princess, there’s nothing I can do.

I can only pray for her safety as Sofia.”

“. . .Yeah, that’s right. That’s how it should be.”

“Kyle, you shouldn’t have said something unnecessary. Don’t worry about it.”

“Stop nagging. Yeah, that’s right. I said something unnecessary.

Sofia, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Kyle patted my head, and Chris poked Kyle from behind.

Kyle’s sulky face was amusing, and it made me feel a little at ease.

Various things are being settled.

I think I’ve become able to swallow what must be resolved,

Maybe I’ve grown up a bit.

“Sofia-sama, that’s an important report too,

But isn’t there another issue as Eugenis?”

David, who was checking the letters, spoke worriedly,

But that was something I had anticipated.

“That, I thought it would come to that.”


“The nobles of Kokodia, the people think that Eugenis’ crown prince is supposed to help Kokodia.

So, it must be fine. That’s what they believe.

I have half Kokodian blood,

So it’s only natural to help Kokodia.”


“Isn’t it irrelevant already?”

Even though the fact that my mother, who was the crown princess, married into Eugenis has been erased,

To the nobles and people of Kokodia, it doesn’t matter.

I’m half Kokodian, so I have a duty to help Kokodia.

I had expected to be thought of in that way.

“But, the blood is connected. King Raymon is also a cousin, isn’t he?

It’s even strange that King Raymon himself hasn’t said so and asked for help.

Sometimes it was written in the apology letter from the former king.

Wouldn’t you forgive me for the sake of Kokodian blood?”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“That’s why the former king was forced to abdicate, right?

. . .I wonder what King Raymon plans to do.

He’s not deceiving and reporting like this,

He must be thinking of doing something with their own power.”

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