Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 162


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟐

“Reporting! We have captured the two individuals who were attempting to infiltrate earlier.

They have been taken to the underground prison!”

“That’s right. What about Kyle?”

“Since those we captured were somewhat skilled in magic,

To ensure they don’t escape, we didn’t just leave them to the royal guard.

Kyle-sama has restrained them and taken them to the underground prison.

He’ll return after extracting information.”

“That’s good, thank you. You may return.”

Two royal guards salute and head back to their posts.

After being assigned to the main palace, they quickly demonstrated their abilities and talents,

Wei and Fel, who were selected to oversee the Crown Prince’s private quarters and office.

Being exceptionally talented, Augen had taken notice of them,

Furthermore, they were outstandingly excellent even among those assigned to the main palace,

They had also built a trust relationship by traveling with us for a week.

Though commoners, they were originally from the Viscount family.

Without much issue, their abilities were recognized, and,

They have become the closest Royal Guard entrusted with protecting us.

This report was about the capture of the assassins who were targeting me.

First, Kyle noticed, and Wei and Fel accompanied him to capture the assassins.

Chris and Shadow were nearby, ready to protect me.

Since cutting off diplomatic relations with Kokodia, such assassins have been sent more often.

The consequences of casting the barrier were not limited to the nobles of Kokodia alone.

This was because there were also nobles from Eugenis who had secretly formed connections with the Kokodia side and concealed their interests.

Since compensation was publicly announced for legitimate losses,

Nobles who traded in ordinary goods like grains have come forward.

But nobles who sold information about Eugenis, for example,

Seemed to be planning to side with Kokodia if war broke out.

Suddenly a barrier was cast, and diplomatic relations were severed.

If their attempt to align with the Kokodia side was exposed,

I don’t know whether they thought they would be punished by my grandfather or not,

It seems they believed that anything could be managed once both my grandfather and I were no longer present.

As a result, information was extracted from the sent assassins,

And several noble houses and their branches were crushed.

They were the noble families that grandfather had planned to crush before I took over,

And he was laughing that it saved him some trouble. . .

Ever since realizing I was being targeted,

I feel that Chris and Kyle have become more and more worried.

“I’m back, Sofia. Was everything okay here?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine here. How about Kyle?

Did he manage to use some magic today? No injuries?”

“I’m fine. However, I can’t just leave it to the royal guard and let them escape.

I put them in the dungeon and stayed with them until they spilled the information.”

“Kyle, who were those people today?”

“They seem to be from a branch family of the Count house we crushed recently. Persistent bunch.”

“Perhaps it’s their last-ditch effort.

If diplomatic relations with Kokodia are restored,

They know that their misdeeds will come to light.”

“That seems likely. Sofia, how soon can we expect to restore diplomatic relations?”

“I was told to wait and see for six months,

But I think it might happen a little sooner.”

“So, maybe in another three months?”


The king of Kokodia had been replaced about two months ago.

Crown Prince Raymon and the second Prince Daniel forced their father, the king, to abdicate.

They had wanted to start a war with Eugenis on a whim, causing the decline of the nation,

And endangering the lives of the citizens. That was the reason.

King Raymon continued his apology to Eugenis,

He said he wouldn’t deny responsibility just because he had become the new king,

He wrote that he wanted to apologize to Eugenis after rebuilding the country.

In these two years, the situation in Kokodia has worsened,

Two mines were closed because magic stones couldn’t be exported,

Many of the citizens who had increased as workers flowed to other countries.

There were those who couldn’t pay taxes and quit being nobles and fled,

Those who tried to capture workers and sell them off,

And even peasants who attacked the lord’s mansion because they had nothing to eat.

Even if diplomatic relations with Eugenis are restored now, it would only cause inconvenience.

That’s why it’s important to stabilize the country internally to a certain extent within about six months,

And then he hoped we would agree to talk.

The reason I felt I could trust King Raymon’s words,

Was because he had written about the suffering of the people in many parts of the content.

I had no intention of saying that the common people were more important.

As a member of the royal family, I understand that we cannot subordinate the nobility.

On top of that, I felt the intention to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people,

And thought it might be good to negotiate with King Raymon.

“A letter has just arrived from Kokodia.”

“Oh, really? I wonder what today’s report is about.”

It seems to have arrived while we were talking, and David hands over the letter.

King Raymon’s actions and reforms being carried out in Kokodia,

He is also providing regular reports to Eugenis.

I appreciated this honesty as well,

And thought it might be good to sit down for talks without waiting half a year.

“. . .Why? How could this happen?”

“What happened?”

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