Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 16


π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« πŸπŸ”

“No, that’s fine.

I don’t really feel like reflecting, but if I’m no longer involved, that’s fine.

Ah, what about the chief court lady?”


“The chief court lady was immediately demoted to commoner, and thrown out of the palace on top of being whipped.

Her family, the Marquis house, had half its territory confiscated and became the Viscount house.


It wasn’t just the chief court lady; the head of the family, the Marquis, was also involved in the budget matters.

It was a famous family for producing civil officials and ladies-in-waiting.

Not just in this matter, but they seem to have been doing various things in conjunction with the Duke.

Not only the chief court lady, but several people were demoted to commoners.

The head after becoming the Viscount house is someone from a branch family who was not involved.”


“I see. They were doing other things as well.

In that case, demotion to commoner can’t be helped.”


Regarding the matter of the teacher, I didn’t think it could be arranged only by the chief court lady,

If the entire clan had been serving at the royal palace, then it would have been possible.

. . .The palace personnel haven’t been completely replaced, have they?

I’m concerned about how busy my grandfather seems to be.


“Aren’t people working in the palace running short?”


“It’s fine. It feels refreshing.

Thanks to the absence of fools doing unnecessary things, work seems to be progressing smoothly.”


“I see. Well, that’s good then.”


When I finished my lukewarm tea, Lisa immediately brought a refill.

I wonder if they also noticed that I was starting to feel a bit hungry as we were talking,

Yuna also brought some baked sweets together.

As I ate the crispy baked sweets, I noticed Kyle laughing.


“Kyle, why did you laugh?”


“. . .No, Princess, I was just thinking that you really like those baked sweets.”


“Ah, yes. They’re delicious, aren’t they? I like the fine nuts on top.”


Speaking of which, the baked sweets that were first in the basket felt similar.

It feels very nostalgic, even though it happened just a short time ago.


“Hey, when does princess education begin?”


“If the Princess has recovered this much, anytime?”


“Then, along with princess education, I want to learn magic too! Will you two teach me?”


I want to know how much magic has changed from that time,  

It would be strange if I suddenly started using magic.

If I learn from these two, it won’t be surprising if I use magic.

Thinking that way, when I asked for it,

Not only Chris and Kyle, Lisa and Yuna also made strange faces.


“. . .Huh? Did I say something strange?”


“Princess, you were judged as having no magical power, right?”


No magical power! That’s a lie!

Huh? I really search for the magical power inside me. . . . . . . . .Yes, it’s there.

Probably never used, but it’s definitely there.

Why is there no magical power in the judgment? I don’t even remember taking a magic appraisal.


“You see. . .I don’t know why they said I have no magic power, but 

I have it, you know? Because I can sense Chris and Kyle’s magic.”




Chris and Kyle look at each other in confusion.

Seeing that, Lisa makes a surprised face.


“Chris-sama, Kyle-sama,

Perhaps even the judgment of no magic power was a lie by the Duke.”


“Ah, that makes sense!

That was also a lie to label her as the Ineligible Princess.”


“. . .This needs to be reported to His Majesty as soon as possible and appraised again.

Wait, what do you mean you can sense magic power?”


Sensing magical power is not entirely impossible, but rare.

But, to use magic from now on, 

Hiding this would be troublesome.

I can use all attributes, so there’s no time to hold back here.


“Well, um, I can see it.

For example, the shadow on the ceiling today is Dana. Right, Dana?”


When I speak to the ceiling, there is a thud.

It seems Dana got startled and hit something.


“Are you okay? Did you hit something?”


“. . .I’m fine.”


A low voice can be heard from the ceiling.

It seems like we can talk now. I can’t help but smile.


“I’m surprised, Princess. Can you see magic?

Or rather, can you identify people by their magic?”


“Yeah, I can. I can tell Yun and Il’s magic apart.

So, didn’t I say that when I met Kyle? Thank you for responding.”


“Oh, that’s right. So, you had early detection of surveillance.”


“Yeah. Kyle always seemed to worry about me, and he would heal my injuries.

Chris, on the other hand, seemed to watch me from a distance.

But it was Chris who fixed the broken things, right?”


Kyle may be overprotective, but it’s not that Chris isn’t kind.

He might come off as cold, but he’s genuinely kind.

When I said that, both of them fell silent.


“. . .Well then, let’s report this to His Majesty and have an appraisal.

If it’s known that there is magical ability, permission to learn magic should also be granted.”


“Really? Then, please, Yuna.”


“. . .Did you distinguish between us by looking at our magic too?”


“Hm? Yuna and Lisa have different faces if you look closely, don’t they?

Yuna looks like a rabbit, and Lisa looks like a squirrel. Somehow.”


Yuna and Lisa don’t have as much magic as Chris and Kyle.

So it’s quicker to judge by their faces rather than their magic.

I thought they looked alike at first, but now I never mistake them.


“Is that so?”


With a smile, Yuna leaves the room.

It seems she’s going to report to my grandfather right away.

Lisa, who is left in the room, is also smiling, but her smile is a little different.


“I want to learn magic soon.”


When I say that, Chris tells me to calm down and pats my head.

It makes me feel like I’m being treated like a real little sister, and it gives me a ticklish feeling.

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