Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 17


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

“If only you hadn’t been there, Okaa-sama would still be alive.”

“. . . . . .”

After a long time, my second older brother spoke to me, only to say that and leave.

When I remained silent without a response, he threw a stone at me.

A rather large stone hit my temple, and I could feel the blood flowing.


Seeing me bleeding, my second older brother must have realized it was serious, so he left.

As I stood there in shock, my stepmother appeared.

“. . . Oh, have you been causing trouble somewhere? 

That color. . . It’s really unpleasant. . . Go back to your room quickly.”

Even though I was injured, she spoke coldly without showing concern.

I’m used to it, but not wanting to hear any more, I go back to my room.

Once back in my room, I realize I don’t have any medicine to treat the wound.

Placing my palm over it and channeling magic, I can feel the blood stop.

I wish I had been taught proper magic, but I was never given permission.

Even though girls born in Margrave territory learn swordsmanship, 

I never received that permission either.

With no other choice, I turn to old books from the library.

Documents from when Margrave territory served another country.

I brought the dusty, neglected books to my private room.

No one ever comes near my private room, so I never got in trouble for it.

Thanks to that, I had plenty of books and time to study, but

Until I turned fifteen and entered the academy, I was treated as if I didn’t exist.

Upon entering the academy, I quickly became famous.

During the magic assessment, it was discovered that I could use all attributes, and my magic power was twice that of others.

Even though I couldn’t use any magic, 

Line-sensei, maybe finding me pitiful or interesting, took me under his wing.

Every single day, I learned magic until just before the dormitory’s curfew.

I didn’t have any particular goal, but I wanted someone to say I was needed.

Maybe if they found out I was useful, 

They would tell me to come back to the borderlands.

Although I knew I would graduate at the top of my class, 

I never received a letter from my father to come home.

After graduation, wondering what to do, thinking of quitting nobility and becoming an adventurer, 

Line-sensei offered me a job at the royal palace.

It was the first time someone invited me, and although hesitant, I accepted.

Line-sensei didn’t just invite me but also another graduate, Chris.

I hadn’t talked much to Chris from the Duke family, but

Chris, despite excelling in grades and magic, was the type who often preferred to be alone.

I felt he was somewhat similar to me. . .Maybe that’s why I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work together.

Upon meeting the king at the royal palace, I learned of our task.

“When the only princess, Sofia, turns twelve and begins her official duties, 

She will be assigned personal escort knights.

Chris and Kyle, shadow her until then and learn. 

This year Sofia will turn seven. 

For the next five years, shadow her in training, 

When you become her personal escort knights, stand by her side.”


Five years of training, then becoming the princess’ personal escort knights.

Probably an unprecedented honor, but I thought it would be troublesome.

The Ineligible Princess. That was the princess’ reputation.

Willful, violent, and never listening to servants.

She would break things in fits of rage, stretching the budget thin.

If she disliked a dress, she’d immediately demand a new one.

She refused all royal education.

It was said that there was no way she could be a future queen.

If she did, the country would be finished.

“Ah, what a hassle. Guarding that famous Ineligible Princess. 

Well, it’s five years away, and shadow training sounds interesting, so I’ll accept for now. 

Kyle, what will you do?”

“. . . I’ll accept.”

I have nowhere else to go, even if I reject this.

So, as Chris said, shadow training might be interesting.

Thinking that way, I spent half a year training in the shadows.

Just when I thought I was called out suddenly, I ended up with an unexpected mission.

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