Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 15


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓

Unfortunately, while I was calming down,

My grandfather was taken away, as there was work with the civil officials.

It couldn’t be helped since he had come to see me during a busy office break.

“I’ll come to see you again soon.”


After seeing off my grandfather, who looked reluctant to leave, Yuna made tea for me.

“Thank you. I was thirsty.”

“Yes. If there’s anything else you need, please let me know.”

With a smile, Yuna and Lisa left the room.

This room has a maid’s waiting room and a guard’s waiting room right as you enter from the corridor.

It seems that Lisa and Yuna stay in the maid’s waiting room when I don’t call them.

Even so, they appear before I ask for something,

I think they are indeed maids trained by my grandfather.

Until now, no one was in the guard’s waiting room.

There were several guards from the Order in the corridor,

And there were observers in the ceiling, so I thought it was enough.

I thought it was an unnecessary room,

But it seems that Chris and Kyle will be using it from now on.

Since Yuna also prepared tea for Chris and Kyle,

The two are sitting on the opposite sofa, drinking tea.

Normal escort knights don’t sit on the sofa together.

Being escort knights from the Duke and Margrave families,

It seems they are not just for guarding.

Since Otou-sama has only me as his child, I’m likely to be the next crown princess.

They may also serve as future aides, and personal attendants.

“You two, you’ll be with me all the time from today, right?

Please be kind to me. You don’t have to use honorifics if it’s not in public.

It must be hard to honor a child like me, right?”

“. . .No, that’s not it.”

“It’s fine. I’ll let you.” “Hey, Chris. Is it okay with you?”

“It’s fine, right? Even if you use honorifics reluctantly, I don’t think this Princess will like it.”

“That’s right. Someday I want to be someone worth honoring,

But now I’m just a child who can’t do anything.

Rather than escort knights, let’s think of them as older cousins.”

“Such an unchildish sister. Well, it’s fine. Nice to meet you, Princess.”

“. . .Nice to meet you.”

Chris, who readily agreed, and Kyle, who seemed reluctant.

Especially Chris, he didn’t seem to respect the royal family more than me.

I thought it would be useless to see a respectful attitude only in name.

“So, can you tell me what happened after that?

I wonder if I can get permission from my grandfather.”

What happened to Eliza and the others after that,

When I asked Lisa and Yuna, they evaded me gently.

I wonder if these two would answer, and they seemed to.

“The King said you could hear it if you asked, Princess.”

“Well, to put it simply, the Duke’s family was exiled from the capital.”

“Exiled? Even Eliza?”

“Yeah, do you know about Hambel territory, one of the royal territories?”

The royal territory of Hambel. . .Hmm, I’ve heard of it. What was it?

Oh, right. It was the territory of a fallen Viscount family.

“The former Viscount territory far from the capital?”

I remembered and asked, and both of them were surprised.

“You really have an incredible memory. Yes, that former Viscount territory.

Located in the northwest, it is a place easily affected by cold damage.

They couldn’t pay taxes for many years, and eventually, they gave up the territory.

Duke Edgar will rule there now.”

“Uncle didn’t have a territory, did he?”

When I tilted my head, wondering if it was a punishment,

Somehow relieved, Kyle explained to me.

. . .I don’t know everything, do I?

“When Duke Edgar left the royal family,

He decided to receive an allowance as a Duke for life.

That was discarded, and now he must live only on the taxes collected from that territory.

The tax from a poor territory is trivial. He can’t afford luxuries anymore.”

“Oh, I see. He won’t get any more money from grandfather.”

As a former prince, there should have been a budget from the country to maintain his dignity.

Not as much as the crown prince or the second prince, but enough money to live comfortably.

On top of that, I think he was living quite luxuriously, since he should have been using my budget as well.

If that’s gone. . .he probably won’t be able to pay for my aunt’s dress expenses.

“Not only that, but the title also became a one-generation Duke.

Miss Eliza can’t inherit the title. If she doesn’t marry into some nobility, she becomes a commoner.”

“What?! A commoner if she can’t marry a noble? Eliza?”

There’s no way that Eliza can live as a commoner.

But if my uncle’s power weakens. . .Will she find a place to marry?

“Though she was given a reduced sentence because she’s only nine, she assaulted royalty.

She’ll receive ten lashes and have her meals reduced to one a month, then be sent to the Hambel domain.

The Duke and Duchess will have their lashes increased to fifty, and their property will be confiscated.

After being sent to the Hambel domain, they will never be able to return to the royal capital.

Miss Eliza will probably come back when it’s time for school,

But until then, she won’t even be able to get close to the royal capital.”

“I see. . .”

I think it’s a severe punishment since I was the victim,

But if this violence had been directed at the crown princess, an adult would have been executed without a doubt.

. . .Even if it’s a child, if the punishment is light, it would be seen as belittling the crown princess.

Lashes and skipping meals, huh? It’ll be tough for Eliza, who was raised in indulgence.

“His Majesty said if you can’t accept it, the punishment will be harsher.”

“No, that’s fine.

I don’t really feel like reflecting, but if I’m no longer involved, that’s fine.

Ah, what about the chief court lady?”

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