Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 151


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟏

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Let’s have a good day today.”

When Chris, Kyle, and I entered the office,

David and the other civil officials were already at their desks, 

They had already begun their work.

It seems that Douglas, who went home to see his son’s face yesterday, has not arrived yet.

As soon as I sit down at the king’s seat, today’s letters are delivered.

It’s an apology letter from Kokodia.

“Oh. The first letter has already arrived today.”

“Yes, it’s been four months since then.

I guess the Kokodia side must be getting impatient now.”

“That’s true. . .the wheat harvest is coming soon.

They probably want to lift the barrier and buy it as soon as possible.”

We placed a barrier on the border with Kokodia, broke the alliance, and closed the border.

For Kokodia, which has difficulty growing grains in its own country,

Not being able to import from Eugenis is a matter of life and death.

“Sofia-sama has no intention of lifting it, does she?”

“But, it’s just a simple apology, you know?

They say ‘I’m sorry,’ so what’s the plan afterward?

They haven’t given any concrete details about how they intend to take responsibility.

Apologizing doesn’t automatically mean forgiveness.

And on top of that, they’re asking us to continue the alliance as if nothing happened.

Do they think it’s easy to restore what they’ve broken?

They were the ones making unfounded claims and almost leading us to war.”

“I wonder what the King of Kokodia is thinking.

Every day, he just keeps sending apology letters.”

“Really, though. It takes magic stones just to transfer this.

But if they can’t export to Eugenis now, they’ll have a surplus.”

Eugenis is the only country bordering Kokodia that can’t get magic stones.

So if our country doesn’t buy them, Kokodia will have a surplus.

Not only will the price drop, but they’ll also have trouble finding a place to store them.

That’s why they’re begging to go back to the way things were.

I expected the apology letters to come, and

I knew Kokodia would struggle.

I won’t lift the barrier easily.

So that they won’t ever think about such things again,

I intend for them to experience a thorough and painful lesson.

“But what about Eugenis’ grains? Won’t we have a surplus?

What are we going to do with this year’s harvest that was being exported to Kokodia in bulk?”

Chris, who had been working at his desk, asks.

Looking at the documents in his hand, it seems to be about planting.

He may have become worried after seeing this year’s harvest forecast.

“Oh, that. I think it’ll be fine.

I plan to send all of that to Rujail country as well.”

“To Rujail? Are you going to send that much?”

Rujail is a country struggling with food shortages,

But it’s not big enough to consume the portion meant for Kokodia.

Chris makes a puzzled face, wondering why I would do such a thing.

“What do you think will happen if Kokodia is starving and the barrier is not lifted?”

“. . .They’ll have to buy from other countries.”

“That’s right. The closest one is Rujail, isn’t it?

So I plan to tell Rujail this.

I’ll send a large amount of grain, and they can sell it to Kokodia at a high price.”

“Huh?. . .Princess, that’s ruthless.”

“Because, if things stay as they are, Kokodia will buy it wherever they can,

And Rujail’s food prices will soar, right?

So, let’s have the Rujail royal family sell it to Kokodia at a high price.

Kokodia has no choice but to buy since the only country they can buy from is Rujail.

Where do you think it will be most troublesome for food shortages to occur in Kokodia?”

“In places with a lot of people. . .like where the mines are.”

“Right. The mines are owned by the royal domain and Duke Samaras’s domain.

Both are involved in this matter.

We can deplete their personal wealth by making them buy at high prices,

And if they don’t buy. . .there will be a riot among the workers.

Either way, they’ll suffer.”

“Sofia-sama. . .As expected.

I will make sure to convey this properly to the Rujail side!”

“I’m counting on you, David.”

Unlike the happy-looking David, Chris and Kyle are grimacing.

Even though I think it’s a good move. I wonder what they’re dissatisfied with.

“No, it’s fine, but. . .

It looks like we could inflict a blow severe enough to turn them into a defeated nation even without starting a war.”

“Is that the intention?”

“Understood. If that’s the case, let’s do it thoroughly.”

“Kyle’s on that side too? . . .Well, it’s fine.

It would be troublesome if the price of Eugenis’ grain collapsed.”

Eventually, even Chris agreed, laughing.

I’m sure more apology letters will come from Kokodia in the future, but

I have no intention of forgiving them with an apology alone.

Who will take responsibility, and how do they intend to start over with Eugenis,

The barrier will continue until they make it clear.

“For now, let’s set this matter aside,

Sofia-sama, Chris-sama, Kyle-sama, the date for the marriage ceremony has been set.”

“Really? Is grandfather okay?”

“Yes, Dr. Renkin has given his permission.

The King will return to public duties in two weeks.

Well, we plan to reduce the workload considerably.

The marriage ceremony will be one month from today.”

“I understand.”

Royal marriages are sworn and signed in front of the King.

I thought it would be postponed until grandfather was well.

The fact that Dr. Renkin has given permission means

He has recovered enough that he no longer needs to rest.

One month until I marry Chris and Kyle.

Somehow, because they’ve already been working as a consort, 

It makes me think it’s a bit late now.

It feels strange to think that I’ll officially have two husbands. 

When I heard the news, Chris was his usual self, but 

Kyle had a complicated expression, as if he was deep in thought and bumping into things here and there.

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