Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 152


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟐

The date for the wedding ceremony had been set,

And the staff from the costume department had come to the office for a meeting about the outfits.

The costume department is responsible for creating attire for the royalty, civil officials, and court ladies, 

Those who work there are treated as artisans rather than servants.

Only a select few noble-born artisans are allowed to enter and exit the palace, 

While others carry out their tasks in a different location.

“This is the design of the dresses worn by the former queens at their wedding ceremonies.

Unfortunately, the design of the queen’s dress cannot be replicated, as it has not been preserved.

Therefore, how about using the same design as the queen’s?”

“I see. Since the queen’s records have not been preserved, there’s nothing that can be done.

This is the dress of the queen. The one worn by Okaa-sama and grandmother.”

What was handed over was a picture of a woman in a dress.

There appear to be several, but they all look the same.

A white dress with fine embroidery in blue thread

As I am impressed by the thoroughness of the embroidery even down to the finest details,

There are apparently items that are only adorned with embroidery.

“The embroidery design is decided, so it has been copied piece by piece.

The wedding embroidery is decided to be sewn with magic, one stitch at a time, 

And it is to be sewn in a short period by as many craftsmen as possible.”

“Is that so? Even that is decided. . .huh?”

What was in my hand was the embroidery just on the chest, but this is. . .

“What’s wrong, Sofia?”

“Princess?. . .Clear the room.”

Noticing something wrong with me, Kyle and Chris clear the room.

Everyone who was in the office bowed and left the room.

After making sure that no one was left, I was asked again.

“What’s the matter, you look pale. Was there something wrong with that design?”

“This. . .the embroidery design, it’s in ancient language.”


“It’s hidden within the pattern, ancient words are sewn in.

Here, look.”

I read aloud the text from the chest to the waist.

“Sacrificing for the country, living for the king, and giving everything to bear a new king.”

“What is that?”

“This is the queen’s dress, right? Why such ancient words?”

“It’s not just a dress. It’s a magical formula.”

“Magical formula. . .you must be joking.”

“Then, does this have an effect?”

Looking at the pictures of other queens, the same thing is written.

. . .All the queens up to now, such curse-like magic on all of them. . .

“It was explained to me earlier. Sewing one stitch at a time with magic.

The reason for sewing it with as many people as possible is that it requires a lot of magical energy,

And sewing it up in a short time is to complete the magical formula before the magic disappears.”

“Now that you mention it, the former queen and the former concubine died young.”

“No way, are you saying this is the cause?”

“I don’t think everything is because of this, but

Grandmother bore Otou-sama and Uncle Fritz.

Both have an impeccable amount of magic as royalty.

If grandmother didn’t have that much magic,

It’s conceivable that she sacrificed her life to make up for the shortfall.”

“What about the concubine?”

“I hear that the concubine who bore Uncle Edgar was not a high-ranking lady.

There’s a high probability that she originally had little magic.

. . .Having magic forcibly drawn out,

She may have died right after giving birth to Uncle Edgar.”

It was a mystery why only the royal family had high magic.

So, I thought that’s why the queen chooses daughters with abundant magic power, but,

I was surprised when I heard that there were no such conditions, but after seeing this magical ritual, the mystery was finally unraveled.

No matter which daughter became queen, this would maintain the royal family’s magic.

At the cost of the queen’s life, though. . .

“. . .Alright, let’s change the content of the ancient words.”


“Sofia can understand the ancient language, right? 

Anyway, this is the queen’s design, not the queen’s. 

It won’t be a problem even if it’s changed.”

“Is it okay?”

“It’s fine. It’s strange to do something for the king when you’re a queen.

I won’t allow sacrificing the princess.”

“I don’t allow it either. So, let’s think of a different sentence.”

Certainly, it’s different to become a queen and to do something for the king.

I’m not even considering giving birth to a child. . .

“Understood. Shall we think together, the three of us?”


“Let’s include this in our knight attire, to match with Sofia.”

“That’s good, that.”

It wasn’t just the witch who sacrificed and lived for this country.

But if you think about it, even the common people of this country have lost many lives in war.

It’s not because they are royalty or a witch.

I strongly wish that there would be no more people to sacrifice.

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