Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 150


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟎

“Right now, correct that letter, it was a mistake!”

“What would Adele say if we do such a thing?”

“Do you intend to start a war like this?”

“No, even Eugenis probably doesn’t want to start a war,

I’ve heard the princess became the crown prince.

Maybe they’ll willingly cede the throne?”

“There’s no way that will happen!”

The crown prince continues to shout in disbelief and anger at the king’s outrageous claims.

Normally he would have grown tired of arguing and given up,

But this time he could not afford to give up.

They would certainly go to war if nothing changed. That was the only thing that must be stopped.

“But you know, if she’s Idia’s daughter, she’s got Kokodia’s blood,

Maybe she’ll do as Kokodia says?”

“. . .Even though she wasn’t raised by Aunt, is that so?”

“She may not have been raised by her, but. . .”

“That’s impossible.

As a fellow crown prince, I can assert that such foolish feelings do not exist.”

In Kokodia, the first and second princes are separated from their mother,

And raised by nurses and teachers chosen by the council.

To not increase the power of the queen’s birth family and not to implant unnecessary ideas.

Thus, crown prince Raymon has little contact with the queen.

He calls her his mother, but that doesn’t mean he feels affection.

He doesn’t talk to his younger siblings, who were raised by the queen, because their thoughts don’t match.

Her mother is rather close to his half-brother, the second prince Daniel, like a best friend.

Because Raymon was like this,

He did not think that the same crown princess, Sofia, would make such a foolish decision.

The granddaughter of the Eugenis king, who is known as the Wise King, and who took her father’s place as the first prince,

Is Sofia, who was designated as the crown princess at the young age of sixteen.

It was precisely because she was deemed capable of becoming the crown princess that,

It was thought that she was chosen at such a young age for that reason.

“. . . . .If we go to war, what will we do?”

“That’s why I’m telling you to apologize before the war starts!”

He could only shout at the weak-willed king, though tired.

Even though the same thing has been said multiple times, the king dislikes being scolded by the queen, and thus,

He refuses to apologize to Eugenis.

But, he’s scared to go to war too.

Not only the fight but taking responsibility for it terrifies him.

“. . . . .Can’t we just pretend it never happened?”

“I don’t know . . . but if you don’t apologize, we will certainly go to war.”

The king seems to have finally decided to apologize,

And hands over the paper, though in disgust.

The apology must be written and sent to Eugenis as soon as possible.

The declaration of war was exactly a week ago. The deadline is this afternoon.

Preparations for the war may have already begun.

“It’s urgent!”

Just as he thought the letter had begun to be written, the second prince Daniel burst into the room.

With a pale face, he is holding some kind of report.

“What happened?”

“A report . . . from the border . . . fortress . . .”

Panting, he somehow manages to say the words and hands the report to Raymon.

Handing it over to Raymon even when the king is present, and the fact that the king doesn’t question anything about it,

It already indicated a shift in the core of this nation.

“. . .A barrier? A long wall? What does that mean?”

“. . .We’ve sent letters several times to confirm, but the same answer comes back.

Three days ago, a wall appeared near the border, and upon investigation, it appeared to be a barrier.”

“If it’s a barrier, then it can be dispelled, right?”

A barrier can be a defense, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to dispel it.

While it can be protected temporarily, maintaining it for a long time is difficult, and,

It will disappear if the dispelling magic is used on it.

“That. . . can’t be undone.”


“Is it a new magic? It seems that the barrier cannot be dispelled.”

“What does that mean? Eugenis created the barrier, didn’t they?

So, they made the barrier to prevent soldiers from being sent?”

“I think that’s probably the case. Not even a single person can get through now.”

“I didn’t expect this response.

But it won’t last that long, and they will undo it if we apologize.

Father, please write a letter quickly. Come on, hurry.”

“Y, Yes, I understand.”

But before the king could finish writing the letter, a missive arrived from Eugenis.

“Our nation hereby terminates the alliance with Kokodia and seals the borders.

Diplomatic relations are severed, and the movement of people and goods is prohibited.”

Reading that, the king crumbled, and the crown prince clutched his head.

It was too late to do anything now.

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