Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 149


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟗

In the royal palace of Kokodia, inside the private chambers of the audience hall, the voice of a young man berating continued.

The voice in response was feeble.

One was Kokodia’s Crown Prince Raymon, the other was his father, the King of Kokodia.

After the room was cleared, the usually quiet crown prince continued to blame the king.

“Father, please stop being controlled by mother’s whims!”

“. . .I understand. I do understand, but. . .”

“You don’t understand, that’s why this is happening!”

“But. . . well.”

To the king who only offers excuses no matter what is said,

While feeling fed up, the crown prince cannot help but express his criticism.

While he, who usually nags incessantly, is away on a regional inspection trip,

Upon hearing that a letter has been sent urging the transfer of the throne to the neighboring country, Eugenis,

The king was doubted to the extent of questioning his sanity.

Upon inquiring, it was revealed that the king’s attitude was as usual, simply yielding to the whims of the queen mother,

He found himself clutching his head, thinking that perhaps this country was already coming to an end.

Rather than the queen mother’s whims, it was more accurately the whims of her ancestral house, the Duke Samaras family.

The previous Duke Samaras was the one who ended the war between Kokodia and Eugenis.

At the time, the king of Kokodia had a character that would not acknowledge defeat even if Kokodia was wiped out, thus,

Even when a peace proposal was presented by the King of Eugenis, he did not nod in agreement.

To stop the war, they used private troops to imprison the king, and then,

Urging the younger prince to accept the peace proposal and become the new king, was,

The late former Duke Samaras, who passed away about ten years ago.

It was an event referred to as a regime change by quiet soldiers.

After forming the alliance, the previous Duke Samaras offered to pay for the crime of imprisoning the king, but, 

The new king did not accept this and instead, married one of his granddaughters to the prince of Kokodia,

And decided to marry another one to the prince of Eugenis.

They would bear the crown princes of the two countries, carrying Duke Samaras’ blood.

It was considered a reward for the loyal subject.

Now, due to the whims of the granddaughter, Queen Adele of Kokodia, 

They are facing the crisis of war with Eugenis again.

“Don’t you know that the woman Heines brought is not of royal blood!

Yet, why did you even make her give false testimony and covet the throne of Eugenis!”

“Idia is. . . pitiful, you see.”

“Pitiful? My aunt?”

At those words, the crown prince involuntarily tilted his head.

Duke Samaras’ second daughter Idia married Eugenis’ first prince and gave birth to a princess. 

But the relationship with her husband was bad, and she was not accepted by other nobles.

She spent her time in a form of house arrest at a detached palace and has since divorced and returned to Kokodia.

Since returning to Kokodia, she has been living with her brother who succeeded the Duke Samaras house.

Adele, the first child and eldest daughter of the Duke Samaras family, and Cedric, the second child and eldest son, were,

Infatuated with their youngest sister, Idia, who was adorably charming.

Idia was the most beautiful and honest child, obediently following the words of her older siblings,

As if she were a doll-like young lady.

It was an engagement bestowed as a reward by the late Duke Samaras, however,

Idia grieved until the very end about being married off to a neighboring country.

“Because of our grandfather, Idia became a sacrifice,” she said.

Idia was almost killed by the first prince’s lover and was divorced and returned home.

It was unforgivable for Adele and Cedric.

They couldn’t fathom what cruel fate had befallen their dear Idia, and

They had been thinking of getting back at Eugenis for a long time.

However, due to the recklessness of Adele’s son, Prince Heines, incited by her, went to study abroad, and

As a result, he ended up impregnating a Duke’s daughter, Eliza, and he was sent back.

Moreover, it was in the form of punishment for having aimed to usurp Eugenis’ throne.

Queen Adele’s favorite, Prince Heines, who greatly resembles Idia,

Has come to be in danger of disinheritance because of this.

For Adele, Eugenis had become nothing but an enemy.

Somehow, she will get back at what was done to Idia and Heines.

That is leading to the outbreak of this war.

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