Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 14


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒

“I am Chris・Balten.”

Chris・Balten. The name Balten sounded familiar to me.

The Balten family was indeed. . .

“Is Chris from a Duke family?”

When I tried to confirm Chris’ family, 

Including my grandfather, I noticed that everyone present was surprised.

“Sofia, you never received princess education, did you?”

“Yes. The teacher stopped coming after three days.”

“Despite that, you remember the names of the nobles of this country?”

“Yes, I think I remember the names of most noble families.

The lower servants often talk about the nobles.”

Knowing that I learned from rumors heard while doing laundry, my grandfather’s face twisted.

. . .Should I have not said that?

Although I’m seven, I look like a five-year-old.

Could it be unbelievable that I learned the family names from hearing rumors?

Were they worried that the servants’ rumors were not of good taste?

“Well, it’s fine. Your princess education will begin now.

Remembering the family names is a good thing.”

“Yes. So, even though Chris is from the Duke family, can he be my knight?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

That’s good, but I think usually someone from the Duke family wouldn’t be a knight.

Looking at Chris, his expression hasn’t changed, 

I feel like he doesn’t want me to ask about his family.

I guess I’ll ask about it once we become friends. . .

“The other knight. . .he’s the observer who always responded to me, right?”

The other knight was the overprotective observer who always responded to me.

He was a slender young boy, about the same age as Chris.

Both look like teenagers, but personal knights?

“My name is Kyle・Ahrens.

As for the response. . .well, that’s all I could do. . .”

I feel a sense of discomfort towards Kyle, who bowed his head apologetically.

. . .What is this discomfort?

“Kyle is from the Ahrens family? Margrave, right?

I’ve heard that Margrave’s people don’t usually leave their houses,

But Is it okay for you not to return to Margrave’s territory?”

I think it’s not a good idea to delve too deeply into asking, but,

I think it’s okay to ask a question like this.

Given that the Margrave territory used to be a separate country, 

They don’t usually serve the royal family.

Besides. . .if he’s such a good magician, 

I would think they wouldn’t want him to leave the Margrave territory.

I didn’t want him to say he was going back to the border after we became friends.

After all, the only one who responded was the overprotective observer.

Thinking back to my previous life, a life without conversation with anyone was quite hard.

In that situation, the observer who gave a small response was a support to me.

When I stared at him, he would stare back and respond.

“I’m the third son of the Margrave. My two older brothers remain in the territory.

Also, my father remarried, and I have a fourth brother and an elder sister.

. . .In a way, I have no place to return to in the territory.”

“. . .Kyle, were you alone?”


I see. I understand now.

Kyle responded to me because he knew the pain of being ignored.

Probably there was no place for Kyle in the Margrave territory, 

So my grandfather, who knew Kyle’s skills, made him my personal guard.

“Kyle. . .will you stay by my side forever and not go back to the territory?”


“Yes. Forever. Then I won’t be lonely.”

When I indirectly told them I had been lonely, everyone looked down.

They must have known from the reports how much I had been oppressed, 

How a young child grew up without anyone to cling to.

“Understood. . .Princess, please keep me by your side forever.”

“Really? You’ll stay with me forever?”


“Good! Grandfather, that’s okay, right?”

I turned back, remembering that my grandfather’s permission was necessary.

I was surprised to see my grandfather, Renkin-sensei, and Augen crying profusely.

“Eh? Eh?”

“. . .I’m sorry. I didn’t notice that you were going through such a thing. . .

It won’t happen again.

You’re not the Ineligible Princess. You’re my precious, precious granddaughter.

Get well soon, and let’s start your princess education.

You, who remembered the family name just from rumors and saw through Edgar and the others’ schemes.

You will become a fine princess. The one to succeed me is you, Sofia.”

The moment I thought I was being lifted up by my grandfather, I was tightly embraced.

Feeling the warm comfort of my kind family, I clung to my grandfather too.

Even if my mind says that there was a previous life as a witch, my body is that of a seven-year-old child.

I was so happy that tears naturally spilled out.

“Grandfather, I love you!”

“Yes, yes. I do too.”

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