Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 148


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟖

“Our country will hereby break the alliance with Kokodia and close the borders.

We will sever diplomatic relations, and prohibit the movement of people and goods.”

With this, we have essentially declared war on Kokodia.

By breaking the alliance and severing diplomatic relations, the flow of goods will stop.

Letters can be exchanged since every country has a teleportation device in the palace,

But it can be made so that letters from unauthorized countries do not arrive.

It’s possible to make only the letters from Kokodia not arrive.

. . .Well, if we do that, it will completely sever ties,

But we have no plans to do that at the moment.

“What will you do with the Kokodian merchants stranded in our country?

I think there might be knights who came for reconnaissance as well.”

“Protect them with the border knights and send them back all at once by sea.”

“Does that mean it’s okay to go via the Rujail nation?”

“Yes. Please contact Rujail on behalf of Uncle Fritz.”

That’s why I called Uncle Fritz to the audience room today.

Rujail is a country on the other side of Kokodia, and our country does not border it.

However, thanks to Uncle Fritz’s diplomacy, we are exchanging goods by sea.

Ahead of the anticipated halt in magical stone imports from Kokodia,

We had begun increasing our trade with Rujail since the year before last.

We are currently importing magic stones from Rujail and exporting grains from our country.

From now on, people will come and go, and exchanges will become more active.

“I understand. Leave the request to Rujail and the dealings with the neighboring countries to me.

That’s about all I can do.”

“No, I was saved because you were here, Uncle.

Now we can sever ties with Kokodia without any problems.”

“Is that so.”

Uncle smiles happily, but

Diplomacy with neighboring countries is not something that can be easily said.

Contact had been established with several neighboring countries, including the Rujail Kingdom,

The result of diplomatic efforts undertaken even while Uncle Fritz and the others were held as hostages.

If other countries don’t side with them, Kokodia will panic.

Probably they will be charged a high price even if they try to import grains from other countries.

By then, it will be too late to apologize to Eugenis.

“I’m sure Kokodia won’t last a few months.

I think they will offer to reconcile, but I won’t accept.

I won’t lift the barrier until they admit they’ve lost.”

“Will they admit defeat, huh?”

Chris murmurs beside me, and even David nods.

“They won’t admit it easily.

That’s why, even reluctantly, Grandfather had to end the war to secure the release of Uncle Fritz and the others,

Since they agreed to exchange hostages, it’s likely part of the alliance terms.

Eugenis would have won if we had fought to the end with Kokodia.

However, my grandfather must have thought that there were too many sacrifices involved to go that far, so,

He proposed an alliance by conceding to their side.

“Well, I look forward to seeing how soon they will apologize.”

Chris smiles as if he has a grudge or something.

Kyle is making a wry smile next to him, but he doesn’t seem to want to stop him.

After the general direction was decided, everyone dispersed to discuss practical matters.

The nobles and merchants of Eugenis must also be informed about the border barrier.

So that the merchants don’t suffer losses, the government will purchase the grains that were supposed to be sold to Kokodia, and 

It will be transported by ship to Rujail.

The knights who had come to scout from Kokodia must also be protected and sent back.

Of course, the barrier will not be lifted for that, so 

They will be sent to Rujail by sea, and from there, they will return to Kokodia by land.

It’s a journey that will take at least two months.

The information they have now will probably become outdated and unusable.

I am told to return to my private room after giving general instructions in the audience chamber.

My whole body still hurts, and I am far from rested.

I had been told by Chris, the doctor, not to push myself for about two weeks.

When I return to my private room and sit on the sofa, my shoes are immediately removed, and I am laid down.

It seems that just sitting is not enough.

I am made to rest, leaning on Chris’ shoulder, with my legs on Kyle’s lap.

Even so.

“Hey, Chris. Why do you look so happy?”

“Ah. Well, those guys were being treated as ambassadors, so they must have been able to sustain themselves, right? 

If they’re no longer nobles of Eugenis and are being exiled from the country, 

I wonder who will take care of their livelihood?”

Ah, so he was happy that his parents were exiled.

There is no doubt that the ties with those two are really severed now.

“Yeah, those two. . . They won’t be able to live, will they?

Kokodia only wanted their testimony, and they probably didn’t care about them afterward.

Is that why you look so happy?”

“It’s not just them.

If Idia, the former crown prince’s wife, no longer has the title of former crown prince’s wife, then,

I wonder what kind of expression she’ll have.”


“She may be Princess’ mother, but I don’t want to acknowledge her.”

“I agree with you on this.

It’s like turning a blind eye to Sofia, who went through such hardships,

I wouldn’t want to acknowledge such a woman.”

“Yeah. . .Well, she’s a terrible mother, isn’t she?”

Chris’ parents and my mother. Both will be expunged from this country’s registry due to this incident.

It will be as if they never existed.

To enjoy this in such a way. . .

Maybe that’s okay, too.

“Serves them right, huh?”

“Sofia can also say ‘serves them right.'”

“Fufufu. That’s right. Serves them right, indeed!”

Okaa-sama, who never looked at me once. Serves her right!

I will never lose.

Okaa-sama can regret and regret giving birth to me.

Then, I felt like I could resent her without any reservations.

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