Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 147


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟕

On the final deadline day set by Kokodia,

It was nearly noon on the seventh day when people gathered in the audience chamber.

There’s no need to rush since contact has already been made with neighboring countries.

A long barrier wall has been built on the border with Kokodia,

And those on the other side who heard the report are probably panicking now.

Sitting on the throne, I look around at everyone.

Today, I wanted to talk to Uncle Fritz, so I’ve called him here.

“Everyone, thank you for holding down the fort.

I have returned safely.

Can you report what happened while I was away?”

“Welcome back, Sofia-sama.

I will explain.”

David, holding a bundle of letters, steps forward.

Did another letter arrive while I was gone?

“The day after Sofia-sama headed for the border, another letter arrived from Kokodia.

To briefly explain the contents of the letter,

It is a testimony from the former Princess Idia and former Duke Balten.”

“Testimony from Okaa-sama and the former Duke and Duchess?”

“Yes. The former Duke and Duchess testify that Kokodia’s claim is not wrong,

And that it was Eliza-sama who was deemed worthy to be the queen.

Former Crown Princess Idia provided testimony along with statements from the former Duke and Duchess,

As far as I know, that’s correct.”

“. . .Ah, I see. Since it’s only Kokodia’s side and lacks credibility,

They sent the testimony of the ambassadors from Eugenis and the former crown princess.

. . .I see.”

The former Duke and Duchess, who became ambassadors at my manipulation, must have happily sided with Kokodia.

Well, there’s no guarantee of life if war breaks out.

It’s not strange for them to decide that it’s better to side with Kokodia.

But that’s why the pay was high because they shouldn’t betray their country even in such a case.

“What will you do about it?”

“Let’s see. First. . . dismiss the former Duke and Duchess as ambassadors.

Exclusion from Eugenis’ nobility.

And then, exile abroad. . . that should do.”

David, Chris, Kyle, and Douglas all nod.

The judgments of my close associates seem to be the same.

I originally appointed them as ambassadors with the intention of cutting them off during wartime.

I intended to dismiss them if something happened.

“As for Okaa-sama. . . there’s nothing we can do.

She’s no longer Eugenis’ crown princess, and she knows how to escape.”

“Escape, you say?”

“As far as I know, that’s correct,” is written, isn’t it?

I’m not saying that’s true.

It seems that almost no genuine information was reaching Okaa-sama.

If she only knew the rumors of the Ineligible Princess and Princess Eliza, it’s not a lie.

I can’t even criticize her for a statement like this.”

“As expected of the former Duke’s daughter and former Crown Princess

She wouldn’t make statements that are detrimental to herself.”

“But we can’t just leave it like this. . .”

“That’s true. It’s troublesome to be spoken about with the title of former crown princess.

What should we do?”

She was once a crown princess. She would probably be trusted by other countries.

Even if she did no work as a crown princess in reality.

“Sofia-sama, is it okay?”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

I thought I was being asked for permission to speak in a quiet voice, and it turned out to be Patrice, the chief of staff.

He’s only staying in the palace to teach David his job.

I didn’t expect him to speak at this time, but what could it be?

“Idia-sama signed when she returned to Kokodia.

When she talks about what she saw and heard in Eugenis, she will be punished.

Even if it’s the truth or a lie, she has agreed not to speak of it.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Last time, during the situation with Heines, the third prince, His Majesty was troubled.

He could punish princess Idia, but doing so might lead to immediate war.

He’s not yet prepared to go to war.”

“I see. The situation with Prince Heines was also triggered by Okaa-sama’s statement.

She was already a subject for punishment at that time.

. . .Understood. Then, I’ll also expel the former Crown Princess Idia.”

“To remove her from the royal family register, is that correct?

It will mean that Idia-sama being the Crown Princess never existed.”

“It can’t be helped. This is the second time she has made a statement related to war.

We can’t have her causing any more unnecessary trouble.

Otou-sama never had a queen. That’s fine.”


Otou-sama never had a queen.

When that happens, what about me? That can be dealt with later.

I’m even doubting whether Otou-sama’s family register still exists.

. . .I might be registered as my grandfather’s adopted daughter.

“Now, we must promptly notify Kokodia.”

“How shall we notify them?”

“Our country will hereby break the alliance with Kokodia and close the borders.

We will sever diplomatic relations, and prohibit the movement of people and goods.”

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