Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 13


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑

When I opened my eyes, Renkin-sensei was looking at me with concern.


“You’re awake. . .You’ve been too reckless, Princess.”


“You’re awake!”

Was he in the same room? I heard my grandfather’s voice.

My grandfather appeared beside me as I was lying down, and he held my hand.

His warmth was conveyed through the gentle grip, as if handling something fragile.

“. . .What happened to me?”

I wondered why I was put to sleep here.

I think I fainted, but what was I doing before that? 

The angry faces of Eliza and the chief court lady flashed in my mind, and I remembered.

“You’re fine now. You have nothing more to worry about.

We’ve caught everyone who was harassing you, starting with the chief court lady.

We’ve gathered enough evidence, and most importantly, the chief court lady was about to harm you directly.

She’s been put in the dungeon, and the interrogation is continuing.

. . .You’ve been unconscious for two days.”

“Two days?”

“Yes. We don’t need to gather any more evidence.

This is your room, prepared in the main palace.

It’s very close to my room.

. . .We’ve also assigned guards, so you have nothing to worry about now.”

The guards. . .were they the ones who helped me that time?

I wanted to thank them, but I couldn’t seem to get up yet.

“I’ve prepared maids for your room. Come here.”


Two maids with identical faces stood behind my grandfather.

They were about the same age as my mother, so they must have been working here for many years, 

Since I had never seen them before, they might have only worked in the main palace.

Since they were maids of the main palace, they must be of noble birth.

The two looked at my face and smiled warmly.

Neither with pity nor scrutiny, just a natural smile.

Even though they must have heard about my bad reputation, they seemed to harbor no ill feelings.

“My name is Lisa.” “My name is Yuna.”

“These two are the daughters of my maids.

They have been properly educated, so you can trust them.

We will choose your exclusive maid properly later, but 

For now, these two will serve you.”

Since they were daughters of my grandfather’s maids, they must be trustworthy.

Normally they might have been assigned to my father or mother, but. . .

“Thank you very much.”

“Hmm. Rest first. . .We’ll talk in detail later.”


According to Renkin-sensei, my thigh, kicked by Eliza, had a crack in the bone.

After fainting from pain, I must have developed a fever from the injury.

My body is small, and I have no strength, so strong medicine can’t be used.

The bone has been healed, but magic cannot fully restore it.

I must rest thoroughly and strive to return to my original condition, he said.

What happened to Eliza. . .and my uncle?

I wanted to ask, but they wouldn’t tell me until I was better.

Being taken care of by Lisa and Yuna, I gradually started eating, 

It wasn’t until about two weeks later, when I was able to sit up on the sofa, that I was informed of anything.

Finally, when I recovered enough to walk around the room by myself, 

My grandfather visited me, and Renkin-sensei and Augen came into the room after him.

“Oh, you can walk now. Good.”

“Yes. I have no pain anymore, I’m fine.”

“Yeah, yeah. Today, I thought I’d introduce you to the guards.”

“An introduction?”

Even when I was bedridden in this room, I could feel the presence of the watchers.

I thought it was strange that they were still around even though they didn’t need to gather evidence anymore, 

It seems that it was not surveillance, but rather a guarding mission.

“Come in.”

Today they didn’t descend from the ceiling but properly entered through the room’s door.

Three robust men in masks and two slender individuals, who looked like boys, came in.

“The three masked individuals are known as shadows.

I will assign these three as your bodyguards from now on.

From left to right, they are Yun, Il, Dana.”

When grandfather called their names, each one bowed their head slightly.

I can tell the difference through magical power, but it seems they won’t take off their masks.

“So, these two will become your personal knights.

Unlike the shadows, they will guard you in a visible form.

Can both of you introduce yourselves?”

The first boy steps forward and begins to introduce himself.

Silver hair with green eyes. . .a beautiful face with the colors of high-ranking nobility.

If he didn’t have his hair cut short around the ears, he would look so androgynous as to be mistaken for a girl.

I thought he would look cute if he smiled, but he doesn’t even grin.

“I am Chris・Balten.”

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