Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 12


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐

“Why are you in a place like this, of all places!

You can’t even read, yet you’re so cheeky!”

“. . .Why?”

“What? You’re going to talk back?”

“. . .Why is Eliza here?”

I was more surprised that Eliza was in the palace than that the book was taken away from me.

When I stood up from the floor where I’d been knocked down, I was immediately shoved again.

I fell backward and hit my bottom hard.

I felt like I might cry from the pain.

“Huh? Why am I here? You don’t need to know that.

I’m a princess who’s loved by my grandfather.

Everything here will be mine!”

Eliza shouts in a shrill voice, but the content makes me want to tilt my head.

Even though my grandfather had clearly said that she had no right to the throne, 

She still hadn’t given up.

Not only would my uncle not succeed, but it was also impossible for the Duke’s daughter Eliza to succeed.

But, come to think of it, the servants were gossiping.

That Eliza, would become Otou-sama’s adopted daughter, and would become queen.

. . .Even if I were incompetent, there is still another legitimate son of my grandfather, the second prince.

No matter how I think about it, it’s impossible for Eliza to succeed.

“Eliza is not royalty. It’s impossible.”

“That doesn’t matter at all!”

“But you were told by grandfather that you’re not royalty.

Why do you think it’ll be yours?”

She didn’t like my reply, and this time I was kicked from where I was sitting.

Eliza’s shoes are hard, and my thigh hurts badly where I was kicked.

I lay on the floor unable to get up, and then I heard a voice other than Eliza’s.

“Oh dear, how disgraceful.

To think that this failure, this fluke, is a princess. It’s unthinkable.

Right, Eliza-sama?”

“Yes, it’s impossible. If I’m not royalty, then this failure can’t be either.

Quickly do something about her!”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry so much?

His Majesty will soon realize that Eliza-sama is superior.

This Ineligible Princess doesn’t matter at all.”

I thought it was that annoying voice and looked up to see, sure enough, the chief court lady.

Swinging her plump body, she’s coming this way.

She must have come to the library after receiving a report from a servant, but 

Is it a coincidence that she’s with Eliza?

I thought it would be good if the chief court lady came, but I didn’t expect Eliza to come too.

But this might be a chance to get a testimony about how they were tormenting me under my uncle’s orders.

I thought the two of them had fallen nicely into my trap, but

The pain made it impossible to get up.

I glared at the chief court lady from the floor, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

She looked down at me with a snooty expression.

“. . .chief court lady, do you think you can say that?

I’m a princess, you know? Do you think you’ll get away with this?

You saw Eliza’s violence and didn’t stop it?”

“Oh, if you’re a princess, then act like one.

Crawling miserably on the floor like this, how disgraceful.

You’ll be unnecessary soon anyway.

Eliza-sama is the chosen one.”

“You’re choosing Duke’s daughter Eliza over me, the princess?

You think you’ll be fine, even if you’re punished, chief court lady?”

I told her what I thought was the last check, and she answered with a loud laugh.

“Nobody will listen to your testimony.

I’ve won His Majesty’s trust as chief court lady.

Besides, even if something happens, Duke-sama will cover it up.

He’s been moving this palace so far, after all.

Even if the failure Princess were to pass away, it would still conclude as an accident.

Come on, how about begging for your life disgracefully?”

I’ve gathered enough evidence, so that should be enough.

I’m starting to find it difficult to stay conscious from the pain.

I saw the chief court lady lift her foot to step on me.

It hurt enough when Eliza did it, but if the chief court lady steps on me, it might break.

I thought it was impossible to go on any longer and called for help in a hoarse voice.

“. . .observer, help me. . .”

With those words, people flowed in from the ceiling and the back of the library.

Several of them went straight to the chief court lady and Eliza.

The two of them were startled by those who appeared out of nowhere,

They tried to hurriedly escape outside the library but were restrained.

One of the individuals who appeared from the back of the library, a familiar magical force, approached me.

When I thought someone had knelt down before me, unable to move as I remained lying there,

He lifts me up gently, as if enveloping me with kindness.

“Princess. . . It’s alright now.”

The voice was younger than I expected, like that of a boy.

. . .The overprotective observer, he properly saved me. . . I thought, and then I passed out.

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