Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 127


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟕

I graduated from the academy a month ago, and two months have passed since I became the regent king in place of my ailing grandfather.

Because I suddenly became the regent king, I couldn’t attend the academy for the remaining month, 

Douglas and Ruri also went to the royal palace before graduation.

The results of the final exam before graduation were perfect for Douglas and me, 

So we graduated as the top and second in class.

Ruri fought hard to secure the third spot,

In Class A, there are many civil officials and court ladies who are set to enter the royal palace,

The average score in Class A surprised the instructors as it set a new record.

Eddie, Diana, and Arno, who will still attend the academy for another year,

With me becoming the acting king,

I suddenly had to take over all the tasks of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

These two months, the royal palace was busy wherever I went,  

Everyone was doing their best to handle unfamiliar work.

It’s finally starting to settle down, and it was just when I could take a break.

I was sitting on the sofa in the break room next to the office, 

While having afternoon tea with Chris and Kyle, and Douglas and Celine,

David, who had stayed in the office because there was still work to do, came into the room with a rough demeanor.

It’s rare for David, who is always calm, to be so flustered. 

A tension runs through everyone, wondering what happened.

“Sofia-sama. A letter has arrived from Kokodia!”

David, who has been transferred to the office as the next office director, hands over the letter with a stern face.

It’s a formal letter stamped with Kokodia’s royal seal.

It has been several years since the royal family of Kokodia contacted us.

I open and read it, and I feel like I’m going to collapse even though I’m sitting.

Chris notices and supports me by holding my shoulder.

“Princess, are you alright? What happened?”

“. . .Chris, what should I do?”

“It’s okay, calm down. Can you drink water?”

Lisa, noticing that something was wrong with me, had brought a pitcher and glass.

Kyle takes it and pours it into the glass for me to drink.

It was cold water with citrus squeezed into it.

I drank the refreshing and slightly sweet water, and sighed deeply.

. . .I need to calm down and explain to everyone first.

“Gather everyone in the audience room. An emergency has occurred.”

All the main players were gathered in the large audience room.

They were all those necessary to run this royal palace.

I had never gathered people using the audience room before.

As a regent king, nothing this important had ever happened before.

But. . .this is something I must tell everyone.

“I gathered you to explain the contents of the letter from Kokodia.

. . .It may be unbelievable, but will you listen while I explain?”

I start talking slowly, trying to speak as calmly as possible.

Being careful not to get emotional.

“. . .Kokodia wants us to hand over the throne of Eugenis.”


“The throne of Eugenis should be inherited by the rightful person, it says.”

“Who is this rightful person?”

Chris, annoyed, interjects.

“. . .Prince Heines and Eliza’s child.”

“What? Why is Eliza’s child coming out now?”

I think so too.

When I read the letter, I couldn’t understand, and my head felt like it was going blank.

“. . .This is what the letter said.

Eugenis’ kingship is being run by the king alone.

Replacing the first prince, who was only in name, as the Crown Prince,

Taking charge of the royal palace was the third prince, Eddie.

However, he fell into the trap of forces trying to eliminate him,

And Prince Eddie had his right to inherit the throne unjustly taken away.

Unlike the ceremonial crown prince and the second prince who continued to stay abroad,

The third prince, who was actually fulfilling his duty at the royal palace, 

Has been imprisoned in a remote part of the country as a Duke.

It was supposed to be that Eliza, the daughter of Prince Eddie, would succeed after the ceremonial crown prince,

But this talk was as if it never happened.

As a result, all that remained in the royal palace were Princess Sofia, who was not suitable to become queen, 

And Prince Eddie, who was reluctant to become king.

If the current king falls, and it becomes difficult to continue the monarchy,

It would be best to hand over the throne to the rightful one.”

“. . .Huh? It’s a complete lie. What does it mean?”

“In other words, since Eliza is the legitimate heir,

She should pass it on to Prince Matthias, the child she bore by marrying Prince Heines.

In Kokodia, Princess Eliza of Eugenis is recognized as the legitimate bloodline.

Since Prince Matthias is still young, until he becomes king,

Prince Heines and Eliza will serve as regents, as the proxy king and queen.”

“Eliza being the legitimate bloodline. . .Eliza isn’t Duke Hambel’s child, is she?”

That’s true. But, this isn’t that kind of problem.

“That doesn’t make it a reason. . . .”

“Why not?”

“Eliza’s family registration remains the same.”

“. . .I see.”

“I’ve messed up. . .”

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