Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 128


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟖

“Eliza being the legitimate bloodline. . .Eliza isn’t Duke Hambel’s child, is she?”

That’s true. But, this isn’t that kind of problem.

“That doesn’t make it a reason. . . .”

“Why not?”

“Eliza’s family registration remains the same.”

“. . .I see.”

“I’ve messed up. . .”

The fact that Eliza is not the child of Uncle Edgar,

Almost all the nobles in this country are aware of it.

Because grandfather said so at an evening party where the nobles from across the country gathered.

At that evening party, Prince Heines tried to marry Eliza and inherit the kingdom’s throne.

Although it happened from Prince Heines’ misunderstanding, 

There’s no doubt that he tried to usurp the throne of this country.

As a result, the two were captured, and Eliza was announced as the illegitimate child of the Duchess.

Afterward, Eliza was transported to Kokodia, with Prince Heines’ child in her belly.

She was banished abroad and had a magical sealing collar placed around her neck. . .

So I was relieved, thinking that everything was now fine.

I didn’t do what I really should have done.

Without changing Eliza’s family register, without announcing it to other countries,

I just exchanged words between Eugenis and Kokodia and left it at that.

Nothing has been transmitted to the neighboring countries.

Even if I start saying that Eliza doesn’t have royal blood now,

They would think I’m denying it just because Kokodia said so.

Many countries are concerned about a queen inheriting the nation.

If the most stable Eugenis becomes a country of the queen,

Some countries might think that it would affect their own nations as well.

That’s why the princess is not suitable to inherit the throne,

The request to make the prince, who carries the blood of two royal families, the new king,

Has considerable persuasive power.

“. . .It’s our country’s fault for feeling relieved just by banishing Eliza.

From other countries’ perspective, it’s not such a strange demand.”

“But. . .we can’t accept such a demand!”

David shouts, and those around nod.

We can’t accept the demand. That’s true, but. . .

“If we don’t respond with acceptance within a week, they write that they will go to war.”

“Eh?! War?”

“. . .Probably, they sent this letter knowing we would refuse.

Kokodia’s so assertive because they’ve planned to go to war from the start.

. . .They think they can win without grandfather.”

For several years, it wouldn’t have been strange if we had gone to war with Kokodia.

Even so, I expected it to be a little later.

Information about grandfather’s ailing must have reached Kokodia.

He’s been refusing audience with the nobles for two months now.

His absence has been rumored among the domestic nobles.

They must have sent this letter now after hearing about it from Kokodia.

“Let’s start preparing for war. . .”

“Kyle. . .?”

“Let’s move some of the border knights in Marquis Millecker’s territory to the border with Kokodia.

In the meantime, block the two roads connected to Kokodia,

And gather troops from the surrounding territories. . .”

“Chris too. . .wait a minute.”

“If we don’t hurry, the damage will only increase.”

“Once it’s come to this, war is unavoidable. You understand that, right?”

I understand that. There’s no accepting the content of this letter.

No matter what we do, we’ll probably go to war in a week,

And preparing for war isn’t something that can be done quickly.

I know we have to start as soon as possible.

. . .What to do. I didn’t think the war would start so soon.

If the war starts, since there is no attacking from Eugenis,

The place where Kokodia’s soldiers will clash will be Eugenis’ territory.

Of course, there will be casualties among each other’s soldiers, and that territory will also suffer great damage.

After the war, there may be years when the fields cannot be used.

Even though grandfather protected it, and it took fifty years to build a country where the common people don’t starve.

I have been thinking about it.

There might be a way to avoid the war if things go well. . .but how do I explain it?

. . .If asked why I chose such a method, could I answer well?. . .

“. . .I have an idea. Just give me a little time.

“Let’s settle this within a day, no, by tomorrow morning. Please, everyone.”

Everyone gathered in the audience chamber made a delicate face.

They must be thinking about what can be done by spending time.

“. . .Sofia. Is it because you want to organize your thoughts?

Or do you have an idea, but need time to decide?”

“. . .I want time to decide.

If things go well. . .I think we can get by without casualties.”

“. . .Does the Princess need time?

Understood. Tomorrow morning, gather in the audience chamber again.

At that time, the Princess will instruct what to do next. Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. I’ll decide by tomorrow morning.”

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