Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 126


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟔

As the contract ends, Klaus starts to get up and bow but is stopped,

And asked to sit again. The discussion is not over.

Seeing the contract ended, Chris and Kyle bring something into the room.

“. . .What kind of seedlings are these?”

“These are seedlings cultivated in the royal palace that I had brought here.

Currently, I am growing them to increase the seedlings, but they are cold-resistant tubers.

They were experimentally cultivated in Duke Hambel’s domain, where there are many cold damages,

But it seems to have worked well, so I wonder if they can be cultivated in Ahrens as well.

I want you to experiment to see if they will grow in the highlands.

I’ll deliver the seedlings when the snow melts and it becomes warm.

You can report to us, but you can use the harvested tubers for food.”

“Cold-resistant crops! That’s something I could only wish for. . .”

“I want to export crops that can be grown even in the cold highlands.”

“To other countries?”

“If we don’t solve the food shortage in Tyrnia and Kokodia,

The risk of war will continue, right?

I thought that even if wheat is impossible, we might manage with tubers.”

“. . .I do think that if food can be secured, the danger of being attacked will decrease.”

The reason Tyrnia and Kokodia want Eugenis’ land is,

They just want land where they can grow grains.

If they have crops they can grow in their country, they don’t need to attack other countries.

Especially Kokodia, it wouldn’t be strange if they started a war at any time.

I wanted to take any possible measures.

“Also, in Millecker’s territory, we’ve been increasing the grain cultivation and storage since last year.

The stockpile is for rations in case of war with Kokodia,

But it will get old, so we replace it every year.

That grain will be sold cheaply, so I think you’ll hear from Millecker’s domain.

Since Millecker’s domain has abundant food, they don’t need old grain.

I think it would help if neighboring Ahrens could purchase it.”

“Even if it’s old, we would greatly appreciate the grain. . .Is it really?”

“There’s no use holding on to old grain,

And it’s part of running the country, so please feel free to use it?”

“Thank you very much!”

Apparently, even if they increased the cultivated area, the grain wouldn’t have been enough.

Even if they seriously hunt magical beasts to increase food, the hunting team won’t become strong right away.

It will take several years for food to be distributed without problems.

If they can manage somehow during that time, Ahrens will be self-sufficient.

Therefore, even though the country can’t give preferential treatment, this much assistance can be provided.

“Ah, that’s right. I have a personal favor to ask.

There are many old documents from the Tyrnia era in the Ahrens mansion, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there are. Why?”

“There are also valuable documents that haven’t been left in Eugenis.

Would you let me buy them all?

I think the price would be at least this much.”

Kyle wrote down all the documents he could remember and asked David to buy them.

It’s not only that I want them because they are not left in this country. . .

Looking at the contract with the purchase price, Marquis Klaus was astonished.

“. . .! This much! Is this okay?!”

“I told you they are valuable documents, didn’t I? Will you let me buy them?”

“Yes! Of course! Please do!”

“Fufu. With this much, you can buy grain for a few years.

During that time, Ahrens can recover, right?

I think Marquis Klaus can manage the territory by using it systematically.”

“. . .Klaus・Ahrens swears loyalty to the country of Eugenis,

And once again shows loyalty to Sofia-sama.

. . .I will never forget this kindness.”

Everyone in the room sent warm gazes to Marquis Klaus as he knelt to swear loyalty.

If he made excuses here or said something that still sought favors,

I had no intention of buying the books.

After Marquis Klaus left, I heard a new story from Chris.

While I was talking, Chris 

was extracting information from the escorts who had come with Marquis Klaus.

Marquis Klaus seems to have driven his father, the former Margrave, his stepmother, and his siblings from the mansion,

And confined them in a separate residence built in a place cut off from the village.

The former Margrave and others, who were separated from power, resisted,

But even when there were many complaints from the people due to food shortages caused by independence,

They insisted it was not their fault, and tried to live as before.

To the former Margravine and Anna, who wouldn’t tolerate any selfishness at all,

It seems the suffering villagers, grappling with food shortages, couldn’t forgive them.

A riot almost broke out, and Anna was pelted with stones by the villagers,

And the former Margrave and others would have been killed if they had taken a wrong step.

It was because Marquis Klaus did not stop it.

Marquis Klaus chose the path for Ahrens to survive, even if it made him the villain.

While there’s Kyle’s situation, I believe evaluating him as a lord is a separate matter.

It will not clear up immediately.

Even so, Kyle’s eyes looking at Marquis Klaus today were gentle.

I thought maybe he was able to take the first step.

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