Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 125


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟓

“If they believe that Ahrens is welcomed so much by Tyrnia,

They should go live in Tyrnia. There were about thirty people in total.”

I’m too astonished by King Klaus’ nonchalant speech to reply.

“After about half a year, they fled back just as they were.

They were treated as terrible bumpkins when they were recognized as from Ahrens,

And they couldn’t even buy proper food.

They started saying that Ahrens was better,

So I had them appear before everyone in a ragged state,

And allowed them to live again only after they apologized properly.

But they are now living on the outskirts of the settlement, not in their old house.”

“. . .You really took a bold step.”

Knowing how they will be treated in Tyrnia, sending them out,

And accepting them back, but not letting them live well as a warning.

It’s like saying that those who betray Ahrens once will not be forgiven.

Certainly, if you do such a thing,

There will be no one saying that the time in Tyrnia was better, but. . .

Hasn’t the reputation of King Klaus dropped?

“I. . .intended to reform Ahrens to break it.

If you say other countries are better, you may leave.

There was resistance to everything I did to reform,

But in Ahrens, the lord’s word is absolute,

And there is no one who can oppose what I decided.

I disbanded the frontier knights who didn’t fight, and created a magical beast extermination squad.

Even if they call themselves knights, they are all inexperienced in war,

And the old men who know war don’t move but only complain.”

“Magical beast extermination squad. . .specializing in magical beast extermination?”

“Yes, magical beasts can be food.

We managed to get through last winter with our previous stores, but

This winter’s hibernation was really terrible.

If we can increase the magical beasts we hunt, we can sell the meat to other territories.

Ahrens doesn’t have anything special, so

We must increase our income a little.

Magical beasts alone seemed insufficient, so

Regarding grains, I issued a notice earlier this year.

The harvest from the newly increased cultivated area can be kept for personal use.

“Speaking of which, Ahrens collects all the harvested crops

And then distribute them, right?”

What is cultivated in Ahrens are beans that can be grown in cold highlands.

Perhaps because of the strong village consciousness, the sense of individual ownership in Ahrens is weak.

Everyone cultivates and owns together, so

Food was basically something to be shared.

The idea has changed now, and they can take the portion from newly created fields as their own.

“We suffered from food shortages from the first winter after independence.

Despite that, there were those who had a sense of crisis and those who did not.

I decided to favor those who could help themselves in the second winter.”

“Favoring those who can help themselves. . .

Certainly, if you allow those who do nothing, it will be a big problem.

But by doing such a thing, were there no deaths?”

“I’ve provided just enough to avoid death.

If you want to eat satisfactorily, secure your own food.

Of course, the sick and those who can’t move are protected.

I can’t look after those who won’t move even though they can.

I wanted to change the mentality that the country will somehow take care of it.”

“So. . .will it change?”

“I don’t know, but even if we return to Eugenis, this policy won’t change.

There will be a gap between the rich and the poor, but otherwise, everyone would just starve.”

Everyone would just starve. That understanding is correct.

What King Klaus did may have been harsh,

But it was necessary reform to survive in the future.

I admire how much he has been able to reform in such a short time of two years.

“So. . .I understand what King Klaus has tried to change.

Let’s keep the border knights in Marquis Millecker’s territory.

I will also include Ahrens in the patrol range,

So if there’s an anomaly, I can send the main force from Millecker’s territory immediately.”

“Thank you!”

With a relieved face, King Klaus receives the document from David.

It’s a contract to return to Eugenis.

From now on, it will be Marquis Ahrens territory, not Margrave.

“Since the conditions have changed, I’ve created a new contract.

I’ve removed the maintenance costs for the border knights.”

“Thank you, David.

King Klaus, if there are no problems with the conditions, would you sign?”

“. . .Yes, there’s no problem.”

David receives and checks the casually signed document.

Nodding and stepping back, he faces them again.

“Then, Marquis Klaus. I look forward to working with you again as a member of Eugenis?”

“Yes, thank you.”

As the contract ends, Klaus starts to get up and bow but is stopped,

And asked to sit again. The discussion is not over.

Seeing the contract ended, Chris and Kyle bring something into the room.

“. . .What kind of seedlings are these?”

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