Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 124


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟒

“Regarding that matter, could we possibly request some changes?”

“Some changes?”

Last time, although I wasn’t present for the discussion, I have received a detailed report from Chris.

To shatter the values of Ahrens and even pay some sacrifices,

He talked about wanting to instill the correct understanding and then return to Eugenis.

I’ve already explained the conditions for returning to Eugenis.

It’s the same as other territories, just without the special privileges we’ve had so far.

Even so, some changes?

I don’t expect him to say something as naive as Prince Herman did, though. . .

“Currently, the border knights are in the territory of Marquis Millecker, aren’t they?”

“Yes. I think it will take some time to move them back to Ahrens.”

Just because Ahrens has returned to Eugenis doesn’t mean 

We can immediately move the border knights back to Ahrens.

It’s been almost two years since we moved them to Marquis Millecker’s territory.

During that time, we have started new initiatives in the Millecker territory, so 

We can’t just move all the knights to Ahrens.

We must leave some knights to maintain the Millecker initiatives, but

Even deciding who to move will take time.

“Can the border knights stay in Marquis Millecker’s territory?”

“Eh? You mean, not move them to Ahrens?”

Move the border to Ahrens but not move the border knights?

“Yes. . .the reason for placing the border knights in the border territories is,

To defend against attacks from Tyrnia, right?

At the moment, I don’t think Tyrnia has a reason to attack Ahrens.

If it were a rich land like Marquis Millecker’s, Tyrnia might desire it.

So, instead of Ahrens,

I believe that placing them in Millecker alone would have an effect against Tyrnia.”

“. . .That might be true, but. . .is it okay?”

Certainly, Tyrnia has no gain in taking down Ahrens.

There may be value in attacking if Marquis Millecker’s territory lies beyond, but,

They won’t attack if they know the border knights are stationed there.

. . .But that would mean admitting that Ahrens is unnecessary.

“It’s fine. Ahrens never got attacked even after becoming a nation.

If they were going to attack, they would have acted during this period of weakened power after independence.

Even though I know that it will be difficult to attack once we return to Eugenis,

Nothing has happened in these two years.

There wasn’t even any interaction at the national level.”

“. . .I see.”

Not only was there nothing in two years, but they were also not even recognized as a nation by Tyrnia.

For Tyrnia, even if Ahrens were to gain independence, it wouldn’t be able to stand on its own easily,

They must have anticipated returning to Eugenis.

Taking such a place by force would have no benefit.

. . .I understand, but can Ahrens accept this?

“There’s no reason they would bother to attack a land that’s not needed in the future.

If we move the border knights back, we won’t be able to afford the maintenance costs in Ahrens.

And someone might start saying we should use the border knights to hunt magical beasts again.

That would negate the meaning of re-educating them.”

“Did you re-educate?”

“Yes, I re-educated all the citizens.

In Ahrens, there was originally a school that the citizens attended,

from the age of ten they were to study reading and writing, Ahrens’ geography and history,

And the dangers of magical beasts for three years.

I changed the history of Ahrens that is taught there to the correct one.

Furthermore, to have the graduates of the school review history once again, for the sake of the subjects,

We’ve decided to make sure they attend school for three days.

“You re-educated all the citizens about history?”

“Yes. How we were treated as unnecessary by Tyrnia,

How we were treated as burdens in Eugenis,

How the preferential treatment was because the main family of Ahrens was a descendant of Eugenis’ royal brother.”

“There was no backlash for re-educating that?”

“Of course there was.

The worst were the voices saying that it was better when we were part of Tyrnia.

There were those who believed the old folks’ tales.

The delusions of those old people were too terrible, so

I gave them some money and sent them off to Tyrnia.”


“If they believe that Ahrens is welcomed so much by Tyrnia,

They should go live in Tyrnia. There were about thirty people in total.”

I’m too astonished by King Klaus’ nonchalant speech to reply.

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