Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 123


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟑

“His Majesty was a prince endowed with wisdom and valor.

Yet, when he became king at the age of fifteen, he was surrounded by enemies.

I was just a thirteen-year-old chamberlain at the time. . .unable to help in any way.

I had no medical knowledge, and I could only stand by and watch.”

“Speaking of which, Renkin-sensei was the Chief Chamberlain.

“So you weren’t a doctor from the beginning.”

“. . .I was desperate to help His Majesty.

I pleaded with the doctors to show me medical books that had been banned.

After I became capable of diagnosing as a doctor, I gradually increased the number of apprentices.

Doctors and pharmacists began to work full-time at the royal palace. 

It’s been about thirty years.

“That’s how it was. . .”

Under the guidance of Renkin-sensei, those who acquired the knowledge of doctors and pharmacists,

Would return to their own territories once they were qualified.

They would educate excellent commoners from a young age and have them attend schools and become apprentices in the royal palace.

The lords would cover the costs.

It was an investment to have them come back and provide medical care in the future.

I had taken it for granted, but it was something that Renkin-sensei had created.

“. . .And thus, the number of disciples who learned medical arts in the same way increased.”


“Chris-sama wants to be able to diagnose the princess.”

“Chris? Me?”

I hadn’t heard anything about that.

Renkin-sensei has always been the one to examine me, so Chris will be diagnosing me?

Whether my thoughts were showing on my face, Renkin-sensei looked at my grandfather.

“. . .He must have anticipated this situation.

I am His Majesty’s doctor.

Of course, the princess is important too,

But I cannot leave in a situation where His Majesty’s life is at stake.”

“That’s true.

I also want you to prioritize my grandfather.”

“That’s why.

Chris-sama wants to be ready to take my place at any time.

It has been almost three years since he asked me to teach him.”

“. . .I see. I didn’t know.”

“He asked me not to tell the princess.

But now that things have come to this, I will not leave His Majesty’s side.

The regular check-ups will be left to Chris-sama.”

“Chris will be my doctor. I understand.”

I was surprised, but I want Renkin-sensei to examine my grandfather.

I want him to get better soon, and I wouldn’t like anything to happen.

If Chris can diagnose, I trust him, and there is no problem.

Just when I thought the conversation was over, hands were placed on both shoulders,

Renkin-sensei spoke slowly to me as if trying to make me understand.

“. . .Listen, never overdo things.

I know that you will be busy as the acting queen.

Still, I ask you not to overdo things on your own.

If you were to collapse like this, it would be the end of this country.”

“. . .Renkin-sensei?”

“Please don’t forget. You have Chris-sama and Kyle-sama.

Don’t carry it all alone.

No matter what happens, no matter how difficult what you’re carrying is,

Those two will accept it and suffer with you, I’m sure.

Don’t say that you don’t want to suffer together, okay?

The most painful thing is not being able to do anything when the ones you love are suffering.”

I could only nod at that serious gaze.

No matter how difficult what I’m carrying is,

They will suffer with me?

Will the day come when I tell Chris and Kyle?

Without having the answer, I spent a sleepless night, and in the morning,

When I opened the window, I smelled spring in the cold.

“Sofia-sama, a letter has arrived from the king of Ahrens.”

“From Ahrens?”

It was a letter from Kyle’s older brother, King Klaus of Ahrens.

He said he wanted to break the values of Ahrens before returning to Eugenis, 

But there had been no word from him for a year.

Ahrens has been independent for almost two years now.

. . .What’s happening?

The letter briefly mentioned wanting to discuss returning to Eugenis,

And an application for an audience with my grandfather was written.

Since my grandfather fell ill, I have been acting as king,

But it’s not publicized because it would be dangerous if other countries found out.

Therefore, I didn’t inform King Klaus that I would meet him,

I only wrote and sent my agreement to talk.

At this time of deep snow in Ahrens,

King Klaus, who came to the palace, brought only a few guards on horseback.

Klaus, who last time was accompanied by the eldest son Prince Herman,

Looked a bit thinner, but more toned rather than worn.

Was he always such a dignified person?

“It’s been a long time, King Klaus.

Last time I was only talking to Prince Herman,

So this might be the first time I’ve spoken with you as King Klaus.”

“It’s been a long time. Princess Sofia.”

“Oh, I’m temporarily acting as king.

So, the discussion will be with me, not His Majesty.

Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine.

I’m currently the king of Ahrens,

But I’m here to plead to return as a part of Eugenis.

It wouldn’t have mattered if Sofia-sama had been the crown princess instead of the regent.”

“Really? Then, let’s continue the conversation.

So, Ahrens will be re-incorporated into Eugenis, right?”

“Yes, please.”

“The conditions are as previously handed over, is that alright?”

“Regarding that matter, could we possibly request some changes?”

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