Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 122


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟐

Douglas was chosen as the third consort candidate and officially became a fiancé.

The announcement was made at the harvest festival ball,

Since Douglas was also a schoolmate and the nobles had expected him to become the consort,

He was easily accepted.

“It didn’t cause as much of a stir as I thought.”

“Douglas really was thought to be the third consort.”

“Everyone in Class A might have thought so.

We even had lunch together in the royal family’s private dining room.”

“Oh, right. That would make people think so.”

“. . .Well, I’m relieved it wasn’t denied.

Even if Sofia-sama approved, it would have been no good if the king did not.”

“Douglas had nothing to deny.

Even my grandfather thought that Douglas was the consort candidate.

The reply came easily when I reported it.

After all that worry.”

“. . .No, it’s fine. It wasn’t a waste.”

“That’s true, but I hope you can live with Emma soon.”


I recommended Emma to be Douglas’ official concubine after she became my exclusive maid.

Until then, Emma was just a former Count’s daughter who had been divorced and became a maid for the Marquis family.

There would be no problem in making Douglas the consort after graduating from the academy.

Chris and Kyle are set to become consorts six months after I graduate.

However, if Douglas were made the consort at the same time,

It was expected that young ladies would come forward wanting to be his official mistress.

It would be troublesome to refuse them all, and I couldn’t announce Emma.

So it was decided that Douglas would become the consort after Emma became my exclusive maid.

After graduation, Douglas will not be in the crown prince’s office but in the king’s office.

The work of the crown prince and princess is currently being handed over to Eddie and Diana,

And there would be no point in having Douglas learn it now, only to take over immediately.

So I decided to have him learn the king’s work from the beginning.

After graduation, I will gradually take over the king’s work from my grandfather.

The queen’s work has already been taken over,

But thanks to Celine and Chloe, it’s not a significant burden.

I want to lighten my grandfather’s load before I become queen in a few years.

My elderly grandfather has become easily fatigued,

And I have been warned by Renkin-sensei to not overwork him.

I was thinking that I must let my grandfather rest soon when it happened.

A month before graduating, my grandfather collapsed.

I thought he had caught a cold in the winter, but he had lung inflammation and numbness in his body,

And Renkin-sensei diagnosed it as overwork.

When I rushed to my grandfather’s private room after hearing the news,

I was immediately called by Renkin-sensei.

“. . .He just took medicine and fell asleep.

His fever hasn’t gone down, and his strength is failing.”

My worry increased seeing my grandfather looking pained as he slept in his bed.

“. . .Grandfather will get better, right?”

“It’s okay. He will recover.

But. . .His Majesty has overworked himself.

Just like you, Princess.”


“Because His Majesty possesses a great deal of magical power, even if he does something reckless, he gets through it somehow.

Even when the body is tired and wants to rest, it is supplemented with magical power.

However, that doesn’t mean he has rested.

It just silences the body’s cry of fatigue.

If it continues, a day comes when it can’t be hidden like this.

His Majesty’s body is demanding rest.

Yes, perhaps it would be best to stay calm for about three to six months.”

“That’s right. . .Grandfather did something so reckless.

That’s right. . .he has been protecting this country all alone all this time.”

Grandmother passed away early, and Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are gone too.

Grandfather has been supporting this country all alone all this time.

It was only natural that he would be so tired until he got to this point.

“His Majesty ascended to the throne at the age of fifteen.

The previous king’s younger brother died in battle, and a few years later, the previous king died of illness.

Known as the King of Wisdom and the Warrior Prince, 

They were said to have governed the country together, such was their friendship.

So, the king could not accept his brother’s death and, 

Having already been physically weak, the king grew weaker and weaker.

When he died, His Majesty was only fourteen years old.

When His Majesty inherited this country, it was during a war,

The situation was chaotic.”

“Tyrnia was cut off from this country during a war with other countries, 

And the war with Kokodia lasted for ten years, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it was a long war.

His Majesty ascended to the throne, and about two years later, the war with Kokodia ended.

It was not because there was a victory or defeat.

Both countries and their people were exhausted, and if the war continued, both countries would collapse. 

That’s why it was decided.”

“. . .It was such a terrible situation, wasn’t it?”

It is known in history.

But looking at the prosperous state of Eugenis country now, it seems like a lie.

Yet, there was a time in this country when food was so scarce that people starved to death.

It was because the fields were burned in the war, the number of cultivators decreased, and the reserves were plundered.

“His Majesty was a prince endowed with wisdom and valor.

Yet, when he became king at the age of fifteen, he was surrounded by enemies.

I was just a thirteen-year-old chamberlain at the time. . .unable to help in any way.

I had no medical knowledge, and I could only stand by and watch.”

“Speaking of which, Renkin-sensei was the Chief Chamberlain.

“So you weren’t a doctor from the beginning.”

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