Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 11


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏

Two weeks had passed living with the overprotective observer.

If I go to do the laundry, I come back soaking wet,

If I go to fetch water, I’m pushed aside by an unknown servant on the way.

I get hassled just for walking down the hallway.

Half the time, meals don’t arrive, and when they do, they’re rotten.

I’ve been going to various places more than before, and

I’ve been talking back if something happens.

Naturally, I’m intentionally doing things that might get me into such situations, but

The overwhelming number of dangerous encounters has increased.

Even though I’m encountering more danger than ever before,

I feel some kind of magic that avoids harm to me.

Collecting evidence is what matters, so my personal harm doesn’t concern me, but

The observer’s excessive worry was unexpected.

Even if I get injured from harassment or my hands become chapped from washing, 

I woke up with not a single scratch on my body the next morning.

The observer can even use healing magic without being nearby, which is incredibly skilled,

I was truly surprised by this.

There weren’t many people who could handle magic like this, even in my previous life.

Why is someone this capable serving in the shadows of the royal palace? There must be a reason.

Today, I thanked him, and a soft knock sound was heard in response.

There are signs of several people watching, but only one is overprotective.

Because I’ve been enchanted many times, I’ve become particularly aware of that person’s presence.

The meals delivered in the basket began to increase in quantity little by little.

The contents gradually shifted from sweets to something closer to a meal.

The frequency also increased, gradually reaching three times a day.

On sleepless nights, hot milk was sometimes left out.

Although I’m still skinny,

I think I can eat about half as much as a normal child now.

Since I haven’t been eating properly until now, it won’t suddenly return to normal.

I’m sure the effects will continue for several years even after I escape this lifestyle.

I only meet Eliza and my uncles during our monthly dinner parties.

I wanted to show some evidence the next time I saw them, but

I wanted to do something about the chief court lady first.

I thought about how to draw out the chief court lady, and decided to go outside from this western palace.

My grandfather has never restricted my actions.

As a princess, I was originally supposed to live in the main palace, 

Going to the library in that main palace was not a problem.

Originally, it would have been, but.

The chief court lady seemed to want to avoid letting me get close to my grandfather.

So if she knew I was wandering around the main palace, she’d probably be concerned.

Since my tutor stopped coming after three days, I was supposed to be illiterate.

Since nobody taught me, it’s only natural to think so.

If I, who can’t read, try to go to the library, someone will surely stop me.

But are there any servants who can limit my actions?

Unlike this secluded western palace, the main palace is crowded with people.

They can’t openly shove me around, 

Nobody in the well-known main palace can order the princess around.

That’s why, if anything happens, the chief court lady should come out.

I ate the small pancakes the observer delivered, and

I changed into the audience dress I only wear once a month.

When ready, I announced my plans for the day to the ceiling.

To make surveillance easier, and to leave evidence more easily,

I had been telling my plans for the day in advance for the past few days.

“Today I’m going to the main palace’s library.

I hope to meet the chief court lady or someone close to her,

If it gets dangerous, I’ll call for help. Please take care.”

I heard a knock in response and left the room.

A servant, realizing that I was heading to the main palace without an audience,

Changed his complexion and ran somewhere.

If this message gets to the chief court lady, it should work.

I head slowly towards the library.

The library is further than the audience room.

Walking with a child’s feet, it will take over ten minutes.

As I walked, hoping she would come soon, she was slow to appear.

Since I ended up reaching the library, I reluctantly entered.

It was a more spacious library than I thought.

It contains not only documents and history books from each territory, but even magical books.

This looks like it’ll be worth seeing.

. . . f nothing happens today, maybe I’ll come every day.

If I start coming regularly, there will surely be someone to bother me.

When I picked up a book that was nearby, it was a children’s picture book.

It was a story about a goddess. Perhaps it’s for reading aloud in the church.

As I was reading to find out what religion is like in this era,

Suddenly, the book was taken from me.


The one who took the book was Eliza.

Why is Eliza here?

Even though there is no dinner party with grandfather, why would Eliza be in the palace?

I thought that for a moment, then I’m sharply slapped on the cheek.

Eliza is still a child, but our sizes are too different.

With my body that’s been stunted by malnutrition, I fall to the floor, unable to withstand it.

“Why are you in a place like this, of all places!

You can’t even read, yet you’re so cheeky!”

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