Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 112


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟐

“But then, why are you here if that’s the case?

You’re running away from the Marquis’ house, aren’t you?”

“That’s because. . .The steward found out that Emma was pregnant,

And tried to take Emma to have an abortion.”


An abortion?

I know there’s such a medical procedure among commoners,

But wasn’t it something dangerous that puts a strain on a woman’s body?

I also know that there are those among the nobles who secretly have it,

But did the steward decide to let her have it arbitrarily?

“I found them trying to persuade Emma, and 

Because I hurriedly intervened, it turned out fine, but. . .

When I asked why they did such a thing, 

The steward said that Emma is not suitable for being the Marchioness.

She has been divorced once, and she’s four years older than me, and there’s no power in the Count Pierne family.”

“. . .It’s painful when only those conditions are listed.”

“I can’t let Emma have a child like that.

I understand what the steward is saying.

My marital partner should be found from somewhere in the Marquis house.

Otherwise, the other party will suffer.

I understand, but I still couldn’t agree.

The child inside Emma’s belly is mine.

I don’t want to kill it. That’s why I took Emma and ran away here.”

Douglas’ Taylor house is a powerful and renowned family among the Marquis families.

There’s even a royal lineage, as a princess married into it three generations ago.

Marrying into that family requires lineage, dignity, culture, determination, and much more.

It’s Emma who will suffer from an unbalanced marriage.

Even though the Taylor house is a branch family, there’s no royal blood in the Count Pierne house.

Without any noticeable specialties, an ordinary Count’s family would be a burden.

“I understand you ran to avoid aborting the child, but 

What do you plan to do now? Will you keep running forever?”

“. . .For now, I want to contact my parents in the territory.

I haven’t been able to reach them yet, but if possible, I want to persuade them.

But. . .there’s a risk that they’ll find us here if I send a letter or use someone.

I can’t relax until the child inside Emma is safely born.

I’m afraid that if I leave, she’ll be taken away by the people of the house.”

Ah, the steward hasn’t given up yet.

Emma could be taken away at any time if she’s left alone.

“You hid here for that reason.

To be together until the birth, but what about the academy?”

“I have no choice but to repeat a year in the academy.

. . .Fortunately, I don’t work in the royal palace.

It’s no problem if I graduate a year late.”

The impact of Douglas, who is to inherit the territory, repeating a year is minor.

Even if he graduates a year late, the inheritance would only be delayed by one year.

We won’t be able to graduate together, but. . .

It might be necessary to protect Emma and the child.

Douglas is probably already prepared.

“What will you do after the child is born?”

“. . .Emma may end up in a concubine’s position,

But I want to welcome the child as mine.

I’ll do my best to persuade my parents.

I think they’ll accept it once the grandchild is born.

I’m the only one who can inherit, so they’ll probably give up.”

That might be the limit, indeed.

Even if she can’t become the official wife, they should accept her when the child is born.

Emma might be able to stay in the Marquis house as the mother of the child.

Douglas will probably have to take another wife,

And that might cause her pain, but. . .

. . .I understood Douglas’ thoughts.

“Hey, can I talk to Emma?

I just want to talk to her alone for a bit.”

“With Emma? . . .What will you talk about?”

“Just a little talk here. A women’s conversation.

I’m worried about her body, and there might be things hard to say to Douglas.”

“. . .Okay. Wait a moment.”

Douglas gets up to call Emma from the back room.

After confirming that he opened the door and went through,

Chris starts to whisper to me.

“. . .What will you talk about?

You don’t know much about the body of a pregnant woman, do you, Princess?”

“Huh? I’m thinking of checking Emma’s feelings too.”

“Emma’s feelings?”

“Douglas said it earlier, didn’t he?

Emma was said to be unfit to be a Marchioness.

According to Douglas, Emma is excellent and modest, right?

I wonder if she can endure this situation.”

“. . .If she’s really excellent and modest, she might blame herself.”

“Right? And even though he said she’s his lover, their statuses are different.

If Douglas says he likes her, she can’t refuse.

. . .I really need to check if she wants to be with him, sorry to Douglas.”

“Ah. . .I see.

Certainly, Douglas was swept up in his first love, and

There’s also a possibility that he might not see what’s around him.

As Chris sighs, Douglas returns with Emma.

She looks a little pale. I wonder if she’s feeling unwell.

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